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    Miter vise

    Didn't give a lot for it ($5) but it is intrigueging to me. See if I can post some photos here.
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    Old punch press question

    I have a pair of punch presses here at work. They are floor models and cast in the frame is the following: R & K No. 1. Style H American Can Company Machinery dept Chicago Illinois I have been hunting for the fasteners used on this machine where the reciprocating mechanism attaches. It is a 1/2...
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    Powermatic bench grinder question

    I have a Powermatic bench grinder that starts, but will not come up to speed. It has a pair of capacitors in the base of which I suspect one to be no longer any good. It has the following information on the plate: Cat no. 2100-21 Spec# B1594-H7 HP 1/2 Volts 115 230 Cycle / rpm 60 1725 Frame...
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    Drill press sheave question

    I'm new here (well actually I lurked for quite some time) and I'm in a bind. I searched the forums first and haven't found a similar situation. We have here several Walker Turner drill presses. One of them is down with a problem that I'm not quite sure how to repair. Where the splined shaft for...