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    OT: Goggle search of Practical Machinist

    I wanted to pass along a google tool that I find very helpful, the "site:" command. I like the search provided by the site for somethings, like user names. There are times when google does a better job of tracking down information that has already been discussed. I did google for a previous...
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    K&T 2H Problem

    I have a new to me K&T #2 HL Universal Mill, serial number 15-5147. I have a couple of questions that might be related. I have a K series parts manual which doesn't seem close enough, so some of the terms might wrong. I just ordered a parts and operator manual for the H series. Sorry for the...
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    WTB Shaper

    I would like to buy a medium sized shaper in repairable or better condition. I am going to be in between Colorado and Michigan this weekend and the beginning of next week with a gooseneck trailer. I will have about 7000 pounds of capacity left. So this rules out the really big ones. If you...
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    Horizontal Mill advise wanted

    I am looking for an older horizontal mill with a vertical head attachment. This is for non-production work. I am new to metalworking. While I am a new member to the board, I have appreciated the knowledge of this forum for quite awhile. My question is, What models to look for and to avoid? I...