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    What is your Quoting Method, and who uses an "automated" Quoting tool like Digifabster?

    I'll try and keep this sharp and to the point with a few questions: What is your Quoting Method currently? Cliff notes version that just outlines who does it, how many people are involved. Is there quoting software involved or a quoting module in an ERP, or is it all human labor? If software...
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    Forum format change in regards to how Likes are displayed?

    Probably late to the party, just looking to confirm: We no longer see who's liked a post? Just a curiosity/confirm question, as I've been noticing the change. Best Regards.
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    Translating the accuracy rating of an electronic measurement device

    Many times I see a straight forward +/- in inches or metric. E.g. Accuracy stated as .000080 However, sometimes OEM's have a formula for their Accuracy rating, and I'm just not sure how to translate that to something like the above. For instance: ±(32+20L)µin (±0.8+0.02L)µm I believe "L" is...
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    When "The Universe" reminds you about Safety

    We run a couple of Cincinnati Centerless grinders with those big ole stone wheels in them. !KABOOM-CLATTER-BANGITTY-BANG!the other day. The wheel just self destructed without cause. The guy running the machine is one of our good guys, wasn't a Machinist error, he didn't drop a part into the...
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    "Loving" how customers state dimensions and tolerances like this . . .

    Yes, I'm being a crybaby this morning. Haven't had my coffee yet. DIM: ".2813 +.001 / +.0015". Therefore, .2813 means nothing to the part feature. .2823 is the LOW, .2828 is the HIGH. .28205 is median. We re-stated the DIM and tolerance differently on our reprint, and it got past our...
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    Does anyone have experience using a Mitutoyo High Accuracy Micrometer?

    This would be the Mitutoyo 293-130-10 High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer. If you have one, what are your impressions? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone using the Starrett two or three point digital bore gauges?

    And if you are, what is the verdict? Accurate or not, repeating or not? Thanks in advance.
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    Machine Guarding modifications and Safety Compliance, your experiences

    To be clear: I am NOT looking for anyone here to provide me with directions/answers relative to a Safety Compliance issue. What I am looking for, if any, are descriptions of how you may have handled this. Machine Guarding. OSHA requirement. All the obvious reasons. Challenge: Stock OEM...
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    What is your choice in a Concentricity (Spin Roll) Fixture?

    If you have Spin Rolls of some kind in your shop to check roundness and concentricity, what do you use and do you like it? These are Measurement models, not models intended as workholding during grinding. We currently have several St. Mary's Spin Rolls from Ascension Industries. But back in...
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    What is your blueprint checking method?

    Number of people, who does it, and are they dedicated blue printers or people doing this as one of several duties? Environment: We don't do design work and we do not produce original blueprints. We receive customer prints dimensioned and toleranced as they have it. We produce a "re-print"...
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    What are your Injury Reporting Requirements at your shop?

    I'm going through some internal Auditing for our ISO 9001:2015 surveillance audit, and I'm unable to find a specific reference I'm remembering (vaguely). Generally, people in our shop go to one of any three people who have keys to the First Aid cabinet for minor cuts, scrapes, and insignificant...
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    Keyence IM or LM series measurement systems and your work holding solutions

    Who out there is using a Keyence IM system, or the new LM high-accuracy model: How has purchase and use of that system involved the need for specific built / configured work holding? This is influenced by part shape and type of course. Flat parts, or parts with a base can lay on the bed of...
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    Does anyone run the "Mastercontrol" suite of MFG software?

    Looking to see how expensive it is as well as satisfaction or not with the company and software. Looks like several different modules make up a suite, from Corrective Actions to Change Management, and a bunch of others. Thanks in advance.
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    Corrective Actions and when you do or don't do one?

    I'm not going to belaboring why I need to ask what I consider a basic question. I'm simply going to ask and calibrate myself if need be based on feedback. I work in a small shop (20 people). Historically, adoption of a Quality Management System followed by ISO 9001 Certification has been . ...
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    Renumbering Inspection Report Numbers, do you do this?

    Example: 100 parts for delivery, 105 parts made (5 as extras). All are engraved with IDs + a sequence number During inspection parts 7, 23, and 65 FAIL. Parts 101, 102, and 103 are selected, engraving buffed out, then re-engraved as 7, 23, and 65, with the Inspection Report rows for those...
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    What Laser Engraver have you settled on, and why?

    We are a small manufacturing plant producing tooling for die cast / plastic Molding. The vast majority of parts are round, often with elaborate molding detail at ends. For the purposes of Engraving, generally think about a column of Ejector Pins layed out that need part numbers engraved...
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    "R & D" Tax Credits?

    In browsing the Realtrac ERP website they have a page dedicated to talking about R & D Tax Credits many manufacturers can qualify for, but most of them either don't know about it so don't bother. Then they gave a series of examples of cost/time examples in a shop performed to improve operations...
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    What are your "1st Piece Procedures" - in process checking, not FAI

    Though this may at first appear long, the intent is to not ask for War & Peace from you. Rather, fast data points. My need is to ping "the industry" for a broader view from those of you having to do the work, perhaps involved in evaluating and making the decisions. If you choose to answer the...
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    Part Polishers, what type of microscope do you use?

    The title sums it up. Our application is the polishing of tooling we make for molding customers. Typically, these are parts .300 to 1.5" in dia in some form of steel or perhaps Moldmax/Moldstar copper alloy. Surfaces range from basic ODs and Radius to intricate molding surfaces. We have two...
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    Anyone have experience with the Keyence IM-7000 unit?

    If anyone is using any of Keyence's "Instant Measurement" systems such as the IM-7000 series, what have your experiences been? The Pro's seem self evident, but anyone have any Con's? Accuracy in "Precision Mode" is supposed to be within 80-millionths. Anyone with a confirm or deny on that...