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    Monarch lathe destroyed in Rocky Flats 1957 plutonium fire

    Thought this was worth sharing- a government investigation photo of a Series 60 or 61 after being destroyed in the plutonium fire at Rocky Flats, CO on 9/11/57. This machine was surrounded by a stainless steel glove box so technicians could safely reach in through lead-lined gloves to turn...
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    Series 60 Power Compound Disassembled

    Hi all. I mostly post on Instagram and YouTube, but I'm betting this crowd would appreciate seeing this. My 1952 Series 60 has a Power Angular Feed for the compound and I needed to disassemble it for installing my new DRO. My lathe originally had dual power compounds, front and back. Each...
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    Need help with Series 60 clutch shifting (same as CY?)

    Hi all. Opened headstock to replace final oil metering unit (was backordered- I replaced all the others a few weeks ago), and discovered a big mess. In the few hours I've run this machine, it's eaten through about half of the brass clutch fork shoes. I didn't notice it until I dropped a little...
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    Series 60/61/62 threaded holes

    Hi all. Picked up a 22.5x54” Series 60 two weeks ago and am in the process of getting it clean and running right. Hoping someone has an answer to my question cause it’s bugging me. What are these 7/8-9 threaded holes for in the chip pan? There is one in each corner on the two base castings and...
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    Deckel GK21 remove spindle from roll attachment

    Hi all- I'm a new GK21 owner and I'm trying to get my machine set up. I can't tell how I'm supposed to remove the spindle from the roll engraving attachment. It was in position when I bought the machine, and it appears that the pulley has to come off to free it, but I don't want to start...
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    WTB: Steady rest for 19" LeBlond Regal roundhead

    Looking for a steady rest for my 1952 LeBlond roundhead Regal. They show up on eBay occasionally but never for the older Regal.
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    LeBlond Regal roundhead measurement needed on taper attachment

    Hi all. I need a measurement if possible. My lathe (1952 19x48) was missing the shaft on the back of the taper attachment when I bought it. I assume it doesn't need to be an exact length, but if I'm going to make a new one, might as well make it to spec. I have the clamp and apparently all of...
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    Help needed with chuck problems

    I'm a newbie so I apologize in advance if I break etiquette in any way. I'm trying to figure out how to solve my problems with my chucks. My 19 Leblond came with a 3 jaw that runs out more than .025". Yikes. I bought a 4 jaw that runs pretty true, even though I need to pull it off and tear it...
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    Need tool post nut milled (Phoenix)

    I hope this is permissible- I didn't see a more appropriate place to post. I've got a new lathe and bought an Aloris post and holders on eBay, but the nut is obviously not the size I need for my compound. I'm looking for someone to mill down my nut to fit in my compound. A 20 minute job, but I...
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    WTB LeBlond Regal handwheel (large wheel behind headstock pulley)

    Hi guys. Getting the lathe tooled up and ready to make chips. I'd like to get a hand wheel for the headstock main shaft that the driven pulley rides on. A previous owner lost it and there is currently a bushing on it. Don't know how much the balance is affected, if at all, but I'd like the...
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    WTB Aloris CA post and holders

    Got a new lathe (19" Leblond) and it did not have a tool post. I'd rather not get an import set and used Aloris kits are sparse, so I thought I'd post here. Thanks fellas!