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    Lever collet chucks / closers - what's out there?

    I just picked up a ton of 3J collets for short money at an auction. Like $2 ea. As it happens, it's a perfect fit for my lathe, an American Pacemaker. Through hole is 1.75 on both. Trouble is, i don't have a collet chuck yet. The lathe has an L1 mount. I've seen the Sjogren's, and i like...
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    Hardinge Sjogren chucks

    What's the difference between a Sjogren 3L and a 3J chuck? i have an L1 mount lathe, and i've seen both. The 3L chuck has no handwheel. I just picked up a big pile of 3J collets and need a chuck. Looking for the right chuck. Edit: And i just realized this might not be the best place to...
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    *THE* best small shop forklift

    Guys, i'm trying to decide what forklift i should invest in for a very tight shop. I have read some threads about Clark clippers and Namco stand up units. I do not have a shop that will allow usage of anything with outriggers. It HAS to be a counterweighted unit. I have a lot of immovable...
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    GROB NS18 manual / literature?

    As in title, i picked up a GROB NS18 this weekend. Serial 1915. Looks pretty old, but in decent shape. I don't see how the guides work. They appear to be partially missing. Also, not sure how the belt drive works. It also has a "2phase" motor. I have no idea how that relates to a three...
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    Bridgeport spindle and tooling - what to do?

    Just getting into the mode of purchasing some tooling for my Bridgeport 2J. I have ZERO R8 tooling as of yet. I know it's pretty available. I live in machine tool mecca / Detroit area. I am just wondering if i should swap the spindle out of the machine for something like the Erickson Quick...
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    American Pacemaker 16x30 - First lathe

    Long time mostly-lurker here, on the VFD forum. I've owned a bridgeport for a few years as my first mill, but have never been able to find the right lathe, and as a result mostly worked on the side on the lathe at work, a 14x48 Clausing-Colchester. A nice lathe, all things considered, but was...
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    Large shop wiring

    Recently i have been thinking about wiring up my shop for 3 phase loadcenter instead of running cords all over the place one at a time. I have a 40x64 shop, and 3 phase machines are concentrated in opposite corners, metal and wood don't mix too well, so does it make sense to run the rpc by the...
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    LISLE drill grinder 91000 parts help

    I am looking at a lisle 91000 locally and there doesn't appear to be a diamond dresser for it. The rest looks to be there. I called the company and of course, there are none available. Does anyone know of a source for them, or on the off chance someone has one, can get me dimensions and maybe...
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    Do 230V single phase input / 460V three phase drives exist?

    As in title suggests, i have an application that would be perfect for this type of drive. Does such a beast exist?
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    Need help with RPC and 3 phase panel configuration

    I am building a new rpc for my shop, and need help with the configuration with the building wiring. I have a brand new WEG TEFC 20hp motor for an idler. I know theory on rpcs and have no trouble wiring residential. What i'm trying to figure out is the best way to wire it in. I'm going for...
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    3-wire 440V motor to 220V possible?

    I just picked up a 15hp TEFC motor from Brook Ltd back in the 1950s in england. The guy that sold it to me told me it was a 9 wire motor, turns out he lied, it is 3 wire. The swap was in a parking lot and it was rainy. I didn't look and took his word for it, and now i have it in the shop...
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    VFD derated for 1ph Air compressor use AND overdriven

    Can anyone critique this? - Is there any reason i can't do this. 10HP air compressor. Rated 500rpm to 800rpm. Pump is rated for 10HP and 15HP use. Use a 480V VFD, supplied by a 240 to 480V step up transformer. Use a say 7.5HP TEFC interter motor (surplus) Setup the drive sheaves so the...
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    Help identify this antique lathe

    Can anyone identify this brand and size? It's listed locally as a 19" swing, 60" bed. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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    3 phase welders, conversions, and weird transformers, oh my.

    Inspired by Dave Kamp's CP200 conversion thread, i took another look at my ancient 3 phase welder, a CS300/60 made by a company named Compakomatic. it's a constant voltage power supply normally used for automated welding. I got it on an ebay deal a long time ago, it was $25 and came with a...
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    VFD drive a PSC motor?

    Like the title says, can I drive a low power PSC motor with a VFD, assuming I remove the start cap? I realize the start winding is probably 90 degrees out of phase rather than 120, but will it work? It's for low cost speed control of a PSC circulator pump. I can get the VFD's for about $30...
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    What do you think of this thing?

    Bunk or not? http://www.savepoweramerica.com
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    Is it possible to balance rpcs at multiple points?

    For example: I have a 50hp phase converter I'm building. I intend to balance it idling so that my power input is lowest. Next, I'd like to add my air compressor load, and balance the load so that it's most efficient, and so on, with each load. That way, no matter what load is enabled, the...
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    Pony motor type

    Been shopping for pony motors. I can't find any surplus motors near me, and shipping is a killer, so I will probably get a GE motor from Tractor supply. I've noticed that compressor duty motors are WAY cheaper than farm duty motors. A 2HP compressor duty motor is $110 and a 1.5HP farm duty...
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    50HP rpc feeds a 3ph panel - help w/ schematics

    Ok, I've started gathering parts for my 50hp rpc. One thing I've noticed is that stuff that can handle 50hp at 220V is VERY expensive. I'm seeing Nema 4 contactors on Ebay for $200+. So, hopefully I can get some help figuring out what I need and what I don't. I can handle the controls no...
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    Is TOO large a converter motor possible?

    I just found a local 50HP 1750 rpm motor for short money. An easy drive away. My largest current shop load is a 10HP compressor. Although I've thought I might like to run a large 400A welder. I was wondering if I use a really large motor, pony started, if it becomes impractical at some...