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    Looking for some connectors for Bridgeport Interact 720 project

    Hello Everyone, I am in the process of adding a 4th axis to my BP 720. But I am having a hard time finding some of the connectors I need to finish the project. The pictures below will show the connectors I am looking for. 1. I need one 6 pin male and one 3 pin male connectors to connect to...
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    Bridgeport Interact 412 - Axis PSU Fault

    Hello LLM, I have a Bridgeport Interact 720 and it has a separate power supply just for the low voltage, and when it failed I was getting axis errors. Could you share some high-resolution pictures of the schematics, found in the maintenance manual. Bryan
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    Need Help with cables and connections for 4th axis on mill

    The rest of the first post The rest of the first post. Sorry it is so long K5 Output to motor CN1 5, 6, 7, G K6 CN5 to motor pulse coder. Cannot find information about cable for motor model 5 yet. No Picture yet K7 Need cable CN6 connector MR-20LWFH Drawing section from 720...
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    Need Help with cables and connections for 4th axis on mill

    Hello Everyone, "My turn to go down the rabbit hole" I have a Bridgeport interact 720 with a Heidenhain 351 LE controller and all GE Fanuc AC servos. I was told that the machine had a 4th axis before I purchased it. So I felt good collecting the needed parts, I was surprised there was no servo...
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    Need Help!- Bridgeport 720 Interact with Y-axis drift when in programmatic cutting

    720 Fixed ROT problem Hello All, So the real question was, what can supersede other commands. Wait for it..... The Touch Probe Press Touch Probe Up arrowed to Rotation ent It was set +2.0 degrees, pressed 0, ent ROT disappeared... and this problem is put to bed. Video of fix Dropbox -...
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    Need Help!- Bridgeport 720 Interact with Y-axis drift when in programmatic cutting

    720 Update When I was making some more test cuts in the air yesterday and found out it is also drifting in the X direction when cutting in the Y only axis. It will cut a square but not parallel to the table. Is there machine parameters that may be wrong or need to set to fix this problem...
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    Need Help!- Bridgeport 720 Interact with Y-axis drift when in programmatic cutting

    Hello All, I am having problems with my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720 with Heidenhain 351/355 controller. After two years cleaning and rebuilding and creating a fusion 360 post, I think I have found why the machine was for sale in the first place. When programmatic cutting the Y-axis is...
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    Sticky Keys on BP INT 720 Heidenhain Operator Panel

    Hello, My Bridgeport Interact 720 Operator Panel (TE 351 A) has sticky/binding keys. I'm sure this was caused years of open doors and wet hands before me. Has anyone of you experts disassembled and cleaned one before, if so any tricks to do it easy? Thanks, Bryan Nampa, Idaho
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    Bridgeport Interact 720 ATC Repair and Clean

    Hello All, The BP's ATC has broken tool holders and springs in need of repair. The problem is I am not sure how to disassemble the ATC correctly. I will attach some pictures and a drawing to help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ****************Update*******************************...
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    Need Help! Accuslide Hardinge CNC retrofit problems

    Upgrade Technology Rock Solid Lathe with Fagor 8025T controller and EMS 606 PC3 spindle driver Hello Everyone, The lathe intermittently works, the Fagor 8025T controller always completes boot and displays Passed normally, but in the failure mode will not respond manual or programmatic...
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    Tree 310 Baldor retrofit problems

    Hello Dynapath/Baldor experts, I have been trying to get Baldor retrofit drivers and motors working on my Tree 310. The machine was not working when I got it, and I found out the mill owner/retrofitter has passed away so no information/help there. The motors have 500L encoders. All three axis...
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    Bridgeport Interact 720 drawbar removel and inspection

    Update, I disassembled the drawbar and found many broken washers and some bite marks on the drawbar itself (See picture). The bite marks are only about .001 - .002 deep. I have some new washers on order, and have polished out the bite marks on the drawbar. I am going to coat the washers with...
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    Bridgeport Interact 720 drawbar removel and inspection

    Hello, I think I have figured out my ATC tool jam problem on the 720. If the air pressure drops below 95 psi the ATC sometimes fails to load the tool holder, because the drawbar does not fully release. The drawbar air cylinder can only fully press the drawbar down at 97 or more psi. This of...
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    Refurbishing my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720

    BP 720 ATC tool jam Update, I may have found out how the ATC fingers were broken. I was testing the ATC, having it load a 5/8 end mill and then put it back and then load a 3" facing cutter. I had ran this programs about 4 times changing the spindle speed each time. It was working fine, then on...
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    Bridgeport Interact 720H ecoder cable question

    Update, I shortened the cable, machine works the same. :-) Thanks, Bryan
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    Bridgeport Interact 720 H training material

    Hello, I have my Bridgeport Interact 720H with the non-graphics controller Heidenhain 351, leveled and up and running, by than I mean I can turn it on, let it complete self test. I have cut one 2" test circle, which stayed within .001 before the machine was leveled. What I have learned from...
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    Refurbishing my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720

    Update, Here is a picture showing the broken parts. Thanks, Bryan
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    Refurbishing my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720

    Hello, I have been refurbishing my 1989 Bridgeport interact 720 and found 3 broken tool holders and 3 broken spring tool fingers, and was wanting to know if any one has any used parts for sale, or source for new ones. Want List: 3 - BP 22381086 Spring tool finger 3 - BP 22381071 Tool holder...
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    Need help with a Sandvik facing tool

    Thanks CatMan, I will start torquing screws. Bryan