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  1. Rick Finsta

    Probe Extension for Mitutoyo Surftest 212

    Thanks, Bob. Looks like they are long obsolete from Mitutoyo. I also reached out to my normal metrology repair vendors and they all said the same. Time to take a look at making my own as jccaclimber suggests.
  2. Rick Finsta

    Probe Extension for Mitutoyo Surftest 212

    I can't seem to find the part number for a older Mitutoyo Surftest 212 probe extension cable. This is the round connector on both ends with 6 pins (not the 12 pin data output cable) so you can mount the probe on a height gauge for easy use. We had one at the old shop but I can't get a hold of...
  3. Rick Finsta

    Genos 560 tapping RPM

    I've programmed small taps at max speed (5k) on my 560 but never watched them or paid attention to cycle time or actual RPM. When I tap I hit the button and walk away so I won't hear the crunch. LOL
  4. Rick Finsta

    Surfacing AN sealing taper?

    I have surfaced them before but I do plenty of race car stuff so I just ended up going to Scientific Cutting Tools and getting the appropriate port tools and threadmills. They pay for themselves pretty quickly doing custom one off type stuff for guys doing things the right way. For a guy not...
  5. Rick Finsta

    Insert for deeper 0.062 grooves?

    I was going to suggest the Sandvik MACx stuff. I use the MAC series for grooving here and I am very happy with them. Cost is reasonable once you have the holder and you can find them new on eBay for a few hundred bucks. I use the Swiss wedge quick change units here even though I don't have a...
  6. Rick Finsta

    Buying first machine. Questions about Speedio vs. Okuma.

    You can carry over losses but it generally doesn't make sense for an LLC that is filing on a 1040 Schedule C in the first few years. Then, you want to retain as much depreciation as possible so when you start making money you can offset it to stay in a lower tax bracket. Corporate tax brackets...
  7. Rick Finsta

    Brother tool wash disable

    G100 is a canned cycle. MDI doesn't allow sub calls but will perform a G100.
  8. Rick Finsta

    Speeds and feeds for plutonium

    You know, I'm thinking this through and I can't come up with a reason that this coolant would cease being a used oil and need handling under RCRA Part C. Every once in a while I would run into stuff like this in the waste industry where I'd have to convince the boss that "no it isn't illegal...
  9. Rick Finsta

    Matsuura spindles

    I've heard of these issues on the 15k spindles over the last few months as I've been poking around a bit. I had heard of the problems here on PM but initially couldn't find a shop that actually had the problems themselves. The one I bought had the 20k greased spindle and I spoke with one of...
  10. Rick Finsta

    Speeds and feeds for plutonium

    A very educated, skilled, and experienced idiot, thank you very much! :D
  11. Rick Finsta

    Brother S1000 4th Setup

    Well compared to a lot of machines, the Brother doors are super comfortable to open and close all day long. After running production parts on the Okuma all day my shoulder is killing me. That said, if you have the door switch in unlocked mode (the key on the panel) you can index the 4th just...
  12. Rick Finsta

    Instructor approves cutting steel at 2000sfm

    When I saw the thread title I was like "yeah sure, Sandvik Grade 4335 CCMT in mild steel all day long at that speed" and then I clicked and was like :leaving:
  13. Rick Finsta

    Speeds and feeds for plutonium

    Man you machinists are a bunch of pansies. I worked with toxics, acids, and pyrophorics for like $37k/yr when I was working production chemistry. You know, add this too fast or get a rip in your suit and you aren't going home today type stuff. :D
  14. Rick Finsta

    Brother S1000 4th Setup

    I also just programmed in part loading and unloading code at the end of a program at the old shop. Nothing here so far that I've had to do that.
  15. Rick Finsta

    Brother C00 - Running registered G/M codes in MDI

    I use the Blum phone application to get the macro calls since I can't remember shit. It would be nice to call them from MDI instead of having to bounce between modes and folders, editing existing call programs, and then going back to run them in Memory.
  16. Rick Finsta

    Qualchem 250 splitting......I need an alternative.

    Lately, the 251C I've been getting has had a different visual appearance but performance hasn't changed. Chemtool burned down in Rockford and I'm 99% that caused the additives shortage and subsequent supply issues for Qualichem. I've had to shop around to find it in stock. I am very surprised...
  17. Rick Finsta

    Live tooling lathe suggestions.

    8" is, in my limited experience, difficult for a lot of the turn-key gantry loaders. I had a part that would have required modification for Tsugami, Takisawa, or Okuma stock-ish loaders. I didn't look at other companies at the time. All were doable, though. The price jump to a Y-axis was...
  18. Rick Finsta

    Calibrate Renishaw probe length on Brother

    To calibrate Z you need a known length tool. I use the Maritool standards but you could also use a dowel in a holder if you have an offline tool setter? Otherwise you can use a dual contact holder with the dowel method and the gauge line is a known distance from the flange. I can look up the...
  19. Rick Finsta

    should I peck drill in 6al4v ti with tsc

    Or you can use drills with a cast iron geometry (corner radius or chamfer) to protect the drill during breakthrough. It will raise much more of a back-burr, though. Never peck with TSC unless you are in a pinch and need to get a hole to come in to a size and pecking is the only thing that works.
  20. Rick Finsta

    Brother S1000 4th Setup

    Yeah the 8mm dowels are also offset top and bottom. I actually just cut the collar as a nice slip fit a few thousandths shallow into a Lang quick point plate. That way it was located pretty rigidly but stands proud of the T200 face and doesn't rub. I ended up shimming it to get it perfect - I...