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  1. Lumberjack

    Fortuna grinders info wanted

    Hi, Any out there with experience from fortuna grinders? They seem to be long out of business. I could possibly get my hands on a cylindrical grinder external with internal spindel. External grinding spindle is missing the motor but the spindle is there and turning softly by hand with a...
  2. Lumberjack

    Powell planer Operations

    Hi, not sure where and in what form to post this. Could be under rebuilding section as well but i think planer itself is more the "centerpiece" than the novice planer work. As i cant put videos here i added a youtube link feel free to subscribe if you want but that is not the point, I will try...
  3. Lumberjack

    Powell Planer - more work

    Got the Powell planer working and following first (nervous) project roughing a straight edge I´ve mainly worked on workholding for next project which was a lathe bed for a friend. Got a ton of pics and vids I hope to compile to a YT in the future. It went well and wear measured perpendicular to...
  4. Lumberjack

    Powell planer back in operation!

    As most of you surely has forgotten I got my hands on a planer last autumn, now I got it working and had my good friend over for a first live project, he is also an excellent youtuber and here is his take on the day :) Powell planer - YouTube
  5. Lumberjack

    Powell planer rescued

    So i closed the deal on on this baby and got it home. It is not in operational condition as is but the care taken to protect the ways give some hope. But a minimum of disassembly and cleaning is needed and then an evaluation. The DC Drive also need some tlc. I would appreciate any and all...
  6. Lumberjack

    Tool turret problem emcoturn 325 \ fanuc 21-TB \ sauter 408 - alarm 1024

    Hi guys, Got this 1998 emcoturn 325 running fanuc 21 - tb. When cycling the turret i get alarm 1024 — tool turret position monitoring. Cant reset or clear it. Rebooting machine does however work clearing the alarm. Anyone with tips / ideas?
  7. Lumberjack

    where to find high precision lead screw?

    Hi, As the title implies, any hints or tips on where to find suppliers for lead screws? Not the average rolled stock but good enough for use on a lathe for threading, I recall 0,03mm/300mm, in the ballpark of... 0,0006inch/foot, pitch accuracy. Thanks
  8. Lumberjack

    Flatness evaluation through autocollimator -Info / Advice needed

    Hi, Need some advice on some good source for evaluating Flatness of for example a surface plate by some numerical method, by hand or excel. Straightness seem straight forward but its the connecting of data sets och evaluating the resulting minimum flatness the gives me some headache. As...
  9. Lumberjack

    Taut Wire Questions

    Hi, Am trying to find more info on taut wire method for future use. Mainly regarding what instrument/microscope could/should be used, was it used some standard or for the task proprietary stuff? Any modern approach to the taut wire? As in reading it. Thanks for any input and happy new year...
  10. Lumberjack

    2nd? hand planers - what to consider?

    I´m contemplating over having myself a planer, might just be a really a bad case cast iron desease.. Not sure it´s gonna go down right Now but I started getting familiar with what´s on the market. Short version Essentially - what the ... to think of when scouting for an old planer. Longer...
  11. Lumberjack

    Spindle taper ASA #350? - info wanted

    Hi, I got this Mazak 18x60 (old manual lathe but new to me) which has a 3 1/8" spindle bore and it´s stated to have had a spindle sleeve ASA#350 to MT5. But googling asa 350 reveals very little information, actually one of the hits goes to amazon and an add for a mazak manual stating it lol...
  12. Lumberjack

    Stanko semi overhaul

    Hi, Thought I´d share a little update on my lat(h)est project. It´s my old stanko 1a616. I asked a few questions previously regarding the treatment of hard beds by means of possible scraping and grinding and gotten many good advise along the road. Short background on me in this context of this...
  13. Lumberjack

    Mazak 18x60 - info wanted

    Dear all, I´m looking for info for an older manual Mazak 18"x60 lathe, even a complete manual... :) No.1 right now is I´m wondering what is the taper in the spindle normally? The bore is 80mm / 3 1/8"? It has D1-8. I´d take a wild guess at Metric 80 cone?? As you may have figured out it´s...
  14. Lumberjack

    Cross slide lubrication

    Hi, I´m trying to figure out how to arrange lubrication to all the surfaces, the crosslide is giving me some extra headache. There are oil holes from top and oil grooves in the moving part. But I´m not keen on routing tubes on top of it, want it free for tooling etc. Would it be ok to go up...
  15. Lumberjack

    Experience / Tips on scraping Harder materials

    I started working on a project (lathe) which involves scraping the ways. However soft in the end surfaces they are rather hard in the actual "runways", a bit set-back when discovered but need to push through anyway due to the present wear. For fun I attached a 3d representation of the ways...
  16. Lumberjack

    Jacobs rubber collet chuck (lathe) question

    Hi, Question -> Is the spindle fitting piece surface or through hardened? Reason... Got hold of a Jacobs collet chuck in decent condition BUT.... It has a A6 spindel nose adapter = 6 bolt holes. Whereas my spindle has DIN size 6 spindle face. Both are short tapers and bolt circle dia...
  17. Lumberjack

    Manual Wanted - Hyd tracer duplomatic TA55

    Hi... Anyone happen to have a manual and care to scan or can point me in the right direction where to find one? Posted this in the General section first but no luck, thought I try here also just in case since it´s a european made lathe gizmo.... I´ve also tried my best goggle-fu but I´m out...
  18. Lumberjack

    Manual wanted - Hydraulic tracer Duplomatic TA 55

    Hi... I´ve tried my best goggle-fu but I´m out of luck. Anyone happen to have a manual and care to scan or can point me in the right direction where to find one? Cheers H
  19. Lumberjack

    Hembrug Ergonomic - Feedscrew not working

    Hi guys, looking to help a friend out with his lathe. The feedscrew has stopped, otherwise all seems fine. The lathe is in overall good condition. Normally I´d assume a shearpin but I´m not sure it can be such a "plain thing" in such a fine machine. Unfortunately he doesn´t have a manual so...
  20. Lumberjack

    Grinder shaft run-out - problem?

    Hi folks, picked miself up a grainder di otter weak.. Ahh, that´s how I feel a bit. Anyway, it´s similar concept to a cincinnati toolgrinder No2. It was stored and under no power when I got it so yah it was a bit of a shot in the dark. Been going through it a bit and no Major things sofar...