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  1. pianoman8t8

    Okuma LR15 lathe spindle speed

    Hi guys, For some reason I'm struggling to figure out why I can't get the spindle speed up above 1000rpm while the lower turret is called up. In my program for upper turret operations, I use G13, G110, G96 or G97 depending on operation, G50 S2000, and everything runs fine above 1000rpm. All...
  2. pianoman8t8

    Okuma LR15 upper turret cross slide

    Hi, my Okuma had a hard life before I took possession of it. Long story short, I realized today the cross slide is cracked. Now in search of a replacement. Figured my best bet would be to grab one off another one being junked for parts or whatever. Also, if you have the X axis big keeper (on the...
  3. pianoman8t8

    Who owns/supports Abene now?

    I've reached out to a couple companies, with no word back yet from either. I've sent an email to: [email protected] [email protected]
  4. pianoman8t8

    Abene VHF-3 milling machine and Harig Super 618 surface grinder

    Posting these here for more audience, hoping to avoid them being scrapped! Note: These are not my machines, machines are NOT under power, and machines have been under a tarp for about 3wks outside. Yes, crappy. 1968 VHF-3 based off serial number. The right angle drilling attachment DOES NOT...
  5. pianoman8t8

    Abene B-600 right angle attachment

    Hi guys, I think I have an opportunity to purchase one of these, but it appears my VHF-3 spindle face does not have the threaded face ring, while the attachment does have the threaded ring to pull it up to the spindle face. Is this a show-stopper, or can the spindle face ring (on the machine...
  6. pianoman8t8

    Okuma 5020L alarms

    Hey guys, Been getting occasional alarms ever since having this LR15 lathe. 136-1 Alarm-A SM Command A-turret 5 and W07 Alarm-D VAC motor not ready to start 1 Happens when press Cycle Start, but clears when put in Manual Mode, then usually starts fine afterwards when pressing Cycle Start...
  7. pianoman8t8

    Blanchard Grind services in New England

    Anyone know of a company that offers Blanchard Grinding services in the New England area? Thanks
  8. pianoman8t8

    304ss deep drilling

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice. Looking to drill 5" deep in 304ss with 3/16" drill. My 1st attempt was with a long cobalt drill, and that just jumped around/chattered with all that spring and twisting. My next attempt may be with a gun drill, or maybe one of those aircraft extension drills...
  9. pianoman8t8

    RFQ, possible laser?

    Hey guys, looking to have 10x of these plates cut out. Initially planned to cut them traditionally either drill or endmill, but thinking waterjet or laser is the way to go if tolerances can be hit (+/-0.005 including hole size). Material: McMaster #9014K819 It appears the screenshot isn't so...
  10. pianoman8t8

    Abene VHF-3 table capacity?

    I noticed in the manual I have, it doesn't appear to list weight limit for the table. Anyone happen to know what that is?
  11. pianoman8t8

    Marquette welder

    I'm considering a TIG welder, trying to decide between a Lincoln IdealArc 250 AC/DC, Miller 330 A/B, or Marquette 300amp AC/DC TIG. The Lincoln would come with a tank, no reg, air cooled torch with finger on/off trigger, few cups and lenses, cart. Miller would come with liquid cooled torch...
  12. pianoman8t8

    Selecting involute spline cutter

    Hi all, I think I have at least 1 involute spline I need to reproduce. It's a driveshaft for an old tractor that's no longer available, shaft snapped, 21tooth spline at one end, 19tooth spline at the other end. Maybe weld, re-turn section, re-harden? Doubt it would be overly straight after...
  13. pianoman8t8

    Making a rounded slot with drill bushing?

    I need to put a blind slot into a hole, about 8" deep. See photos for the general idea. Would start with the block (aluminum) that already has a hole, and my thought was to make a sort of drill bushing out of steel, make the slot in the steel bushing via ball endmill, start the slot in the...
  14. pianoman8t8

    WTB: Clausing Colchester Triumph 2000 chip pan/splash guard

    Title is pretty self explanatory. I have a Triumph 2000 that came with no chip pan/splash guard. It's rather messy otherwise to make parts on, and would prefer to have original pan and guard rather than fab one up...
  15. pianoman8t8

    Extra large 3/8" allen wrench

    Hey guys, at my work we have several big 3/8" allen wrenches (L-shape, not T-handle), nobody can seem to remember where they came from many yrs ago, but the overall length is 4" x 11". Anybody know where I could find more of those?
  16. pianoman8t8

    Nikon 6C comparator transportation

    Hey guys, Looking to pick up a Nikon 6C comparator. I was thinking of laying it on its back for transportation. Would this be "safe" in regards to internal components? Obviously the table glass would be removed, along with whatever other loose items. Thanks
  17. pianoman8t8

    Machining Carbon Fiber with PCD endmill

    Hey guys, It's been quite a while since I last worked with carbon fiber. Last time, I used carbide, it was a simple feature in only 1 or 2 pcs. This time around, I need to mill a face roughly 2"x2", average depth of 1/16", in 50x pcs, and decided to go with PCD for tool life. My thought was...
  18. pianoman8t8

    Hardinge CHNC w/Siemens 810T battery alarm AFTER replacing battery

    I just posted this in the CNC machining section, before remembering about the Hardinge section here. I fired up the machine today to put a new battery in since it's been several yrs since I've put a new one in. Fired up fine, pull out battery tray, put new battery in and put battery tray back...
  19. pianoman8t8

    Hardinge CHNC w/Siemens 810T battery alarm AFTER replacing battery

    I fired up the machine today to put a new battery in since it's been several yrs since I've put a new one in. Fired up fine, pull out battery tray, put new battery in and put battery tray back in, but now the "ORD 6 Battery Alarm Power Supply" alarm won't clear. Now what? I did verify the...
  20. pianoman8t8

    VDI 40 toolholders, over 100 of them

    I'll get a list compiled and post an update, but just throwing this out there to see if there's any interest here. There's about 110 holders total, 7 of them being live milling heads. And I think 3 probing heads.