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    It`s a TNC407 control. I have noticed that the LED`s and Relays on the Type D relay board are not giving the correct signals. The Relays 9CR (tool Down) and 10CR (tool up) are not functioning. I have taken a similar pCB from another machine and it confirmed that the board on the machine is...
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    Is there a way to access the PLC????
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    This machine started to give up this problem. When machine changes the tool, the tool arm will stop half way with the error TOOL NOT UNCLAMPED. air keeps blowing.. then if you press CE and start button, it would proceed with the tool change and proceed with the program. This would happen with...
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    Best way to slice large diameter derlin

    Many thanks guys! I had in mind to get a new band-saw blade with large pitch and wide offset teeth for clearing. I iwll give this a try as this will recoup the expenses in no time definitely....
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    Best way to slice large diameter derlin

    We are currently buying pre-cut POM round bar from 200mm to 120mm Diameter in slices of 18 or 30mm. We are being overcharged in weight plus the cutting charge. We do have a mechanical band saw which can handle as large as 300mm in our shop but I know cutting Derlin can be tricky as the blade...
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    Haidenhain X Motor overheat-Bridgeport VMC760/TNC2500

    Switched on a Bridgeport VMC760/ TNC 2500B control and a few seconds later I got X motor overheat. I did not even switch on the machine! It ran for the past 6 months every day with no issue and got this when it was restarted. The error comes with the motor cold. I have come across someone...
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    Have a Gildemeister CTX 400F machine x 2 axis and lost all the parameters in the machine. I managed to put them all in, however the spindle turns and stops immediately. I need the spindle parameters or if anybody has a similar machine and could give me a copy I would be most obliged. I do not...
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    Anybody has a CTX400F machine who can send me the machine parameters? lost all the machine parameters and managed to put everything back except the spindle`s parameters. It just runs slowly for a few seconds and stops. The spindle motor and possibly that of the sensor parameters are not...
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    Help- fanuc 18t contol lost parameters

    We have a Gildemeister CTX 400F with a Fanuc 18T Control. The Machine came up with a lot of errors one morning as if the Battery got flat but apparently the Battery reads the correct Voltage. Anyway we input all the parameters which were eventually downloaded one time from the machine by an...
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    GILDEMEISTER CTX 400 x 18T Fanuc Control

    Anybody knows where the backup batteries in this machine are located? I found the NC battery but usually there are 3 batteries... The only battery I found is the NC Battery. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Spindle drive fault- at start up- siemens- bridgeport vmc1000

    Thanks for your reply. The machine encoder is not driven by belt. The encoder is screwed to the motor and driven directly. Some years ago, we had the same issue and we could not work and we dismantled the encoder and found out that water was finding itself in the chamber into the encoder...
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    Spindle drive fault- at start up- siemens- bridgeport vmc1000

    We have a Bridgeport VMC1000. The machine has Siemens drives and Haidenhain controls. This machine brings up a spindle drive fault when doing the first spindle orientation when switching on the machine. We usually give the spindle a spin by hand and command M3 or M4 and usually it will spin...
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    We are machining aluminium plates about 100mm x 600mm x 4mm thick which we affix to a jhttp://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/images/attach/jpg.gifig and are machining off 0.5 mm from one side with a face mill. The material is previousy cut with a Guilliotine and we believe that this is leading to...
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    U/V Rubber Boot Question!

    INterseted HI, These are for an Agie wire eroding machine. Do you have the number on them so that I can check my part number and if its good, I will offer 500$ plus shipping for two of them. I can put you in touch with some users who would be interested to grab one or two. please let me know...
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    AGIE HSS250 rubber booth for UV

    Anybody would recommend where you might get the best priced spare for our agie hss250. need a UV rubber booth... anybody bought one and was satisfied with the quality and of course the price... Thanks
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    COLCHESTER 2000L/FANUC OT won`t run

    I agree with you as my gildemeisters are touchy on that and made me cry... I will check for any switch which opens/close but I think that would prevent program run but I do not think it would stop a turret index in MDI.
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    COLCHESTER 2000L/FANUC OT won`t run

    it had a pneumatic chuck really but the machine came in with a hand operated chuck attached. we do have a spare hyraulic chuck with cylinder to siut and we intend retrofitting it, but it has to work first :-)
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    COLCHESTER 2000L/FANUC OT won`t run

    Hello, Have just bought this colcehster machine 2000L. It will jog axis. it not turn the spindle, move axis or run a program or turn the turret with MDI nor program run. This has been bought in.... We have quite a number of cnc lathes- gildemeisters, leadwell, harrison.... I simply am beaten...
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    Jones and shipman CNC 4th Axis

    Hi, Have a Jones and shipman 4 th axis siezed propably the hydraulic brake but not sure. need a pdf manual for taking it apart, anybody has it? thanks in advance
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    Don`t have M99 but as far as I know, M99 will make the sub return to the the next line after running the repeats. I have M5 to stop the machine.