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  1. ramsay1

    Drive Gear Score On Ebay

    Hello Everyone: I recently scored a 52 tooth drive gear... I think it is for a 50 spindle used on a Kearney and Trecker light hi speed milling attachment.. Anyone using this type of attachment? I am curious as to what I have bought.. Cheers from Louisiana.. Ramsay 1:)
  2. ramsay1

    1941 LeBlond Oil Leak...

    Hello everyone: I have a 1941 LeBlond 15 inch trainer with leaky oil seals on the lower shift shafts on the head stock... Book shows a packing with a packing screw on each one.. I removed the screws after having made a tool to fit the slots and could not get the packings out.. I added some...
  3. ramsay1

    WTB: Adjustable Key For Kearney and Trecker Model H Dividing Head

    Hello everyone: I recently acquired a three jaw chuck for my 10 inch model H dividing head but do not have the adjustable key that is used in conjunction with the unit... Would like to know if anyone has one that is surplus to their needs.. Cheers from hot Louisiana.. Ramsay 1:)
  4. ramsay1

    Kearney and Trecker vertical head drive gear

    Hello everyone: I recently scored a nice drive gear for a heavy duty swivel head vertical head for I think a 2k or 3h size of horizontal mill... The gear is six inches in diameter, 35 teeth 7dp.. Does anyone have that particular set up or any of the comparable setups for the 2k or 3h class of...
  5. ramsay1

    Worcester Black Diamond DD2 Drill Grinder Parts Needed

    Hi all and Happy New Year: I am in need of the drill cradle for an old Black Diamond dd2 drill grinder....I have a complete one for the next size larger grinder but, of course, it will not fit my unit.... Here are pix of the type of grinder I am referring to and the grinder I have. As you can...
  6. ramsay1

    Southbend 16" Taper Attachment Cover

    Hello everyone: I have a 1957 Southbend 16 inch lathe with a taper attachment which I added to the machine after I purchased it... The taper attachment was used and there was no cover for the slot behind the cross slide where that taper attachment clamp locks.. I have never seen one and wonder...
  7. ramsay1

    Lincoln AC 225 Buzz Box

    Hello everyone: I bought a diode set for my buzz box and haven't installed it yet.. Anyone have any experience with this? I don't even know why I am doing this as I have three other welders.. Just want to experiment I guess.. Cheers Ramsay 1:)
  8. ramsay1

    Kearney and Trecker Part Number

    Hello: I have a gear part #22324 with 36 helical teeth O.D. 4.200 and it does not appear in any of my parts books.. I know it is for a 40 spindle because of the drive lugs machined into it....It has no bolt holes for attaching to spindle so it is fastened with a bolt to the spindle plug...Can...
  9. ramsay1

    14" Steptoe Western Shaper

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas... I have an old Steptoe Western shaper that I cleaned up some years back and it is missing the table support and stroke indicator scale.. I fabricated a table support but would like to have the original if I can find one.. Failing that maybe someone has one...
  10. ramsay1

    Eutectic Magna Tran 301 stick tig welder

    Hello everyone: I recently acquired an old Eutectic Magna Tran 301 welder in a swap deal .. The unit is mil surp from 1970....The man I got if from said it just stopped welding for some reason...Just wonder if anyone has any experience with this older machine... Ramsay 1:)
  11. ramsay1

    14" Steptoe Shaper

    Hello everyone: I have a 14" Steptoe shaper that is missing the stroke indicator scale...I have the pointer just no scale...Would love to either find one on a junked machine or get a good clear picture of one so that I may make one that is serviceable... Thanks; Ramsay 1:)
  12. ramsay1

    Flat Belt For 16" Southbend

    Hello everyone: The head stock belt on my 1957 sixteen inch Southbend gave up today.. Who sells a good replacement that I can use with alligator lacing? It has been years since I changed that belt so just wonder what is out there and where it can be purchased.. Ramsay 1:)
  13. ramsay1

    Model K ten inch dividing head on 2hl universal

    Hi everyone: Got this dividing head recently along with the correct tail stock.. Took a few pics to show that one cannot drive this head with a low lead attachment on a 2hl..I think it will work in conjunction with a conventional lead attachment... This is a late model dividing head probably...
  14. ramsay1

    For Kearney and Trecker 16" Rotary Table WTB

    Hi all: Would like to find a hand wheel and release fork for a 16" Kearney and Trecker rotary table.. The hand wheel from a 12" will work.. Hand wheel from the rotary head of a 2d tool and die mill will also fit..Thanks Ramsay 1:)
  15. ramsay1

    Lincoln AC 225

    Picked up this little Lincoln Buzz Box awhile back for forty dollars.. Does a pretty nice job.. Ramsay 1:)
  16. ramsay1

    Kearney and Trecker Vertical Head

    Hello everyone: Been tinkering with the vertical head for my 2hl universal..Took out the driven gear, removed the bearing, and took some pix.. Gear has 26 teeth, normal pitch 9.. As usual, I got the head with no drive gear or spindle plug so will be making one soon..... Ramsay 1:)
  17. ramsay1

    Kearney and Trecker Universal Head Drive Gears

    Hello everyone: Maybe someone out there is looking to find a drive gear for a universal milling head so I want to share this information..My 2hl universal uses a driver of 32 teeth and a driven gear of 32 teeth...The real pitch is 9.. This head is geared 1 to 1 with the machine spindle.. I have...
  18. ramsay1

    Noga Flood Coolant Magnetic Base

    Hello: I just got a new Noga flood coolant kit with magnetic base and tried it out on my 2h plain..It has the good loc line flex hose which directs oil EXACTLY where I want it... I love it! Ramsay 1:)
  19. ramsay1

    Kearney andTrecker Std Hi Speed Drive Bracket

    Hello everyone: Picked up a drive bracket for my 2h recently and am in the process of repairing it as someone had installed it with chips I suppose in the gear path... The bracket was cracked and someone had welded it with nickel so I ground it out and brazed it. You can see on the gear...
  20. ramsay1

    Brown & Sharpe #125 Wheel Dresser

    Hello everyone: I recently picked up this little attachment which may be useful for traversing a small grinder across a cutter... It appears to be unused and is as smooth as silk... My B&S book from 1941 shows it with 1 5/8" travel however the one I have has three inches of travel.... No...