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    Recommended 3D cloud based/outsource manufacturers?

    Who do you recommend?
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    Deckel High Speed Head Reversable?

    Was the Deckel High Speed Head designed to spin in only one direction, or can the motor be run in reverse?
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    New Machine Day: Studer

    Model year 2021 Studer S20 cylindrical grinder, with all the options, includes OD and ID grinder heads, FINALLY installed and running in my shop:
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    Machinists CAD Tool - Looking for ideas

    I've been considering building a web based CAD like tool that would make various calculations easier for day to day machinists and engineers. This would be something short of a full CAD application, but would be a time saver for simple calculations. Ideas: - given a target hole size and...
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    OT: first time cutting concrete

    So I had need to cut out a chunk of concrete from my shop floor. Decided to do this myself, never had any experience doing this before. Aquired a diamond saw, a Bosch hammer, and a diamond grinder and had it. Turned out pretty well. See progressive photos of the effort:
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    Xometry going public

    They just filed their S1 with SEC, details here: Xometry, Inc. SEC Registration Really rapid growth over past 2 years, doing approx $140M in revenue with approx $30M loss this past year.
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    CNC Scribing

    Anyone have experience using scribe tool (such as TapMatic ScribeWriter Force II) good or bad? Any recommendations?
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    Deckel Accessory Management II

    I finally finished the second cabinet for storing my Deckel accessories. This second cabinet is used mostly for the heads. I machined a bunch of dovetail blocks out of Delrin to mount the various heads. I also show one photo with both cabinets side by side with all accessories. There is still...
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    Deckel Fine Boring Head missing part

    I believe I'm missing a part on my Fine Boring Head, see these photos...it seems there should be a knob to lock down the height setting rod. If someone has one of these heads, could you provide a photo of the missing part, ideally with it removed so I can see how it is shaped?
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    Best way to set tool height to work surface on manual mill

    Looking for strategies you all use to get your end-mill set to exactly the same Z as the top of a work surface. I've used the paper sheet trick, and I've seen folks just tap the work surface with rotating end-mill, but these are both +- a few thou techniques and the latter mars the work surface...
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    New Studer S20

    My new machine is just being finished in factory in Switzerland, photos from factory as follows: Updates to follow when the machine arrives at my shop.
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    How to make tapered square holes?

    Need to cut some tapered square holes, ranging from 0.5" to 1" square, doesn't have to be super accurate (to be used to hold sheet metal fabrication stakes). Would like to cut these into 0.75" thick A36 steel plates. Wire EDM comes to mind, but I don't have such a machine. How would you do this?
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    What is this tool?

    Does anyone recognize and can they explain what this tool is?
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    New Machine Day: Nikon

    Newly aquired model year 2020 Nikon MM-800 measuring microscope fully loaded including digital camera and software:
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    New Machine Day: Fronius, Hypertherm

    My new welding cart with model year 2020 Fronius TPS 270i Mig welder, Fronius MagicWave 230i Tig welder, and Hypertherm Powermax65 plasma cutter:
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    Plastic Vacuum Forming: Recommended machines?

    I'm looking to get a small plastic vacuum forming machine, needs roughly 20"x20" sheet capacity. Was wondering whether anyone here has experience with this technology and what manufacturers they recommend?
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    New Machine Day: Helmel

    My new model 2020 cute little CMM from Helmel:
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    New Machine Day: Mitsui

    Just arrived model year 2020 Mitsui surface grinder:
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    Recommended mail-order raw metals

    Who do you recommend/use for mail-order delivery of small quantities of raw materials (aluminum, steel, etc)?
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    Laser Interferometry for machine refurbish

    Anyone using Laser Interferometry for evaluating/refurbishing machines, e.g. lathes, mills, etc? If so, what is your experience and can this technique be used for all measurements scenarios?