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    New old machine, Deckel G1L

    How do you do the graduations? Do you have a master rule at a temple?
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Also the Pantograph arrived yesterday and it turns out I have a 2B and a 2C. Although similar the 2C is a larger capacity machine with different castings but still a 2D machine. The Gorton grinder needs a 1/4 x24.4” vee belt, no idea where to find that in Australia so I might try some 5mm...
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Yes I found that manual for the grinder on the Gorton site. I wonder if it is easier to follow if you already know what your doing hahaha
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    I got a notification there was a post added to this thread but I can only see my original post???
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    literature about pantograph engraver operation

    Did you ever find the info you were after? I’m getting my first Pantograph tomorrow.
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Hi guys, I’m looking for any info on Alexander 2B & 20B Pantographs and also a Gorton 265-5 Dbit Grinder (single lip grinder. I’m having trouble finding info specific to these exact machines/models difficult. The Pantographs should be arriving in my shop tomorrow and i’m Currently cleaning up...
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    Help identifying Small benchtop horizontal mill

    What do you need photos of? I did refurbish my machine and it’s up & running. I have seen several of the same machine since they also came with a base and cast iron motor tension arm.
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    How do you measure antique Calipers ?

    By the maximum size they can measure.
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    Mini Drill press

    It’s a horological machine, ask your local watchmakers society. Worth big bucks usually.
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    Turning vs. Spinning

    The voice overs are so annoying....... I have no idea why but it irritates me when I hear turning referred to as spinning. I think it may be an an american thing but spinning and turning are as shown in the video to me.
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    LOCK. Shaper

    The Lock Tool Co. you may be familiar with their lathe tool holders, that where I knew them from. I have been offered the opportunity to buy a basket case shaper by said company. I have two photos and it is literally in,pieces and part on a pallet and could be missing a lot of parts. It’s a...
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    Lock tool company shaper on eBay

    Did you ever find any info on the Lock Shaper? Any photos of the finished resto?
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    Die filer files

    I have a die filler but no files. Can we see some photos of the actual files please.
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    Need help identifying post drill manufacturer

    Those numbers are most likely the foundry pattern numbers for the parts. There were heaps of postdrill manufacturers a lot were covered in raised lettering with info from the Name of the company, location, and some even had patent dates. Others are completely plain. I’m unsure if the plain...
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    Keller Die Filer Model 256 Value?

    I paid $100Aussie for mine at a swapmeet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Barnes #1 20 inch drill press

    Need photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Utility of antique flat belt lathes relative to more modern machines

    Modern machines have geared heads the old machines require manual changing of actual gears onto the machine. Some old machines may not have screw cutting capacity Both era of machines will perform the same basic functions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help identifying Small benchtop horizontal mill

    I think it is similar to a pre 1930s Tom Senior Heavy Bench Mill. I have only seen one catalog pic on Tony's site of that and it's similar but not the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk