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    OT: salvage of WW2 shipwrecks

    There is the occasional article about WW2 shipwrecks being salvaged. The main reason is that the steel was made before the A-bombs contminated the steel. I assume the steel is mostly mild steel and would have to be melted again and therefore contaminated anyway. Am I missing something?
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    OT? Aluminium alloy

    I went into a local jewellers today. They had some highly polished bowls and platters. They are a beatrizbell brand. Turns out they are a 93% aluminium alloy. Any ideas what the alloy could be? Food grade and the implication that it wont be discoloured by dips and salads. Only good for warming...
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    Scrap steel selection

    I was thinking of asking the local garage if I could go through their scrap bin. Are any shafts to avoid? I know some are case-hardened. Cheers
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    Reground bed

    Hello. A question for the experts. I have been offered a 9" SB(36" bed). The bed has been reground. Is there anything I should be looking out for, before parting with my money. Cheers
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    New Factories

    I watched an interview with Ford's CEO. Part of his problem was that the Japanese chip factory burned down. No problem. The Japs rebuilt the factory and are back in production! Is it any wonder that Western manufacturing is kaput? After 9 months we would still be discussing the landscaping.
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    OT: no more discounts

    I see Harbor Freight have ended the 20% off discounts and Hobby Lobby, their 40% discount vouchers. Sad days indeed.
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    OT? Good news for Gordon. Sad news for the US

    I received an ad for Stanley handtools, proud of US manufacture. I had used a Stanley hand saw at HD to cut some trim. It was way better than the others they had put out. I went to look at purchasing one. Prices were good. Made in Denmark! Similar Craftsman and Irwin/Marples - Made in Denmark...
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    Question on salaried employment

    Hello All I posted this message on LinkedIn. No response! Perhaps someone here could give some input. Salaried employee status My employer sent an email saying that if there was a shortage of work I(and others) would have to take vacation time to make up pay. Question 1: I thought salaried...
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    All the best for 2020. May your cutters never dull Your ways never wear Your spindles never wobble And you never misread a dimension. Cheers
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    OT - End of an Era!

    My 1992 Toyota pickup is being replaced! Hirohito's Revenge will be going to the Walmart car-park to be sold. 226 000 miles. She has been a fine truck.
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    Getting a BP up and running

    I am looking at a 1966 BP j-head. It was taken from a maintenance shop and stored under an open lean-to. The motor runs. It is no jewel(gouges on table and surface rust). What is the minimum lifting device I would need to disassemble it? Could it be 'cleaned up' without a total disassembly? I...
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    SB9 Replacement crossfeed screw/nut question

    The Screw/nut on my 9" South Bend is pretty worn. I have seen a kit on ebay for the screw and nut. It appears you have to cut and machine the spindle to fit the new screw. Has anyone used one of these kits? How do you machine the spindle if you have have disabled the crossfeed?
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    Requirements to move a j head mill

    What is the best way to move a j head mill 100 miles and install in a garage with standard automatic doors?
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    Opinion needed

    A trustworthy friend has a surplus J-head Bridgeport for sale which I have not seen. Only issue is it is stuck in low-range. He is asking $1000. Everything else being equal is that a fair price? How easy are these to move? I do not have access to much beyond some husky illegals. I would sell off...
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    American/English minilathe manufacturing

    The ubiquitous mini-lathes coming out of the Middle Kingdom generate a real love-hate relationship. People love them because they are affordable, whilst others hate them for being ‘Chinese junk.’ A whole industry supplying tooling and improvements has sprung up. Does anyone know how many are...
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    Gibraltar type toolpost

    Has anyone built a toolpost to use on a 9" SouthBend after removing the compound? I have seen a kit and plans for one on a Myford.I might have been using the wrong terminology with Google.
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    ADvice on purchase

    Hello All A friend has a South Bend Serial Number 50560NAR10 for sale. He owns a machine shop and has ground and scraped the bed and cross slides. It has a QC gearbox. I have not seen it and assume it is a 9" with the short bed. If it is as good as it sounds is it worth $1000(with motor and...
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    Starting a business.

    I have been following the forum for a while and have learned a lot. I have hit 55 and realise that without a pension I need to make a plan to generate an income when I am deemed surplus to requirement by my employer. My wife and I are pretty frugal but we never have the means to spend in the...
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    Fitting a new chuck

    Hello All. I hope you had a great Christmas and 2018 is a great year. I was given a new Shars 5" chuck and mount for my 9" South Bend. The mount has to be machined for the new chuck. On closer inspection the threaded boss that seats against the spindle is too long and so only allows about 2...
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    Spindle wicks

    How often should the wicks be replaced? Cheers