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    New to Me 10ee Missing ID Plaque - How to Identify

    Good afternoon everyone, I brought home an early version round dial 10ee the other day and am trying to locate a serial number so as to contact Monarch for a manual and information on it. The problem that I am hitting is that the Monarch ID plaque (as well as a bunch of the shiny trim strips)...
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    Parts 10EE for sale in Wisconsin

    I have no affiliation with the seller or the ad, but stumbled on this while searching. There is a part 10EE for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Paoli, WI. I will attach the link as well as the ad and pictures for posterity. Facebook Ad: Monarch 10EE for parts located In paoli wi can load see...
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    Walter Brothers Planer for sale in Wisconsin

    I have no affiliation with this seller or ad, but though I would throw it out there if anyone was looking. There is a Walter Brothers metal planer for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Big Bend, WI. Been listed for 3 weeks. It looks like the seller started at $2,500, but is now asking $1,500...
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    Operating Advice - Clearr Stand-up, Propane Forklift - Namco May be Similar

    Looking for some operating advice/feedback on propane stand-up forklifts. I just bought a Clearr LSU-30 forklift which looks similar to a Namco. Now that I have finished fully servicing it, fixing the brake pedal, battery tie-down, etc. I have been using it. This thing is awesome to have...
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    Service Manual Wanted - Clearr LSU-30 Standup Propane Forklift

    This is probably a long shot, but I am looking for a service manual for a new to me Clearr LSU-30 standup propane forklift. I have been searching the internet for any information on this company or forklift, but am coming up basically empty other than the company went bankrupt in 2010. I have...
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    Sidney - Neoprene Way Wiper Replacement Material

    Good afternoon everyone, I am working on repairing a broken way wiper cover on my Sidney Model 32 16" lathe. I am just waiting on a corner rounding cutter to finish milling the new cover and now need to figure out a good replacement neoprene for the wiper itself. The neoprene wiper itself is...
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    Sidney Model 32 16" - Tail Stock Morse Taper Question

    I recently purchased a 1948 Sidney Model 32 16" lathe. As I am going over it quickly, I am repairing any little items that I come across. One item that I came across is that the morse taper in the tail stock is extremely chewed up. The exterior of the quill looks good, but the interior took...
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    Sidney Model 32 16" - Cross Feed Micrometer Dial Issue

    I recently purchased a 1948 Sidney Model 32 16" lathe. I am running through and cleaning it up right now and fixing a few things that have issues (new sight glasses, etc.). One item that I have come across is that the micrometer dial on the cross feed hand wheel is froze. My understanding is...
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    Help Translating Motor ID Plate and Suggestions on Twist-Lock Plug

    So I have been searching like crazy, but just wanted to verify that I am on the right track here and look for suggestions. Working towards getting my Sidney Model 32 16" lathe up and running. It has a 10 hp motor as seen here: I purchased an American Rotary AD 20 hp rotary phase converter...
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    Just Bought a Sidney Model 32 16" - Anything Stick Out To You

    Good afternoon everyone, I just purchased a Sidney Model 32 16" lathe on an auction (pick it up on Friday). Curious if anything sticks out to you from the auction pictures that I should check out or be aware of when I get it home before firing it up. It was located in a home shop in a garage...
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    Help Removing Brake from Baldor 3 Phase Motor

    I am in the process of repowering a Grob NS-18 band saw that I purchased. It came with a 550 volt, 3 phase motor. I am replacing that motor with a low voltage 3 phase motor so that I can run a VFD on the saw. I came across a great deal on a brand new Baldor BM3546T electric motor with...
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    Monarch 12CK Taper Attachment Compatibility

    Curious if anyone knows if there is any cross compatibility between other models and the 12CK for the taper attachment. It will be a couple of years before I get my 12CK up and running and am slowly watching for items that I would like to have for it. Wasn't sure if the taper attachment off of...
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    Thoughts on if these Iscar inserts are fake?

    I decided to take a chance and try buying some inserts on eBay for my home shop. I have heard of fake inserts on there, so I specifically looked for a US seller (this one was TX) with a lot of positive feedback selling inserts (99.9% positive with many reviews relating to inserts) selling name...
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    FS - 2 Brand New in Box Aloris CA-4D Boring Bar Holders - $120 Each Shipped

    I've got 2 new Aloris CA-4D 1 1/4" Boring Bar Holders still sealed in their original boxes for sale. Asking $120 each shipped in the US. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Rotary Phase Converter Questions/Options

    I recently picked up a Monarch 12CK lathe that I need to power. This is the first of several 3 phase machines I will most likely end up with over the next several years. I will not be able to actually dig into the lathe for a year or so as I am in the process of listing our house and moving...