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  1. morsetaper2

    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    Invar: Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes Machinist at work is out for an extended period. I'm a mechanical engineer, but when odd-ball fixes need to be done I get tapped to do them when its an emergency and machinist is out. I'm no journeyman machinist by any means. Competent in alum, steel...
  2. morsetaper2

    Hendey T&G Lathe FS in TX on FB Marketplace

    Loc near Houston, TX in Pearland, TX. Priced high, to me, @ $3k, looks like seller liq fathers shop. So I suppose at some point seller will figure out appropriate price. FB Link won't work here - don't know why? Here are some screen captures. You can search seller down from name in image 1.
  3. morsetaper2

    Source For #4-40 STI Extension Tap (Or Pulley Tap?)

    Not sure if extension tap or pulley tap are one in the same. Just need a #4-40 STI tap about an inch (or more) longer than a regular tap. Anybody have a good source? They seem to be uncommon or maybe even rare or unavailable in STI version. Don't really want to spend the time making our own...
  4. morsetaper2

    P&W Model B 13x48 $450

    Saw this on FB marketplace listed @ $450. fabrication shop closing!! - Hand Tools - Glen Rock, Pennsylvania | Facebook Marketplace Loc in Glen Rock, PA, no other contact info provided. Pic below, no relation to seller, merely passing on the info...
  5. morsetaper2

    Wntd: PDF of Parts List For SB 10L Dbl Tumbler Metric Transposing Gear Set

    Can anybody point me to a pdf scan of a South Bend 10L parts list for the metric transposing gear set for a Double Tumbler lathe? Was one ever published by South Bend? I have a 1961 model heavy 10L and looking to verify I have all the parts & pieces for the transposing set. Just want to...
  6. morsetaper2

    Where to Purchase Small Qty of Aluminum in 4047 & 4032 Alloy Rod?

    Our machinist looked around and was only able to find this on ebay from Australia. All the other sources reqd a "large buy" of the material. Me thinking might be dicey sourcing material from ebay. I'd prefer to buy from a legitimate source and get material certs. We need to make four small...
  7. morsetaper2

    Antique Motorcycles, Race Cars, & a Sydney Lathe.

    Can You Help Haig Altounian? | Bike-urious Not an easy cut an paste to save. So You'll have to click the link and read it. I will post a picture of the Sydney lathe. Not the greatest picture. The author mentions its herringbone gears.
  8. morsetaper2

    Looking For Ball or Roller Thrust Bearing, Not Finding A Useable Size

    Trying to retrofit an existing device that has a "single washer" of some sort of stainless steel as a thrust washer. Was hoping to source a ball or roller thrust bearing as replacement. Not finding what I need so am thinking my ID to OD ratio just isn't possible. Have tried Mcmaster-Carr and...
  9. morsetaper2

    D1-3 Faceplate & Dog Driver Plate FS

    D1-3 Lathe Dog Plate, $30: Used, good condition. Has a pair of extra holes in face. Camlock pin diameter is 9/16, OA diam is 6.5 inch, thickness is 3/4 inch. Manufacturer is unknown. Can ship med USPS flat rate box for $15 Accept Paypal if you agree to split the fee, its use is a...
  10. morsetaper2

    Monarch 10EE, Nichols Horizontal, Bridgeport Mill, Delta W/M Bandsaw

    Machinery for sale: 1957 Monarch 10EE Nichols Horizontal Mill Bridgeport Mill Delta Wood/Metal Bandsaw Merely passing on the info, you will have to work out pricing w/ seller. See this link here in tooling sub-forum...
  11. morsetaper2

    Tooling & Machinery from "The Real Leigh" Estate

    Merely passing on the info, you will have to work out details & pricing w/ seller. The former moderator of the Metrology Forum, "The Real Leigh", passed away a couple months back. His widow is selling off his shop. I was there yesterday and took 43 photos and you can view them by clicking the...
  12. morsetaper2

    Are Step Chucks Serialized For 10EE Lathes?

    I had a 10EE quite a few years ago that I sold off. It needed work and I just don't have the space to spread things out to work on it. I kept all the tooling for it in the hope at some point in the future I might move into a much bigger shop space. Which I expect will happen in the next few...
  13. morsetaper2

    FS: American Lathe Builders 1810-1910 by Kenneth Cope

    Book FS: American Lathe Builders 1810-1910 by Kenneth Cope FS: American Lathe Builders 1810-1910 by Kenneth Cope, 2001 Book is in excellent condition. Covers clean, no dogears, no creases, no writing on pages. $32 shipped. Payment by check or paypal. If by paypal you must split the fee...
  14. morsetaper2

    Eagle Rock Rt Angle Quick Release 5C Collet Fixture

    Eagle Rock 5C quick release collet holder. Eagle Rock p/n A1-210-5C. I can’t find any signs that it has ever been used. Other than some shelf wear and some minor scratches it is “Like New” all over. Marked Made in USA, see pictures. Eagle Rock mfgr website datasheet...
  15. morsetaper2

    FS: Brown & Sharpe #9 (BS #9) 7 pc Collet Lot

    Mixed lot of seven B&S #9 collets. One collet is an older NOS Buck (USA) 1/8". The other six are chinese imports (3/16, 5/16, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 11/16). All look to be in never used condition w/ no sign of being used, no rust, no corrosion, or other markings. Most are still in factory grease...
  16. morsetaper2

    OT: gmach 10 - Clear Your PM Inbox!

    Replied to your PM but my reply to you bounced! Your PM inbox is full! Send me a PM once you clear some space. -MT2
  17. morsetaper2

    Free! Greenerd 3-Ton Racheting Arbor Press Parts

    Bought a Greenerd 30R (3 ton) arbor press many years ago. It had fallen over and broke a few of its castings. I made an offer for the Greenerd stand it was sitting on. And the busted up press came with it. These are pieces leftover years later. Free to a good home, you pay shipping or come...
  18. morsetaper2

    What is a Cheap & Convenient Way to Ship a Small Skid 150 LBS ?

    Want to ship an iron casting that weighs about 120 Lbs. I could crate it in a small crate, but really this could be banded & wrapped to a smallish 2 X 3 ft skid and shipped as such. Its the main casting of an arbor press and is not fragile unless dropped from a height I suppose. Skidded up I...
  19. morsetaper2

    FS: Greenerd No 3 Arbor Press Parts

    FS: Greenerd No 3 Arbor Press Parts. Located in MD nr Wash DC. Consider items available until I post sold. I accept a personal check, paypal or cash. Greenerd No 3 Main Casting $75: I looked the casting over and it is in great condition. I lifted and suspended it from my Bridgeport table...
  20. morsetaper2

    Cutting .002 Thick Solder Sheet - Possible w/ Laser, Waterjet, or EDM?

    Is it possible to waterjet, edm, or laser cut thin sheets of solder to odd shapes? I work for a company that develops laser systems. And one of the materials we use between bolted interface components to improve thermal conductivity are small sheets of .002 thick tin-lead solder (63% tin/37%...