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  1. Sean S

    Another movie Deckel sighting...

    I hope this hasn't already been discussed. Movie = "Young Ones" Movie type = post apocalyptic Not only a big green Deckel but a bunch of other choice machines at 1:08 For all you Netflix subscribers... enjoy. Edit: I just had a second look and I guess it's not a Deckel after, but what is it?
  2. Sean S

    Dialog / Heidenhain firm limits.

    Hey all, If I recall correctly the glass scales on the NC machines have an (etched in) firm limit that the Dialog can read before reaching the hard travel limit switch. Can anyone describe using technical terms that I can't understand...how this works and how the Dialog electronics know...
  3. Sean S

    Need some 208v vs 240v advice...mobile...VFD...RV... odd application.

    Hi all, Just popping in for a question from the board I trust. I have purchased a mobile CT scan truck that I plan to convert to multi purpose (RV, moving van, mobile shop...etc). The CT machine has been removed, but the power infrastructure remains (which is major). This thing had a 480v...
  4. Sean S

    Hi! How ya been?

    LOL!. Still love you guys! Sean
  5. Sean S


    Hi Everyone, It's Sean here. It's been a long long time since I've posted on this forum (or any forum). For those who might not know me, I started the Deckel forum waaaay back in the day with Don and moderated it for years. Some of you might be wondering what happened to me? Well, Jessica...
  6. Sean S

    200Khz amplifer?

    Hi all, I'm kind of revisiting this topic. I am doing some *secret* experiments with ultrasound. I need to be able to drive a 600W fishfinder transducer @ 200Khz using a signal generator. Obviously the signal generator doesn't produce 600W of output. I really only need 100-300W but still...
  7. Sean S

    4NC is down (NSV board?)

    Hi All, Well my FP4-NC (TC) took a dive a few days ago from what I can only imagine is component age (it's just been sitting most of the time). I turned on the cabinet power, pushed the control on button, and it clicked like it was going to power up, then sort of made another click and the...
  8. Sean S

    WLAN for voip and roaming?

    Hello IT techies! I have a 30,000sqft building with 3 levels. It is 250' long. The building is currently extensively wired with CAT5. I have a centrally located "server closet" that contains the broadband modem, gbit wireless router, and a 24 port Gbit switch (soon to be a 48 port POE Gbit...
  9. Sean S

    Threading or keyway first?

    Sorry if this has been covered before but... I need to fine thread a 1/2"(ish) bar about 1' long. The bar will have 3 equally spaced slots running the length. They are channels, not keyways, but might as well be. I'd guess about 3/16" on the slots. So would I thread first, or mill the slot...
  10. Sean S

    Dipping PCB's for waterproofing / marine ?

    Hey all, I am wondering if one can "waterproof" circuit boards by soaking them in a coating such as epoxy or poly? I would wish to be able to do things such as computers / LCD monitors /etc. I have thought that maybe if one taped off things that transfer heat (such as the top of a CPU, and...
  11. Sean S

    OT: What's with the white slang?

    No offense to anyone, but I have to ask because I've really been wondering for a long time... All of this... "Git me sumptin frum da wuuds" ..kind of stuff. I know, from observation that many doing this actually *can* spell and speak English, but are going out of their way to sound this...
  12. Sean S

    Need an accurate German Translation Please.

    Hi all, I am trying to order a part for my Weiler lathe and I've been going back and forth with the representative at Weiler and have it mostly worked out. I have an invoice in .pdf format, but no instructions on how to send the payment. I cannot determine what forms of payment they take...
  13. Sean S

    A rare sight (high speed head)

    A particular few Deckelites should get a kick (if not perhaps a skipped heartbeat) from what is contained in this photo. Thought I'd share. Sean
  14. Sean S

    Please load my tool changer!

    Hey all! Ok, so my unused toolchanger on my Deckel FP4NC-TC is just getting on my nerves being empty. I've never owned, or worked in a CNC shop and my way of learning is usually by doing, so I figure if I fill it, the work and experience will follow (something like "build it and they will...
  15. Sean S

    Just Lit Myself on FIRE!

    Ok, so it's just after dark. Been burning weeds in a barrel all day....a bit wet so I've been adding gasoline to get each "batch" going. Final batch...dark, I toss the little dish of gas I'm using to keep the 5gal container at a distance into the barrel. I'm sitting there enjoying the warmth...
  16. Sean S

    Bench Centers and their uses?

    Hi all, Never personally owned a bench center myself, but I do own this large piece of granite (about 8'L X 2'W X 18"T) that has a T slot in the middle right down the length. It is on a stand as you would expect for inspection granite. I always figured this must have been an enormous bench...
  17. Sean S

    22" Swing, 1" micrometer

    Just wondering how you guy are measuring the larger diameters on a lathe with larger stock? In my one semester of machining class oh-so-many-years ago, I was taught to use a mic' on the lathe. Because I don't own a 0-22" mic' set, I've been using digital calipers for years, and even at that I...
  18. Sean S

    Presetter - Offset question

    Hi all, Although I've had a toolchanging CNC (Deckel FP4NC-TC) for several years, I've never used the tool offsets in any project. Since I'm rarely making more than one of anything (and even that's rare), and using only a few tools (mixed with "manual" actions), I am a total offset novice...
  19. Sean S

    Incandescent lightbulbs for heat?

    Just sitting here pondering as I replace bulbs around the house with over $300 worth of CFL's... Um... in sometimes chilly Oregon where the electric heaters are running quite a lot of the time, what am I really gaining with CFL's vs traditional bulbs if my heaters have to run longer before the...