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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    This is the funniest damn thread I've seen a while. The cost of training a non-skilled employee to do a job is believed to average $1252 by brief google search. Traditional apprenticeships are at least two years to be considered competent. Skilled takes 5-10 years. Are you really so...
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    Scrap Price Crashing?

    It's global commodity prices. Copper is down 30% from two months ago or so. Everything follows. We are heading into a recession.
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    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    No...nobody wants to work for bullshit wages in dead end jobs that expect 10 hour days with no benefits. I just put notice in yesterday. I have people hounding me to come work for them. When I tell them what I've been getting paid I hear "that's a little high". Ten years experience in the...
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    Boesheild T-9, Jug or Aerosol Can?

    It's got wax in it, and there was an issue with a batch where they had too much wax and were having issues with it clogging the can. Hence, I wasn't sure if there are issues pumping it through a sprayer.
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    Boesheild T-9, Jug or Aerosol Can?

    Mostly as the title says. The humid Michigan weather has rusted all of my tools that I had in cold storage. I've used Boeshield in the can, but it's pricey (12oz = $20). I'm thinking about just buying the jug and getting a home depot sprayer. Anybody done this? How'd it work out for you?
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    How to move on from a vital position?

    I'm in the same boat right now...it's taking on water, but it's built out of foam so all that seems to be happening is all the employees are soaked, tired and cold. I've got cash in the bank, interviews lined up, but for some reason still feel guilty about "loyalty". I told a coworker last...
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    New Shop and financing

    Well, I mean they are probably just passing time until the next AR surge comes in.
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    How to start a business? Machine first or connection first?

    What do you make an hour? What do you need to make an hour? Now multiply by 3. One of those thirds goes to the business, one goes to you, one goes to the gov't. If your business can't support your wage x3, you are going to have a hard time building a business around it. Costs are in addition.
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    Only one person said it. People leave managers, not jobs. If your manager fails to keep your rate of pay competitive, you will leave. You may not realize you are upset with your uncompetitive rate of pay until you learn just how uncompetitive your rate of pay is, but once you do, it'll eat...
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    Reduction in lease in Exchange for labor arrangements?

    there are plenty of situations such as this that do work, but you have to have realistic expectations ahead of time, clear communication and pretty clear boundaries. it's not something i'd be able to enter into lightly in today's business climate
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    Is a DUNS number ever a bad thing for a company to have?

    In the past, I thought it was difficult to get one. Now I realize it's free, and they get you on the upgrades. I've had issues with a supplier unwilling to establish an account with us, without us having one. It was on a two month trial of a $4,000 piece of medical equipment. I even offered...
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    Is a DUNS number ever a bad thing for a company to have?

    Exactly as the title says. Is it best to just apply for one following the first tax return, or are there reasons to hold off?
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    New shop, SBA loans and the waiting game

    As of a couple years ago, you just couldn't get the loan...without forensic quality accounting that showed solid cash flow with money in the bank. Ie, I don't need the loan, but I'll get the loan because I can make more than the loan with my cash.
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    New shop, SBA loans and the waiting game

    You mean to tell me a 10,000 sq ft shop sells for $43,000?
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    lol...i did something similar very early on with my daughter. she has more money than i do at 10, and charges me interest if i borrow from her. i think i'd be better off borrowing from a loan shark most of the time, worst they'll do is break my legs. didn't even think of having her start e...
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    This county has more recreational dispensaries and gun shops than grocery stores by at least a factor of three. And I'm in a predominantly conservative county. So unless you do something absolutely stupid to draw attention to your "surrender", you have no concerns.
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    This was my finding. I could find plenty of work, but it didn't pay and you had to do a LOT of it the long way in order to grow. Then you had the choice of hamburger helper or ramen. If you chose ramen, you might be able to put away enough money to grow your capacity such that you can afford...
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    I've tried. It works to get me to sleep, it works to keep me asleep. One, It slows my memory recall to a point where the day after I can tell that I smoked. It's embarrassing to talk to clients and stumble over words that are normally part of my vocabulary. They may not know why, but I do...
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    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    Holy crap it seems like half the people that commented on this thread are now banned. Yikes. Anyway, re: sleep. I've got a long history of generalized anxiety disorder, which has led to sleep disorders. When it started, I was just anxious. I'd lie in bed at night unable to shut my mind off...
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    Nissan Forklift Electrical Manual - Any Help?

    yeah, tried that. originally i thought it was a bad ground. i'll figure it out this summer when i replace the distributor and lp regulator. got it running today just by turning the key then manually triggering the solenoid.