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    South Bend Heavy 10 - Motor Problem / Question

    Why would it be wiring? A local wiring defect should give a localised hot spot, or the motor shouldn't run. Happy to have someone explain starting capacitors to me on this point and other technicalities. I recall they can be a nightmare. I suggest you check that the machine turns freely, its...
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    New Heavy 10

    Great lathe, great project, it should be fun. I think these lathes are designed to allow maintenance but some have headstocks that are difficult to put back in the same place, so take care what you take off. There are some nice videos of SB restorations on Youtube and due to the similarities...
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    To paint the machined flats in my Heavy 10L stand or just Fluid Film them?

    Fluid film is just oily stuff right? Then it should be fine. you want stuff that gets squeezed out of the joint, light oils are best at that. My 1942 lathe has been stood in less than perfect conditions for significant periods and these surfaces are still perfect. No fancy sprays for most of...
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    Heavy 10 Under Drive (UMD) Countershaft Floor vs Bench Type

    Hi Bob The shafts are big for the power, I'll be surprised if you can't turn down the shaft, sleeve it for a good fit and incorporate features in the shaft and through the sleeve that mean screws will never come loose or slip.
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    How do I free up a micrometer carriage stop?

    I have a different sort, but it suffers from the same problem of being too stiff.
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    Wiper Felts - Time to Replace

    :) May I ask were people are buying from, especially if you know they ship abroad. :D I do like those oilers.
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    South bend heavy 10 fixable?

    Great news. Even if you have a tricky, technical project to do I hope the low expense makes it fun. Thanks for posting, the more I learn about these wonderful machines the better.
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    Getting Another South Bend 16x6 Operational

    Awesome thread thanks. Did it sell?
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    Southbend oil

    Thanks Adrian They look pretty useful. Having the real MaCoy is nice. I recall seeing somewhere that we shouldn't use oils with detergents in, which is most car lubricants. Can anyone confirm that for me, maybe suggest a thread if its been covered. After 35 years of car ownership I have...
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    Picked up my Grandfathers Heavy 10

    Hi tallfreak, Great thread, thanks for all the advice chaps, it applies to me just as much. I believe that the last photo is of a crotch center, used in the tailstock for cross drilling round items. I followed up on the references posted and on page 47 of the 1943 catalogue there is a very...
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    Refurbishing a 1941 13"x5' Lathe

    Finished! very interesting as its so close to my Heavy 10, and a great job too, thanks.
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    Refurbishing a 1941 13"x5' Lathe

    :) Thanks for posting MyLiLMule, this is going to keep me busy for ages. Cheers Rog
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    My 'New' 70 Year Old Heavy 10

    Great thread - thanks Dale. It is so exciting that I had read half of it by the time I realised that it was posted in 2014. :D Is there a clearer photo of the lubrication chart you could post please, mine seems to have lost its one. I hope to print and laminate it. :o
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    I have found something useful - a table of "permissible deviation limits for linear measures" from ISO 2768-1 published by a company called PI. It downloaded from google and appeared in my downloads without me noticing, and I lost the link, sorry. Sizes ranges for the linear dimension have...
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    :) I am having fun with maths deciding which gears are necessary. Pete is having fun cutting them. How accurate does a pitch have to be to fit a nut? We can drop some gears if we use the standard gear for some of the sizes.
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    NNNOOOOOOOOOOO :willy_nilly: :eek: ta :D
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    trying again. And failing. :angry:
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    South Bend digitised label or logo for 1940s lathe data sheet

    Hi folks I need a South Bend label or logo to go on top of the threading data table I am working on. Link here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/south-bend-lathes/metric-transposing-gears-early-heavy-10-a-385921/index3.html#post3703366 Has anyone already produced such a thing I can cut...
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    This is how it should look :rolleyes5:
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    Metric transposing gears on early Heavy 10

    Hi all I have tabulated the data, so generously provided thank you, against ISO standard sizes, its pretty interesting. That 34-tooth gear is very useful, it covers M1, M1.2, M2.5, M3, M4 fine, M5 fine, M6 fine, M7, M8 fine, M10, M12 fine, M14, M16. So if you are making both parts who needs...