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    Silver Mfg 36 inch Bandsaw

    smt, Thanks again. The flat belt wheel on the powered shaft has the V crown (18" dia, 4.5" wide). The original specs indicate it was a 12" pulley, but was probably changed to match the motor & pulley. That size was from a catalog 14 years earlier, and unchanged from one 5 years older yet. The...
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    Silver Mfg 36 inch Bandsaw

    SMT, Thanks for the reply. It seems my picture management is beyond a fail, I can't find a single picture that I'd taken in the past. But I do have some new ones, and spent some quality time with it this afternoon. In that this machine has a single bearing assembly, which as I noted axially...
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    Silver Mfg 36 inch Bandsaw

    It's been a very long time since I've been active on PM, so hopefully I won't be in violation of any rules (which I have reviewed). I have been gifted a 1924 Silver Mfg 36 inch bandsaw, purchased new by Mathis Yachts of Camden NJ, later renamed Trumpy which moved to Gloucester NJ, and...
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    Some Surplus 9A parts, Need Others

    I'm interested in the bed turret. I have the other style, and it's too sloppy. I have a nearly complete set of collets (various brands). Maybe we can work out a deal? Sending a PM as well. John
  5. J

    Needed: SB9 cross slide lead screw assembly

    Been a while since I've posted, but stopped in today in anticipation of offering all the SB9 parts here before hitting ebay. I bought an old SB9 that turned out to be tapped out, and was accumulating parts to revive it, but another one 30 years newer with lots of original accessories, and large...
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    Old Pexto shear - help me get it going again

    I saw this posting when it started, and made a mental note to go check out mine. I finally remembered to do that, and sure enough I have the same one, #130. I only wish mine was in that good shape. The bed has been reinforced under the blade, although not sure why, and has a crack dead center...
  7. J

    Wtb. South bend 9" parts.

    I've got a bunch of parts leftover from a worn out SB9 Model A I bought a while back. Not sure what I have left, but I'll PM you the list when I'm back in town after the 24th. I believe I still have the complete tailstock. John
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    Source of long decimal rules?

    Alex, Thanks. That's the closest thing yet, but tenths are not quite enough. I may reconsider if nothing else comes along. I made inquiries to 2 companies suggested, 1 no and the other has yet to respond. I found that Starrett makes a 96" model, but IIRC it was $2100 (yes 21 hundred dollars). John
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    Electrolytic rust conversion question

    I think you are referring to carbon zinc batteries. I would not recommend opening alkaline batteries, and they have only paste in them. John
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    Shipping to Canada?

    USPS and UPS to canada are both no big deal, if done online. USPS priority on lighter items is cheaper than flat rate, and UPS ground is also reasonable. John
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    Source of long decimal rules?

    Dennis, Thanks. I had seen that was typical, but did see some with 10ths & 100ths of inches. John
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    Source of long decimal rules?

    Looks like PI does not have fully graduated rules and they require the use of a vernier for increments under 0.1. They have tapes with full graduations at the inch marks, but you have to use a vernier for increments under 1". Sent a quote request to Schlenker (Measuring Instruments | Angle...
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    Source of long decimal rules?

    Henry, Thanks, that's much more like what I had in mind, and the accuracy is quite good as well. This just might be the one. A Starrett 72" 5R just sold on ebay for about 1/10 of the current price. I should have been looking last week! I found at least 6 companies making steel rules, but...
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    Source of long decimal rules?

    gvasale, I was thinking the same, but reserved pre-judging. They are brutally expensive. After much searching I finally found a Starrett (at Mcmaster no less), for a 72" it's $688! So, to clarify my needs, these are reference rules, not precision measuring instruments. Anyone have any other...
  15. J

    Source of long decimal rules?

    JR, Thanks, I'll check them out. John
  16. J

    Source of long decimal rules?

    We use 6 & 8 foot rules for several machines/processes and fractional ones are simply a PIA. I've not been able to find any that are decimal in longer lengths. I've checked Mcmaster, MSC and Grainger, and nothing decimal. Anyone know where to find them? Thanks, John
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    B and S No 2 Grinder

    More differences Larry, (or anyone else) The 1944 book appears to be a slightly different machine in more ways than I thought. I'm trying to follow the carriage removal instructions, and it's just not possible. It says to "push the horizontal sheet steel sliding covers under the carriage as...
  18. J

    These need to be saved, and fast.

    I already have dibbs on the crank handle, if it's not being saved whole. I'd take the whole thing an part it out if the price gets better. I've already got a Royersford 21, sans the handle. I'm liking that shear, too. Nick, are you the point of contact right now, or do we need to deal directly...
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    Royersford excel 21

    Nick, Thanks. It sounded like scrapping was imminent. Any chance you will be starting a new thread on these machines? John