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    Square Tube VS Formed and welded profile?

    I'm building a structure from steel to support multiple columns as an alternative for concrete. Currently I am using a profile of (3) 5" square tubes spaced 5" inches apart. In this case I have 12 columns in a circle, so imagine a 12 sided polygon. Columns are on the joints and there is a...
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    Horizontal Sheet and Bar Storage Rack ideas?

    Ran across the Kasto site the other day and been thinking about our steel storage. https://www.kasto.com/en/storage/sheet-metal-storage/all-sheet-metal-storage.html Has anyone built a simpler version down this line? A cheaper version would be the cartridge style such as this...
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    Industrial Paint System, What do you use and like?

    Anyone out there use electrostatic? Like it? Is it worth the money? We paint large fabricated structures with a mix of tubing frame and sheet metal so lots of square feet to cover. Also some small parts. Currently we are simply using a pressure pot. Basically same as HVLP only we draw out...
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    Customer Resource Magangement (CRM) Do you use it?

    The manufacturing business we purchased has a program called ACT! that we inherited along with other software. Until a year ago, I have just used a large notebook to write notes when on the phone with customers. However, it's difficult to find the note when the customer calls a month or a year...
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    28' Sliding Door in 50' Wall?

    Need to close off the end a 50' building to be used for painting large equipment. We want our overhead crane to run full length of building so wall will have to stay below the crane. Possibly we will close that gap above wall with plastic flaps. Need to have a wide door in middle 28' minimum...
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    How to set up Overhead Crane to move items into Paint bay

    We are planning an addition to our shop. The main necessity is a paint area for large items we manufacture. Thinking of going 45' Wide by 80' Long and 20' sidewalls roughly. The Paint area would be on the last 30' of this building. We originally planned to close this off so paint fumes and...
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    100' Tape Marked in Inches instead of feet?

    Every 100' tape I've seen is marked out in feet and inches. Is there such a thing as a tape that gives inches like a standard 25' tape? (13,14,..121,122,etc)(instead of 1' 1", 10' 1", etc) Preferably metal blade. Would make much easier when marking out evenly spaced items along a long length...
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    Fixture for Welding Plate Square on end of Tube?

    Looking for ideas to make a fixture to weld plates to the end of Square Tubing and/or Beams. Tubing varies from 4-6 in and plate are varying sizes. Would like one fixture that would hold the plate Square and possibly with some adjustable stop to position plate in the correct position.(ie...
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    Anyone use ACT! CRM (Customer Resource Management)?

    Business we purchased last year included computers and software include this ACT! program. The office manager supposedly used it to enter all contacts and track phone calls etc. The computer it was on died so we haven't used it. Today I spent several hours getting it installed on our current...
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    Vertical Roller For up to 12" Flat

    Has anyone built a hydraulic roller to roll flat metal? Need to bend up to 1/2" x 12" flat. Seldom a tighter radius than 10'. However the closer the rollers the less waste from the flat end. Used one at a previous shop that was custom built. Looking for ideas. The one i am using is shop...
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    How to compensate partner for product he brings to the business?

    Setting: Partner A and B went together on purchasing an existing manufacturing business building steel products. Partner A had some cash and experience in the exact product but no shop, Partner B had shop and some equipment but no cash. Purchase was made which included fair line of...
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    New to us-Messer Table with Hypertherm 4001 and 401 slave trying to install!

    We are trying to set up and install 10' x 26' Messer Plasma system with a water table that was purchased used. It includes a Hypertherm 4001 plasma and another Hypertherm 401 slave unit supposedly capable of cutting 3" material. It also has a Komatsu High definition plasma. Would love to...
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    Anyone use cell phone signal booster?

    Would like feedback on boosters. I am on Verizon and our house has service on one side. Shop where I work is completely dead inside so my phone keeps going dead. 4g service outside.. Other guys use att but I hate to switch as that means new phones. Don't really want to spend an arm and leg...
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    Post pics of your steel storage ideas

    Right now need to come up with storage for some 20' new structural steel, quite a bit of short pieces 7-10' and some shorter scrap. Not a production shop so we don't plan to stock a lot but setting up a new building and it has nothing yet. Like some ideas!
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    What's wrong with cloud storage?

    Over and over I hear on this forum of a reluctance to have anything on the cloud. Why? I admit we are on the bottom end of the scale as far as drawings and cad work and if someone got our files it wouldn't be too serious. But we have every file backed up on drop box which is so handy. Recently...
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    Calibre/geomagic drawing to illustrate bend sequence?

    I am drawing a part with multiple bends. I would like to create a drawing to show each bend in sequence with dimension to set back gauge. A flat pattern only gives dimension from edge. So on the second bend the stop needs to be set and dimension is needed from the already bent flange. Any way to...
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    How to get rid of Grinding Wheel salesmen?

    Anybody else get calls trying to sell abrasives? Who in their right mind deals with those guys? Sometimes they offer a free jacket or new grinder if you buy a box. last guy was real rude claimed I had ordered when in reality I hung up on him. Wants to ship it and pay in a couple months. Calls...
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    What kind of Mig Welding Gloves do you like?

    We have been using Mighty Mig by Revco We like them but the quality of the leather seems to have gone downhill even as the price goes up. They are comfortable and flexible but are getting less durable. What are some options?
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    Looking for Small MFG Business in Midwest

    I am wondering if any of you out there know of a small business, (mfg preferred) for sale? Could be a old business that the owner wants to retire or a new business that isn't making it and needs a new face. I would like something small enough that I can put my own elbow grease into it for...
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    Small frames etc, anyone built an adjustable universal fixture to build it square?

    Right now I am simply building a set of sawhorses. Problem is to build it using just a square and tape measure is hard to get it perfect. (not that it needs to be but makes it easier) In the case of a cube shaped frame work it takes very little out of square to skew the whole thing and make it...