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    Centerless Grinding Adjusting Tips, General and Correcting Hourglass

    All, I need a few tips. My work is not a machine shop. I am not a professional machinist, I am an engineer, but I do regular machine work at home. Grinding is not part of my skill set. Anyways, we produce one product we grind in house. The material is a refractory metal with highly...
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    Specifying Knurls on Prints

    I am specifying a knurl for the first time at work. I've made a few on my own, mostly crappy but sometimes passable. I inspected some of the old ones from before I got here. Some are ok, but others downright unacceptable. Double and triple tracked, barely a few thou deep. I could sandblast them...
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    Highly Parallel Nuts

    [Solved] Hi all, I'm designing a mandrel for machining some parts and need some nuts with a decent degree of parallelism, probably no more than 0.0005" runout on the face when running on the threads. Size is currently ~1", but I'll need other sizes in the future. I know about bearing locknuts...
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    Free! Vintage Machines near Bham. (HBM w/ Tailstock)

    Machinery - tools - by owner - sale I inspected them once before back when they were for sale. They looked like mostly junk, but the shop was full of stuff and poorly lit. I couldn't even see the HBM tailstock at the time. I didn't stick around long, I had a metal chip eye that weekend so I...
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    Heavy Weight EDM Rotary Table

    Hi all, I've been tasked with finding a way to rotary some large parts on our wire EDM at work. For reference, I don't run the EDM, nor have I ever. I am very familiar with manual machining and CNC a little bit, but EDM is pretty far out of my league. So the parts we are looking to rotary turn...
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    OD CNC Grinding

    Hi all, My workplace is wanting to do CNC grinding on ceramic coatings on aerospace fins. Looking that the profile, they could certainly be ground in a 3 axis CNC machine. My question is more of related to machine longevity. Are there any machines well suited to this sort of work? Something I'm...
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    Nice Springfield Lathe

    I'm not sure why someone hasn't snapped this up. Looks to be a very clean Springfield. Looks like the previous owner went through it. Ways show few dings, and I see fresh way wipers. None of the usual rust on the pullies. Damn, I'd take that if I wanted something that antique and it was close...
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    Daewoo A20 20x60 Lathe Repair or Scrap

    Continued from this thread here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/daewoo-a20-20x60-inspection-tips-388604 I'm not sure yet whether I'll keep it or scrap it. Seems to have a lot of problems in the tailstock, apron, and a few in the feedbox. Gonna need new belts, etc. It all depends...
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    Daewoo A20 20x60 Inspection Tips

    Hi all, My work offered me an old Daewoo A20 for what sounds like scrap price. I haven't seen it run since I got there, but I've been told it "does". It's pretty filthy, used for graphite work but probably untouched in the past 2-5 years. This wouldn't be my first big lathe I've fixed/restored...
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    Starrett #95 Level Vial

    Hi all, I pulled our Starrett #95 level (no, not a #98, yes, I'm sure) out of the drawer, and noticed immediately that the bubble was too big. There is a small crack it it. Bummer. Especially considering it's a covered vial in a wood box. I suspect the vial is no longer available, but it's...
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    Big Bore Heavy 10?

    I saw this SB heavy 10 listed, but the seller quotes it as having a 1 3/4" spindle bore. Photo looks like it too. I had never seen one of these before. Were they common? Extremely rare? Special order?
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    Large Putnam Lathe F/S

    Might be a bargain. Might not. :o Large lathe - Miscellaneous Tools - West Monroe, Louisiana | Facebook Marketplace Edit: Asking $500 for when the link goes dead. Not mine ofc.
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    GL Cady Lathe F/S

    Not mine, no relation to seller. I'm stumped as to why this hasn't sold. I can't see anything the seller did wrong, though some may disagree with his paint choice. Seems like a nice starter lathe at that price. Lathe - Miscellaneous Tools - South Bend, Indiana | Facebook Marketplace
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    Antique Monarch F/S

    Not mine, no relation to the seller. Price seems high to me. Monarch metal lathe - Miscellaneous Tools - Wapakoneta, Ohio | Facebook Marketplace
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    Buffalo Forge #22 Drill Press F/S

    Not mine, no relation to the seller, just looks like a pretty good deal. Drill Press - Air Tools - Clarence, Alabama | Facebook Marketplace
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    Colburn D4 Heavy Pattern Drill Press

    Not mine, and no affiliation on to the seller, but I'd really like to see this saved. Looks pretty complete, but it may be junk from sitting out in the rain. I'd take it myself, but it really is too big and heavy for me to work on, nor do I have a need for it. 3.5" Capacity, 5000lbs. Seller is...
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    Obsolete Bearing Replacement

    Hi all. I'm working on a Sidney Lathe (thread here) and the change gear bearings are totally worn out to the point where the hardened sleeve has partially disintegrated. I've looked fairly far and wide and I cannot find anything close, and if I could it would be very expensive. If you know of a...
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    Industrial Insert Toolholders Questions

    Hi guys, rookie questions here so I apologies in advance. I have two 1" toolholders I would like to put to use. I've tried to a bit research so I'm not asking frivolously, but I couldn't find all the answers. One is an MWLNR with a 1/2" IC. No brand name or other identification. I know what...
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    Dorian Tool Post Adjustment

    Hello. A few years back dad replaced his Chinese wedge AXA post with this Dorian, which I am not a fan of to put it kindly. The issue is that the cam profile does not seem correct. Instead of giving a nice progressive tightening feel it just goes WHAM and stops. On the side mount there is...
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    Hendey Tiebar 14x36 $600

    Not mine, no connection to seller. I'd like to see it go to a good home though. Hendey metal engine lathe - tools - by owner - sale