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  1. JayCrumb

    Charmilles Roboform 40 Line by Line Program execution

    EXE page User parameters BLK = 0 A BLK of "1" will run block by block
  2. JayCrumb

    Wire software... - peps? fanuc cam-i blows......

    Esprit by DP technologies is still recognized as the best by mwah. Big bucks though... Only recommend the investment if you plan on doing a lot of 4-axis.
  3. JayCrumb

    Using the last wire on the reel....

    Just remember that wire will go stale when/if you are trying to use up those old spools.
  4. JayCrumb

    CPU repair for Charmilles 510 needed

    Does anyone have a contact for CPU repair on a Charmilles 510? This is basically a 286 computer. I've heard of someone who does it, but never wrote their name down. Any help appreciated. Jay Crumb Advanced EDM, LLC [email protected]
  5. JayCrumb

    Mitsubishi DWC-110H "110 WIRE BREAKAGE" alarm

    I know you say that the wire sensor switch (the one with the whisker) is working fine, but it has been my experience that it is always those sensors or something directly related to them. I would go through them again checking them with an ammeter and following them back to boards from there...
  6. JayCrumb

    Charmilles Roboform 350 simple program (is there such a thing?)

    I should add some more details... It is a FO 350 s. I have learned a bit and am now having a problem in the Preparation of job/EDM section. I have everything filled out correctly (as far as I think) and get a "Unanticipated Error" when pressing the "Generate EDM shape" button. The error...
  7. JayCrumb

    Need help w/mold partline "sparking" on a mitsubishi ea12s

    CRC, Not sure what help you are looking for specifically, but the key to sparking mold parting-lines is to switch the polarity back and forth between pos and neg to achieve even wear between top and bottom of mold. Jay Crumb
  8. JayCrumb

    Charmilles Roboform 350 simple program (is there such a thing?)

    My friend got a great deal on a Roboform 350. All he wants to do is burn hex ends into bolts. The program needs to touch in -Z, zero, OD centerfind, zero, position to zeros (or maybe even +.025" in Z) and rough burn .5" Z deep. I'm looking at this manual and don't see a simple way to do this...
  9. JayCrumb

    Looking some answers about DK77 SF-L70.

    I believe your amperage is too high for the burn. Higher amps = faster burn times with worse finish. 10 amps per 1 sq/in of electrode interface if burning graphite/steel. Cutting the upper lead could be a result of arcing. This could also be a result of too much amperage and too fast of servo...
  10. JayCrumb

    Angie Charmilles cut 20 P issues

    Agie Charmilles started using depth pressure sensors around this time. Not positive if your machine has it or not, but if so it will look like a white plastic nut on the right side of the inside of your work tank. It could also look like a hot-dog shaped tube covered with a metal shield. If you...
  11. JayCrumb

    Wire cutting tall parts

    DJZ, The reciprocating WEDM you were inquiring about was a Charmilles product built for cutting free DMLM parts from the build plate. It used Moly wire approx .022" diameter. It could only cut straight lines with horrible accuracy by WEDM standards. They used additives in water so it could run...
  12. JayCrumb

    Mits FX10 Alarm Issue

    Tvalen, I have seen this happen on the X axis when the seal plate is dirty or needs replaced. DO you see the V axis drifting off of zero when you get the V axis error? Will the machine home? Jay
  13. JayCrumb

    Frozen Processing for EDM (Air/Space, Nuclear, Medical)

    Since I point many of my customers to this incredible website for EDM knowledge, I thought I would post something that is a regular question from them. It is old news to most, but maybe it will help someone out... Why do we have to freeze our EDM process for Aerospace, Nuclear, Military and...
  14. JayCrumb

    cheaper wire?

    In my experience, cheaper wire was never worth the hassle. But I have always tried to run attended as much as possible. It's been a minute since I've purchased wire for Mits machines, but OKI made a very high quality plain brass wire that wasn't too expensive. As I remember, it was always about...
  15. JayCrumb

    Looking for a post processor for Current 300ct

    Looking for a friend... They need a post processor for a 2004 Current 300ct fast-hole EDM. The machine also has a rotary that wil lneed to be programmed. Post processor can be for Esprit or MasterCam. Please and thank you. Jay Crumb Advanced EDM, LLC
  16. JayCrumb

    No functional Charmilles HMI post for Mastercam

    Do you have any existing programs(that run) that you can use for reference when editing the post processor? Does that machine even use g-code or is it completely conversational? I would put in a call to Esprit sales and ask if they even have a post processor for it. If they don't have it, it...
  17. JayCrumb

    EDM for Aerospace/Nadcap

    Hi all, Just curious how many visitors to PM use their EDMs for aerospace/military and are compliant to Nadcap rules and regs. Looking around it seems like most are in tool making. Jay
  18. JayCrumb

    416 X Servo Alarm

    Kris, Not super familiar with that machine, but I assume the axis motor has brushes for the drive section and the tachometer section. Probably 4 for the drive and 2 for the tach (probably slightly smaller). Power off machine, remove motor, pull brushes (marking wires and locations), blow-out...
  19. JayCrumb

    fire extinguisher

    Right idea... Cotton gins
  20. JayCrumb

    Water resistivity sky high after cutting Inconel

    I'll second the "bad bottle" statement. Seen this a few times with regenerated resin. You can avoid this by using virgin only, but that isn't very green or financially responsible. I would also ask the question, "Did you fill the machine with straight tap water"? If so, how is the water in your...