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  1. JayCrumb

    CPU repair for Charmilles 510 needed

    Does anyone have a contact for CPU repair on a Charmilles 510? This is basically a 286 computer. I've heard of someone who does it, but never wrote their name down. Any help appreciated. Jay Crumb Advanced EDM, LLC [email protected]
  2. JayCrumb

    Charmilles Roboform 350 simple program (is there such a thing?)

    My friend got a great deal on a Roboform 350. All he wants to do is burn hex ends into bolts. The program needs to touch in -Z, zero, OD centerfind, zero, position to zeros (or maybe even +.025" in Z) and rough burn .5" Z deep. I'm looking at this manual and don't see a simple way to do this...
  3. JayCrumb

    Frozen Processing for EDM (Air/Space, Nuclear, Medical)

    Since I point many of my customers to this incredible website for EDM knowledge, I thought I would post something that is a regular question from them. It is old news to most, but maybe it will help someone out... Why do we have to freeze our EDM process for Aerospace, Nuclear, Military and...
  4. JayCrumb

    Looking for a post processor for Current 300ct

    Looking for a friend... They need a post processor for a 2004 Current 300ct fast-hole EDM. The machine also has a rotary that wil lneed to be programmed. Post processor can be for Esprit or MasterCam. Please and thank you. Jay Crumb Advanced EDM, LLC
  5. JayCrumb

    EDM for Aerospace/Nadcap

    Hi all, Just curious how many visitors to PM use their EDMs for aerospace/military and are compliant to Nadcap rules and regs. Looking around it seems like most are in tool making. Jay
  6. JayCrumb

    Charmilles 640cc Axis over-travel errors

    Howdee all, Local shop is getting an over-travel error on the X axis when near the ends of travel but not actually at the end of travel. First thought was a dirty/worn seal plate as it is leaking pretty bad. But...the error only occurs when the tank is full... Not sure how the addition of a...
  7. JayCrumb

    Install a SGC-01 board in a Sodick A280L Akron, Ohio area.

    Hello all, Does anyone having the technical skills needed and want to make a couple bucks in the next few days? Job is in Akron, Ohio (can't pay for travel) diagnosing and most likely simply installing a SGC-01 board in an Sodick A280L. Not sure if the customer wants to try it himself yet...
  8. JayCrumb

    Will I see you at IMTS 2016??

    I will be there Monday and Tuesday. Would love to bump into a few of you. Betcha I see Mr. Pfluger for sure!! For those that don't know me, I'm a tall bald guy and will most likely be holding a beer. Shouldn't be too many guys matching that description there... Tap me on the shoulder and say...