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    My shop in Western Colorado

    Hope I can get the pic on here ok (fear, sweat, worry) Next post in this topic is do-or-die.
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    Stripped screw on J-HS head

    I have a T-ram B/P with the J-HS stepper head and that collar on top, the one you move to go from hi to low has the two shoulder screw guide pins that run in that angled slot, well one of those screws stripped out. Hi range runs fine but low will do a partial gear grind because the inner piece...
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    Riveting question

    Ok, I have this clutch basket / gear assembly of my 1989 KTM 500 dirtbike and it's two pieces, a die cast aluminum clutch basket riveted to a steel gear with six steel rivets 8mm in diameter. The rivets have worked loose and the rivet heads started breaking off (good thing for a magnetic drain...
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    FS: Victor Welding

    Two regulators, two sizes, small and slightly smaller, both have RH coupling nuts (oxygen, right?) and one small mixing handle. Larger one has center knob for working pressure, 0-100 psi working pressure guage and 0-3000 psi (0-220 CF) tank guage. It is marked: "Victor Welding Equipment Company...
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    Turning between centers

    I've got a part to run and it's a high speed roll for a folder/gluer packaging machine. The material is 3-1/4" stressproof steel 44" long. It's a typical looking roll, looking just like a rolling pin with a 30" center section at 3.117" - 3.119" finish diameter and a 1.500" - 1.498" 7" long stem...
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    OT: Building a Rope Tow - snow tube play hill

    Wondering if a rope tow can be built to pull snow tubes with riders up a hill using a lawnmower engine and a geared speed reducer. This is a continuous rope loop like a standard ski lift. Distance is about 200 feet, grade is very slight, and there are trees to anchor to. Lots of suggestions...
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    Mori Machining Center Headaches

    MORISEIKI Machining Center MV-40 Mfg. No. 132 YASNAK MX1 Control type ENCM Date:198? Machine goes out of auto memory and into feed hold during cycle. Problem seems to get worse as the machine heats up and is used more. Anything I can try cheap and easy? There's another dead machine like it next...
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    OT: Room A/C Size

    My shop is 24'x32' and 8' high ceiling. All finished interior with fully insulated attic and walls, approx. 8" slab floor. My question is this: How big of a window-mount a/c unit do I need to cool it in terms of BTUs? Window is 33" square so I can go fairly big. Temps go mid to high 90's here...
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    FS: Taper Attachment, 12" Craftsman/Atlas

    The original taper attachment that came with my Craftsman 12" model number 101.28950. Perfect condition, used once. Note: It does seem to be missing a pinch block that looks like it clamps onto the back part of the cross slide dovetail, according to the "Atlas Lathe Accesories" catalog picture...
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    FS: Vacuum Pump, Speed Control, Footswitch

    Vacuum Pump: Gast model no. 1531-191-557X 110V with inline switch. Barbed for 1/4" ID tubing. $40.00 Speed Control: Minarik MB653AC 115V New in box with schemetic/parts list. $25.00 Footswitch: Clipper Twin Switch industrial momentary footswitch. Cat. no. 632-S TWIN. Two pedals. 20A 125...
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    FS: KDK Toolpost with holders

    KDK Toolpost, and it's missing it's ID plate. It's not the smallest one they make, but I'm assuming it's next one up. It uses the "00" series of holders, like KDK's "02","03",ect. The KDK body itself is 2.5" wide, 4.5" long, and 2.200" high. It uses a 5/8" centerbolt. It comes with a .437"...
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    FS: Vortec Cold Air Gun

    Vortec adjustable Cold Air Gun model no.610 Vortec oem pressure gage and filter. Hardly used. $60.00 includes shipping inside lower 48 states.
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    OT: Chevy charging problems

    1994 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.5L Turbo diesel is eating up alternators about every year or so, and it's not a daily driver. I'm using so-called "premium quality" ones from NAPA and they start off fine, delivering about 14V on the dash meter and then going weaker and weaker over time according to...
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    Machine Music... need help please

    Could someone please post a link to a video on "YouTube" for me? I don't know how. The band is Kraftwerk, and the song is "The Man Machine" off the dvd "Minimum-Maximum" Thank You!
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    FS... Tool Post Grinder

    Dumore complete tool post grinder setup. Cataloged as the "medium-duty" model. Info printed on motor reads as follows: Cat. No. 57-031 Model No. 8526 120v, 8.2 amps, 3/4 hp, no-load rpm 16,00 rpm. Uses a 1-1/4" flat drive belt. Two spindles are included, one external (cat. 7X-350) and one...
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    KING Machine Tools

    There's one machine I love more than anything. It's the KING vertical boring mills and vertical turret lathes. They rock. Gravity-loading. No tailstock, no steadyrests, followrests, or any of the typical monkey-business that goes on with regular lathes. Just big fat F,T,&B gravy. Very nice work...
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    Machine Shop Tricks

    I like tricks. Not tricks like the old "grease on the handles" or Super-gluing soda cans to the workbench. Those are fun, too. I mean tricks like holding roundstock for sawing on a table-type bandsaw with an upside-down mill vise. And turning roundstock in a mill collet with the turning bit in...
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    1/4 turn fasteners

    Trying to get some good selection info on 1/4 turn fasteners. You might see them on Sportbike body panels, among other places. They have a "stud" held in place by a "retainer" that stays captive on the removable panel. This stud stabs into the fixed-location "socket". I'm looking all over, Mc...
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    Atlas (Craftsman) Lathe Manuals and parts

    Sorry, I can't provide a link for this info. Just a street addy and phone number. M. B. Herman ATLAS PARTS WAREHOUSE 9308 N. W. 60th street Tamarac, Fl. 33321 (305) 772-0061 Last time I ordered from here was 1991, so I don't know if it's still going or what. But this dude had EVERYTHING. He...
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    FS... Bed Turret, for small lathe

    American made, 6-station bed turret for flatbed lathe of about 12" swing. Stations use 1" straight shank tooling, some of which is included, like 1/2" capacity Jacobs plain bearing chucks, series 180 double-angle collet holders, and misc v-jaw holders. $100.00