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    Zerk oiler issues

    I think a pistol grip oiler will work, not sure how to attach a grease fitting.
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    Zerk oiler issues

    I had soaked them in mineral spirits, they are clean. The problem is the pressure it takes to overcome the ball bearing/spring on the zerk
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    Zerk oiler issues

    I’m in the process of putting my BP series one step pulley back together and have a question about the zerks on the saddle. I’ve flushed the lines and cleaned the zerks but can’t get the way oil to transfer through. I’m using the the “push lube” system from H and W. Previous owner had of course...
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    Pictures or comments please

    Rebuilding my 1 series J head step pulley BP. Noticed the lower side of the aluminum housing surrounding the pulley on the right side as you face the machine is curved compared to the left. Not sure if this is original or damaged. It presents no mechanical issues but I’m curious if it was bent...
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    Vise size recommendations

    Mid fifties. I’m not kidding myself, even a 5 or 6 is still going to be moved cautiously.
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    Vise size recommendations

    I’ll hang onto the bigger vise but start looking for a nice 6.
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    Vise size recommendations

    In the process of “restoring” my first Bridgeport. Step pulley 1hp 9x42 table. It included an Enco vise (8in) with swivel base. The vise seems to overwhelm the table with excessive overhang. I’ll be doing mostly small hobbiest type projects. For those that have similar machines is there a...
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    Ingersoll 5m5p-20R01 face mill

    So awhile back I had discussed a face mill that came with my BP. It’s a Sandvik Coromant. 3 inch. I have contact a insert dealer who tracked my mill down. It’s old it takes SPG 422… It has positive rake and essentially is a 45 degree style. I found some original NOS Sandvik inserts online. I’m...
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    Ingersoll 5m5p-20R01 face mill

    Thanks for the replies. I called the seller and he was extremely nice and helpful. He said not a chance. He runs it on a 10hp VF something something and even that is not enough. He’s obviously a pro. Anyways he said no way would it be appropriate for me. Very nice of him to be honest. He...
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    Ingersoll 5m5p-20R01 face mill

    Thank you that’s the kind of feedback I’m looking for. So even if I took light cuts and went slow, still too much for my mill?
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    Ingersoll 5m5p-20R01 face mill

    I am looking into an ingersoll face mill (5m5p-20R01). 2 inch cutting diameter. I can get it for a very reasonable price. I run a Bridgeport step pulley 1hp. I make small projects out of steel, aluminum and brass. Is the face mill a reasonable addition?
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    BP step pulley noise

    Bought my first BP. J head step pulley 1hp. When I was buying, it was known there was a noise that appeared to be coming from the front pulley. Seller said they thought/assumed it was a bearing. The only thing that would alter the noise was - the lower the belt was on the pulley the louder and...
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    Carbide inserts

    Favored brands of carbide inserts vs ones to avoid. Go!!!!!
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    Sandvik face mill

    Recently purchased my first Bridgeport. It came with a Sandvik face mill (RA265.2-080M). Anyone know size/type of inserts that it takes?
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    Sheldon lathe

    UXL 24862 anyone have info on a Sheldon lathe with these numbers?
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    Shipping Chicago to Kalamazoo

    Anyone know of a reliable and reasonable rigging/shipping company for a milling machine? Approx 2500 pounds. Chicago to Kalamazoo
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    Shipping machinery from Chicago to southwest Michigan

    Anyone know of reasonable shipping/rigging company to haul machine from Chicago to Kalamazoo area of SW MI?
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    Best vintage lathes

    Curious how folks would rank lathes in terms of desirability. I know that is a loaded question so here is what I'm looking for. Give me your top 3-4 lathes in terms of quality etc.. I have a small SB, but would like to get a bigger (floor model) lathe as a project. I have been looking at some SB...
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    SB way angle problem

    Trying to make a carriage stop for my SB 10k. Does anyone know or how do I find the angle of the way? Not much out there in terms of plans or direction. Seems most people just wing it. As a newbie I'd prefer to follow plans. Any help appreciated.
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    57/64th drill bit

    “Use the proper size chuck “ that’s assuming you have one.