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  1. jhruska

    Adcock Shipley 2s gearbox adventure

    The clutch pack was seized, right? Plates are slightly warped? The coil may be good. It should be tested. How many clutch packs in the knee and are they all exactly identical? Table feed left and right. Saddle feed in and out. Knee feed up and down. Rapid traverse. If the clutch packs are the...
  2. jhruska

    Adcock Shipley 2s gearbox adventure

    Looks like the coil, resin sealed with anti-friction material. Is that the brush in the photo - circled in red? D.C. to the coil, one lead and grounded back to the frame or A.C.? Clutch plates look pretty rough. Any blue spots = high heat annealing, warping. They need to be flat and parallel...
  3. jhruska

    K&T Rear controls

    My 2K from '39(?) has rear controls :D John
  4. jhruska

    Adcock Shipley 2s gearbox adventure

    Got a service manual? The setting between plates for the clutch packs should be listed. Check the plate clearance on the clutch packs. Push the plates over and check with feeler gage to measure clearance. Find a tight one? Might be the problem. Is there a separate clutch pack for rapid? I would...
  5. jhruska

    Antique Gear Cutter Question

    The early date for the machine with the overarm is 1911. March 25, 1909: The business in automatic gear cutting machines conducted by the Cincinnati Shaper Company has been transferred to the Cincinnati Gear Cutting Machine Company. Here are a couple of nice images of the gear cutter with...
  6. jhruska

    Antique Gear Cutter Question

    Likely newer than the 1906 model without the overarm support. You gear cutter does not show the outboard support. It is used for large diameter gears. There should also be a rim support that attaches to the column. It is used to reduce vibration and promotes smooth cutting. This gearcutter is...
  7. jhruska

    best brand for a bridgeport vari speed drive belt

    Spot on advice. If the drive belt does not run without vibration the bushings will separate from the epoxy and wear faster. Anything that will stall the spindle will cause a flat spot to be burned into the height of the drive belt since the motor will continue to turn until power is turned off...
  8. jhruska

    What’s this?

  9. jhruska

    WTB: Brown and Sharpe No 12 Horizontal Plain Production Milling Machine 1940 era

    If you find one of the older versions I'm in for that :D
  10. jhruska

    WTB: Brown and Sharpe No 12 Horizontal Plain Production Milling Machine 1940 era

    The early #12 production mills and the modern version. John
  11. jhruska

    Bridgeport Clone Belt Slippage

    "The main problem I noticed is the rear floating pulley did not float easily up and down the shaft and the machine would take a long time to get up to speed with the belt slippage" Look to see if the key on the motor shaft has been sheered - topped off. The symptoms are lack of torque, RPM...
  12. jhruska

    Klopp 425 metal shaper

    Pic Flip :D John
  13. jhruska

    Replacing belts on 1961 Bridgeport Mill

    :Ithankyou: A place for reasonably priced parts: Timing Belts Archives - H & W Machine Repair There are other places. Just type "Bridgeport parts" in Google. Machine Manuals: Bridgeport Has the 1964 and 1966 Bridgeport manuals. The old number for the V-belt is Glimer 3345 as found in the 1964...
  14. jhruska

    Collets for sale. 3AT and 4C $75 shipped CONUS

    Durn, missed the AT collet party. Lucky you Jim :D
  15. jhruska

    Need source for apron parts for Summit 19-4 lathe

    Remove the pump body and make a stub shaft to renew the snapped off section. Check the plunger-70127. It should not bind in the bore. John
  16. jhruska

    FS Drill chuck arbors

    Hey Bob, Arrived today with the morning mail :D Thank You! John
  17. jhruska

    Closing after 33 years....

    Photo flip :Ithankyou: John
  18. jhruska

    Has the "Tooling, Parts,and Accessories For Sale or Wanted" forum become the personal selling...

    Has the "Tooling, Parts,and Accessories For Sale or Wanted" forum become the personal selling platform for 'Dope'? Regards, John
  19. jhruska

    1948 Bridgeport #9648 SA Milling Machine Original Motor

    PM sent. Looking for a replacement motor for an M-head mill. I would pay shipping for the motor if you want to pass it on. John
  20. jhruska

    FS Drill chuck arbors

    How about MT2 xJT1 and one(1) MT3 x JT2 Flipped the pics:D pm sent John