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  1. J

    SK40 Collets: Have a 3/4", looking for a 1/2"

    Hi, I recently found myself with an extra 3/4" SK40 collet for my Deckel FP1. I was wondering if anyone out there had a 1/2" SK40 collet they would like to trade for my 3/4". That would complete my collection from 1/4" to 3/4" by 1/8". Jacques
  2. J

    OT: Do DC to DC chargers with voltage boosting included exist?

    This is an off topic question but I put it here because it is electrical only and that seems like the best sub-forum to ask. Please let me know if I should move it somewhere else. I bought a Ford Transit last summer to transform it into a campervan. I'm not turning it into a full on luxury RV...
  3. J

    How to diagnose rapid traverse on an FP2?

    Hi, I am taking the afternoon off today to go look at an FP2 an hour away. One thing I know about it is that the rapid traverse either does not work at all or it is very slow. I had a hard time getting any more details than that. I have never even seen an FP2 live, but I have had an FP1 for a...
  4. J

    What is this milling vise?

    I got this milling vise on a swiveling base when I got my Deckel FP1 mill almost 2 years ago. I cannot see any brand name but I just can't believe it is shop made. It works rather smoothly. The screw is not particularly big. Could it come from some Aciera maybe? Any hint is welcome. Jacques
  5. J

    My cool picture entry in the Knipex pliers photo/video contest

    Knipex has a photo/video contest to celebrate 250k followers on Instagram. They are awarding 250 pairs of gold plated pliers. It's not like I couldn't live without some gold plate pliers, but I thought it was cool and I tried to think of something non trivial showing the pliers off well. I have...
  6. J

    New Deckel slotting head owner wondering about sales tax on purchase from Canada

    Hi Guys, I've owned my FP1 for close to 2 years now and, last night, I made an offer on a slotting head in Montreal on eBay and we made a deal. In the end, I paid about $100 more than what I was hoping to pay initially, but I'm ok with that. But then, when I got the invoice there was about...
  7. J

    Phase-A-Matic rotary converter randomly starts in different direction

    Hi, The title of the post states my problem clearly, I have a rotary phase converter that starts spinning in a random direction every time I turn it on. Here is a little background. I bought 2 used Phase-A-Matic 5 HP rotary phase converters maybe a year ago. Here is a link to the company's...
  8. J

    Crashed the Z-axis on my Deckel FP1

    Hi guys, I need help. Last night, I crashed the Z-axis or my Deckel FP1 by going to the end of the down travel to get clearance for a tap handle. It is a Mk III model with the two dials for speeds and feeds. The vertical table actually hit something that was under it and got stuck there. I did...
  9. J

    Anyone rigged up a travel stop on an FP1 quill?

    Hi, I have a project coming up that would require putting the head at an angle and repeatedly, every quarter inch or so, plunge an end-mill in the work for a depth of let's say 0.200". So, in the end, I get a series of equally spaced, equal depth, square-bottom round holes, all at the same...
  10. J

    Optical Comparator: OGP Opticom Qualifier 14B for parts

    I have an OGP Contour Projector, (Optical Comparator) with Mitutoyo digital scales. I got this in an online auction a bit more than a year ago I think. It was a lot larger than I expected, it is very heavy and it is very awkward to move around. I don't really have room for it so I have...
  11. J

    Need help putting FP1 gearbox plate back in place

    My machine is a Deckel FP1 with the two dials. I took out the gearbox plate with the top dial to see the condition of the gears and the lubrication and to clean up the painted over fasteners. Now, I am confused as to how to put it back together correctly and easily. I tried a couple of times...
  12. J

    Looking to borrow a Deckel spindle protector in immaculate condition

    Hi, I'm a new FP1 owner looking to make some "artsy fartsy" Deckel themed project for Christmas and for eventually thanking those of you who have and will help me resolve my problems, since I will most likely ask a few questions in the days and weeks to come! I would need to borrow a spindle...
  13. J

    New FP1 owner needs help with phase converter

    Hi all, I bought George Wilson's FP1 mill a few weeks ago. It is a 1970's model with the two dials for speeds and feeds. It is graduated in inches and has 40 taper spindle. I have been cleaning it up a little since all fasteners were painted over, and I have been getting some tooling. I will...
  14. J

    What oil to use in Scotchman Bewo 350 cold saw head?

    I acquired that saw a couple months ago and cleaned it out thoroughly. The pneumatic vise was completely seized in gunk and some rust. I fixed that and I got a VFD to power it. Last night, I drained the gearbox fluid. It was dark, somewhat heavy and very dirty. I am trying to figure out what...
  15. J

    Direction of lathe apron switch, Up? or Down?

    Hi guys, I have a quick and possibly silly questions. I have an "unmentionable" 12x36 lathe that, out of the box, was wired so that to get it to turn in the normal direction, I had to lift the apron switch lever Up. I think I found it counter intuitive at the time because you move the lever in...
  16. J

    Are you mentoring a team going to the First Robotics Championship event in St-Louis?

    Hi guys, I am involved with team 4828, the Roboeagles from Enloe high school in Raleigh. We returned from the state championship in Charlotte last night. Although we couldn't get past the semi final, our team is heading to St-Louis as one of the two teams receiving the regional Engineering...
  17. J

    Scotchman HT 350 PK cold saw questions

    I just acquired a used Scotchman cold saw and have a few questions. It is the 350 model meaning 14" max diameter blade. So, this is great. The PK in the model name means that it comes with the power(air) double self-centering vise, huge positive. It also has running coolant pump and reservoir...
  18. J

    Zero Max adjustable speed drive and torque requirements for metal bandsaw

    Hi, I got a Powermatic 141 bandsaw that was in ok shape and I am trying to slow it down to cut metal. I have read most posts about that kind of transformation here, from VFD to multi stages belt or chain drives. Making a search on eBay, I found the Zero Max line of mechanical adjustable speed...
  19. J

    Noga indicator base, which fine adjustment to choose?

    Hi guys, I am about to make myself a belated birthday present and buy a couple of Noga magnetic base. Enco has them at a great price now. The question I have is do I get the one(s) with the fine adjustment on the magnetic base or on top, at the indicator holding end? I understand, that it...
  20. J

    Need enlightenment about DP threading

    Here is the deal. While browising machinery at the Wholesale Tools site, I see a big bore Jet lathe. In the specs, it says it does inch, metric, diametral and module threads. So 4 kind of threads. Assuming an inch base ledscrew, I know how a 127 tooth gear and a 50 tooth gear will allow to...