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  1. mcbassin

    Thermal cutout / fuse replacement for old Hardinge Lathe

    Does anyone know where to find a suitable replacement for these antique fuse/ cutout devices? I borrowed the picture below for reference.
  2. mcbassin

    FeatureCam 2016 legacy version DVD? Anyone have one laying around Help!

    I recently upgraded my computer and lost my old version (2016 v2 specifically) I have installed 2016 from the Autodesk site but it will not run with my PAF file. So I'm looking to find a basic 2016 DVD. I'm willing to pay for shipping to me and back if you will let me borrow it. I own...
  3. mcbassin

    Esprit Mill/Turn CAM sofware Sticker shock, How much does it really cost?

    I just got a quote for one seat of Esprit to program Mazak Integrex and 2 other four axis Mazak machines. I was really blown away at the up front investment. With training and first year maintenance just south of $59K. We have been using FeatureCam for about 16 years and it really sucks for...
  4. mcbassin

    Where do you sell scrap Carbide?

    We have about 10 years worth of inserts and end mills to sell but the owners don't want to get ripped off by our local scrap buyer. Where do you guys send your scrap carbide? I think we have about 40 pounds. Not much but it's worth getting the best price we can. any suggestions of companies you...
  5. mcbassin

    Bridgeport/ Romi EZpath transformer wirng diagram????

    Does anyone out there have a diagram for the lugs on the big transformer for the EZpath Romi lathe circa 1995-96? I need to go from the stock 460-480 to 240v.
  6. mcbassin

    Bridgeport EZ Trak DX 480 Volt to 240 ????

    I just purchased an older model EZ DX (1995 or 96)? It has 480Volts on the tag. Does anyone know if the transformer can be changed to accept 240 volts? Does anyone have a schematic or a wiring diagram? thanks, Mike
  7. mcbassin

    Haas VF with spindle fault alarm 123 HELP

    I've recently picked up this damn alarm. It will clear sometimes and let me run a part or two then it craps out and won't clear. There is no faults showing in the electrical cabinet. I powered it down, let the juice drain out the re seated all the connectors on the control boards. This machine...
  8. mcbassin

    Where to buy power feed for an old Enco mill

    I recently purchased an older Enco milling machine. I picked up an Enco power feed on eBay but the right side handle assembly is way too long for the brass gear. Anyone know of an adapter or kit for this machine? I called Enco but they gave me the wrong part number to order.
  9. mcbassin

    Brown and Sharpe 618 Micromaster (Slicing and Dicing)???

    I have a chance to buy a Brown and Sharpe 618 Micromaster (Slicing and Dicing) surface grinder, or is it cutter? I cannot find any info about this unit. I have used many 618 machines in the past but never the slicing and dicing model. I'm wondering if it can be converted to a regular surface...
  10. mcbassin

    Brown and Sharpe Master cylindrical square

    Brown and Sharpe Model 558 cylindrical master square in the fitted wooden box. This is really nice gage. It was perfect condition when I stored it but got some moisture at some point. There is some light surface rust in a few spots (see pictures). This doesn't effect the operation of the gage...
  11. mcbassin

    Do All Master Square and 2-3" Brown and Sharpe Digit Mike Micrometer

    These are from my personal collection. They are in great condition with no engraving or owner marks. The first one is a Do All cylindrical Master square in the fitted case. $85 shipped to the lower 48 The second item is a Swiss made Brown and Sharpe 2-3" digit mike Micrometer. Super smooth in...
  12. mcbassin

    Mitutoyo 0-1" Thread microemter Model 126-137A

    Here is a nice thread mic I've had in my box for years. Never use it. Figured I offer it here before Ebay. Comes in the original wooden box with 6 anvil/vee attachments. It goes from 64 pitch - 3 pitch UN. There is a couple of control numbers engraved on it and some light surface rust on the...
  13. mcbassin

    Federal Small hole Dial bore gage set #1203 .122"-.234" .0001" $175 shipped

    Federal Small hole Dial bore gage set #1203 .122"-.234" .0001" $175 shipped Price lowered. Nice Federal small hole dial bore gage set in the case. Gage is in good working order. .0001" increments. I need $125 shipped to the lower 48 states. Personal/Gift paypal payment or add 3% to cover the...
  14. mcbassin

    Mitutoyo Dial indicating Micrometer 0-1" With Carbide tips

    Very nice micrometer in the case. It is great for running tight tolerance down in the tenths. Has a lock and carbide tips. I need $165 shipped to the lower 48 states. Prefer Personal/Gift paypal payment or add 3% to cover the fees. Please reply here before PM Shown with 1" gage block for...
  15. mcbassin

    TESA TT-20 Digital test indicator set with Brown and Sharpe Lever style probe

    We bought this set for a project and we never used it. The Tesa TT-20 Digital Gauge is brand new never used in the original box. LINK The probe is a lever style Brown and Sharpe Gage head model 599-988-18 was used lightly with our Model 1025 in mint condition and in perfect working order.LINK I...
  16. mcbassin

    Mitutoyo CMM training?

    Where do you guys get your Mcosmos training? Directly from Mitutoyo or do you bring someone to your facility? Thanks, Mike
  17. mcbassin

    Chandler Duplex Boring / Facing head Moore Jig Borer mandrel

    I have a nice used Chandler Duplex boring and facing head. $150+$10 for shipping. Personal Paypal or add 3% for fee, money order or cash. It is in good working order. Notice the original knurled screw was replaced at some point with a Phillips head. It has a Tapered shaft for a Moore Jig bore...
  18. mcbassin

    Using EIA with G54 not G53.5 Mazak Integrex Help? Matrix

    Little history. We have a 2010 I200S with matrix. We do 99.9 percent of our parts with Mazatrol. But occasionally a surfacing program comes up where I need to use EIA. I have been successfully running EIA programs using G53.5. Yesterday I tried using G54 because the coordinate system is off the...
  19. mcbassin

    Trade metals online Bartering?

    Fellow machinists. Anyone know if there is a site where I can trade my flat aluminum pieces for some round aluminum pieces? Or where I can buy drops of aluminum cheap. I have a "government" job I need to do and don't really want to buy 12' bar. thanks
  20. mcbassin

    Calibration/ setting for Etalon Dial Indication Mic??

    Anyone have an instruction manual or pdf. for setting Etalon dial indicating micrometers? You mind sharing? I have a set that is about .002" off at the vernier when checking with a gage block. Not sure what happened to them they were off when I acquired them. Any help?Not mine but a pic For...