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    NDA for subbing out work

    I'm going to be quoting a job where I might have to sub out the companies logo to have a sign made. Is there a template I can build off of to have the sign company sign so they're not to disclose or publicly post the work? I'm a side-job, one-man-band so I don't have a [business] lawyer handy. I...
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    Entry-level plasma cutters for up to 1/2" thick mild & stainless flat & tube?

    I have cut plenty of 1/4" A36 with my older Hypertherm Powermax 45. And I mean tons of 1/4". I'd wager I'm the reigning 1/4" champion with a PM45. Hasn't skipped a beat for almost 5 years. I added a blower fan to the intake to keep things extra cool since it can be cutting almost 8 hours a day...
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    Any vibration analysts in the house?

    I'm trying to upgrade an old, antiquated analog vibration analyzer in our facility to something modern. I'm doing this based on a few reasons but mostly because our products get retested by the customer so I wanted to mimic their testing equipment and procedures to eliminate discrepancies (we've...
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    I've used ViaCAD in the past. It's plenty for hobby level. No one uses TurboCAD? I thought that was the go-to for entry level back in the day.
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    I'd be more curious on what percentage of work was through networking/acquaintances versus just a random customer showing up on your doorstep who suddenly provided the jobs to keep your doors open? I swear it seems like a few shops that I know got their start because they were either an...
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    Step pulley drill press VFD conversion: Continuous boost function

    So I had spare time/money to convert my 20" Jet drill press from step pulley to VFD. Running a 4.5" pulley on the motor to the what I measure 7.5" step (bottom) on the spindle pulley. RPM range is fine for what I need but would like a little more grunt on the lower RPMs. I'm using a Siemens...
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    Tree Journeyman 325: Determining motor encoder wiring

    I managed to retrofit a Hitachi SJ P1 VFD to my Tree Journeyman 325 General Numeric spindle motor. Now I would like to integrate the encoder using the Hitachi P1-FB. The Tree I retrofitted was gutted and there wasn't a VFD, just the frame and ends of cut wires. I can't find a wiring diagram...
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    Robotic welding cell integrators in the Midwest

    We have an old OTC/Daihen welding cell with a turntable that is finally taking its last dump. We've resurrected this thing to the point I'm going to tell management we need a new robot. Last tech said this is the last of it in regards to parts. It's 20 years old and worn out from the days of...
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    Any Siemens VFD gurus in the house? Proprietary cable?

    Hooking up an older V20 and can buy the external BOP and module for a few bucks to remote the controls. However, it takes a DB9 cable to connect the two. Anyone know if it's an off-the-shelf cable or some crazy crossover?
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    lol. Large corporation here so we only purchase the cheapest of the cheap. It's basically water with rust inhibitors. If anything, a little extra anything might help. I went and got some lard and doesn't seem much different than Crisco. Calling the tool salesman for a sample basket of stuff...
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    I've been fighting this process where I have to drill and tap fourteen 1/4-20 on this 4140PH shaft shoulder that I have to reach in about 6 inches but doesn't give me enough clearance around the shaft to get a proper tap extension. My best solution is using a hand tap extension. I bent the...
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    That's what doesn't make sense. Why a 4 conductor wire for a push button? Especially such a heavy gauge. It looks like it was replaced and I would've assumed with "whatever that was laying around".
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    We're all built different. My father was a chain smoker since his teens and owned a woodworking business for decades and never wore a mask for dust or spraying yet died of something completely irrelevant. Doc took pics of his lungs and didn't see anything wrong from years of smoking, sawdust...
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    Talked to an old school guy that recommended a field test. He said take a torch to it. Glows and still there: likely asbestos. Gone: very likely not. It immediately burst into flames with a propane torch.
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    I've been retrofitting an old Tree Journeyman and came across some 4 conductor cable that was used for the button to activate the power drawbar. Seems like normal rubber jacketed power wire but when I cut into it, a white, fibrous substance came out. I never been around asbestos but I'm...
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    Contacted by contractor for quote

    I'm still working on the quote. They sent a whole stack of letters and memos and within the packet and it had the point of contact for the contracting officer. I just wrote to them to get more info or maybe work directly (dirty me, I know it).
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    Contacted by contractor for quote

    I don't disclose my location on Google. They can find it if they do a State business search but otherwise a general search doesn't pinpoint my location. I'm pretty remote so a Google search for a fab shop around a big government installation where the work is being conducted will yield very...
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    Contacted by contractor for quote

    I normally avoid contractors like the plague; not based on my experience but my fathers. He went bankrupt from his largest job because the contractor ended up underbidding a huge government job. The contractors cut and ran and left all the subs hurting and my father had to shut the doors shortly...
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    Rebranded import machines: home shop upgrade

    I just work in the basement/garage with a handful of machines and am wanting to look at upgrading my Harbor Freight floor standing drill press and maybe get a horizontal bandsaw. I know most of these import machines leave the same factory, just with different logos and paint jobs. I can look at...