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  1. J

    Seco XOMX 12408

    Are there any alternative inserts to use for those? I don't find any in my searches. Thanks
  2. J

    Orphaned 16" South Bend lathe

    I have found a 16" South Bend lathe at a junk yard in Corsicana, Texas. R&S Recycling. I think their number is 903-872-5845. just ask for Michael. The bed looks good with surface rust on it but under the Carriage its good. It has a Turret tailstock on it so I don't think it's done much...
  3. J

    broken 2" dial indicator

    I have acquired a Kurt 2" dial indicator that's top tube is missing and the spring is messed up. Otherwise the indicator looks to be in decent shape. I can't find anyone that will attempt to fix it. Kurt is no help. The only other identification on it is the numbers 1820 in the side of the dial...
  4. J

    Sheldon 12" Shaper Vise

    Looking for a vise for a Sheldon 12" Shaper.
  5. J

    Clausing Colchester 15" Lathe apron hand wheel

    WTB a apron hand wheel for my Mark 2 lathe if anyone has one available. Thanks,
  6. J

    Harrison M300 B

    WTB two 48T and one 96T change gears for my Harrison M300B. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks