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    Rebarreling of a Mauser C96 Broomhandle.

    Gee, three years later I finally came across the disc with the pix I mentioned in the first reply on this thread. They were done on a 3in1 by a guy who went by Postino. This link is to a Postimage directory I set up with the pics copied from the old C96 Mauser forum before it got hacked and...
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    Western Sky publishing ?

    I believe WSP ended his run and this guy picked up the torch on EBay… seller:wdshpbiz Hope this helps.
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    ALIGN "WORKHORSE" AL-300SX power feed for Bridgeport (or clone)

    I’m very pleased with my purchase from wheelieking71 and can give him a RECOMMENDED A+. Thanks ! (You should free up space in your Inbox)
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    best steel for permanent wire edm fixtures

    Back in the mid ‘90s I worked at shops in NJ that made tooling for 3r. Contrary to popular perception, not everything in a 3r box came from Sweden with a Solvang Ekholm inspection tag. Stavax ESR was the only steel we used for vise bodies, vertical vises, clamps etc. Everything was done to...
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    Firing pin steel

    Back in the ‘70s I worked in a die shop that used a lot of HSS drill blanks as pierce punches. I had a semi auto .22 rimfire made in Italy. The firing pin broke so I made one out of a drill blank. It broke in a matter of minutes. I diagnosed the break area, modified the design a little and made...
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    fiber optics

    I added FO to the oem sights on my Walther P1. As far as I could find, nobody makes them so I did it myself. I went with red on the front and yellow for the rear. You can get the fibers in various sizes and colors on Amazon. I’ve been pretty happy with this color combo.
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    Surface Grinding Thin Parts

    I was taught to put wet newspaper under the thin work. We had cluster diamonds as roughing dressers. We would notch the center of a 1/2 inch wheel with a single point diamond and then touch up dress with the cluster while leaving the groove there. It was like having a rougher and cleanup cut...
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    Rebarreling of a Mauser C96 Broomhandle.

    I know of a guy who did two of them this way with good success. He used to post on the old C96 forum before it got hacked into oblivion. One standard length, with an original type sight, looking like a well done restoration and another with a longer barrel and a different front sight design. He...
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    Gunsmithing From Scratch

    I have a “Mountain Village” Broomhandle. Not one stinking Mauser part in it. Some industrious individual took whatever Metal was available and built a fully functioning copy of the pre-war C96. Hand contoured and fit parts in the fire control group are just as smoothly functional as my real...
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    OT- Medical.... Pains in hands while gripping... any cure ?

    I was lucky in machining mostly small stuff until I turned 48 and then wound up with two jobs in large frame stamping and molding work. The sledgehammer became the norm and my hands really suffered. Then I went over to the refinery and turning valves both huge and small was sometimes...
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    Relining a Mauser Broomhandle

    I don't know if this is your personal pistol or how much time or money you want to spend. You could take a CZ52 barrel and create a chambered liner out of it. The 7.62x25 is so close to 7.63x25 (30 Mauser) cartridge it would work fine. The most accurate round in my own CZ52 is PPU .30 Mauser...
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    OT: A Great Video on Knifemaking, Ruana Knives

    Way back in 1981 I payed $24.99 for a small Ruana knife at a shop called "Sharp Stuff" in Tucson, AZ. Then in 2002, after loosing my third machining job in a year to Chinese competition, I sold that knife on eBay for $295.00. Bidding was active. My mortgage got paid. That same little...
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    OT- Where to buy Wrangler Riggs utility or contractor jeans...or Dickies jeans with..

    I have found that the VF stores at the outlet malls usually have the Riggs and Wranglers in new top quality as well as "2nds".
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    Millrite milling machine as a starter unit for a student

    I have to agree with Lazlo ! That was my machine for 10 years before he bought it and I had purchased it from a used machinery dealer in NJ for $1100. It had always been a basement shop machine since new. The asking price in '93 for that used machine was $1600 with the genuine Servo brand...
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    Making spline bushings myself in Delrin- thoughts

    Here's an idea you could look at ... Making Acetal leadscrew nuts the easy way
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    How to hold a slug to prevent marks on punch during skim cutting the cutoff

    Leave enough of a glue stop to support the part during trim cuts but also to allow it to move after the rough cut so that it doesn't have any residual stresses that might make the parent block move during cutoff. Size of the punch/parent block and clamping set up makes a difference there. As...
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    Cleaning doughnut wire guides!

    On a mid 90s FANUC with round diamond guides we used fuming nitric acid to get the wire out. One bad batch of wire gave us fits but the acid made short work of the stuck wire and didn't harm the guides. The tiniest drop was all it took and seconds later it was cleared out. We never even had...
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    WTB: ~6" handwheel with revolving handle

    This guy has some. The center holes are 3/4 but you could bush it.. The Home Machinist! • View topic - selling never used balcrank handwheel 6" diameter aluminum &
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    Slightly OT, Need advice giving notice to current employer!

    I was in precision machining for 30+ years and worked at 19 different companies 23 different times. How do you do that ? You go back and work at a company you left a few years back when you hated it/them. Why? Because the opportunity is there, it pays the bills and no one there hates you...