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    Tune rigid tap?

    Hi Guys! 2007 4020 Ok, on-board program for rigid tapping exists. I purchased the fancy piece of all-thread... I have no idea the procedure. I have been using floating holders because my gain is off. There isn't a thing in my books on how to tune it. This would be a real help if I...
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    Can you get a carbide drill through a broken easy-out?

    Broken stud removal is pretty common work here. And I am pretty good at it. I have yet to find one I could not beat. When possible, I weld-nut my way out. If things look reasonable, I may try the Snap-on style easy out where you drill through and drive the easy-out clean through, and...
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    Whatever happened to the Fadal thread?

    There are still threads up about machines 50 years out of production..
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    National Pipe Thread Blanking Dimensions

    Hi Guys; Does anybody have NPT blanking dimensions they could share or direct me to? I used to cut drill joints and the Drillco handbook had them.. Box and Pin rotary shoulder blanking dimensions.. And they had NPT in there to. That book is expensive if you can find one. It is so...
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    Haas TM-2, 2007 3/4 HP largest tap.... how big can I go

    Hi guys, I have a TM-2, 7 1/2 HP and need to tap a few 3/4" - 10 TPI holes... As it is a single belt, VFD drive, at the lower RPM's there is no torque. What would be I wonder the biggest tap I could turn, in National Coarse? So, 3/4" x 10 ( Plug Tap ) TPI ain't big, but it ain't...
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    Best method of removing valve seats from Aluminum cylinder heads...

    Hi Guys; I recently started doing cylinder heads on my CNC... Due to the lack of anyone else in this town doing them. But getting those valve seats out is the worst of all. I hate machining them out as when they get to the give point, they can go all at once and run a thick section in...
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    Plunge roughing.... do you use it?

    Hi guys, I have always avoided plunge roughing. It just seems a bit harsh... I always drill a pilot when I have to do it, but honestly, it is not my favorite way to clear a pocket. Am I thinking wrong that this is harder on the end mills, or do I just need to refine my plunge rates...
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    Good training for fusion 360???

    Hi guys; A couple years back I spent an entire two weeks in the office trying to transition from Bobcad V 32 to Fusion 360. I streamed hours of video, had notes all over the desk... I like the software, but every video was in another version, and the software seemed to be a moving target...
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    Plunge rough... d yo guys use it?

    It seems a bit harsh to me, when I have to, I use it, but with a drilled starter hole. Generally, I make all my end mill entries into material, perpendicular. Thanks, Damn, keyboard is due for replacement.. Mark
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    Kodak Model II A Optical Comparator w/ Autocomp I Digital Readout, Manuals needed

    Hi guys; I just forked a Kodak Comparator into the shop. I never had one before and I am quite pleased with it already. I do need manuals if they can be had, and the DRO has several functions, I believe it can compute various geometries to find points, arcs and so on... But I am totally...
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    Are there CMM macros available for VMC's?

    Hi guys; I have 3 mills all rigged with renishaw probes. It seems to me, I have the hardware for a CMM sitting right there. All ready to go. Is anyone aware of software or a macro package that could be utilized and converted to workable CAD files? Thanks, Mark
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    Cylinder Head Work Port and Polish

    Hi guys; I have been doing some cylinder heads, and there is call for porting and polishing. Well, that gets too far off track for me, unless I could come up with proven CAD models, I just don't have the time or inclination to start doing port designs and doing all the dyno work and tail...
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    Machinist's tape

    Hi Guys. I just did a job cutting plate parts 1/8" thick. I started on MDF with carpet tape. As soon as the coolant hit, it let go. So, next adventure was Hippee tape on UHMB... Much more stable, but same problem when coolant hit it. It released. Is there a double stick that can...
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    Is there such a thing as an undersize tap?

    Hi guys... I am wondering if there are undersize taps. Like a h-2 I want to tap a hole, and have to force a set screw in there. Can't use lock-tite as temperatures will soak at 400F + In Aluminum. 5/16 coarse. Maybe I should just take my roll tap and top it on the grinder for...
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    Thread Mill holder Clearance

    Hi Guys; I am going to start milling threads and I read that the holder diameter, as in over cutter should not be over 2/3 drilled hole diameter. That seems a bit wide.. Exactly, I am cutting 7/8-14 and 1 1/16-16 in Aluminum, ID of smaller drilled hole = .7968" and the cutter Diameter...
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    Busting my butt trying to rough 3/16" slot in 6061-T651

    Hi Guys, i could use some wisdom. So, I am making these parts, a lot of 3/16" end-mill stuff in 6061. I have tried Aluma-power 3 flute polished end mills, and swift tool 45 Degeree helix end mills, also the merlin 5 flute GXMD5 with chip load at .001" per flute. 40 IPM on the 5 flute, it...
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    Hot Rodding a TM-2

    Hi guys; I love my 2009 TM-2, but because of it's speed limitations I haven't really put it into production... Odd jobs and prototyping. Just too slow for production and fine finish work. I started digging. Here's the stuff I have done to make it go, and it's made such a difference that I...
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    On Small chamfering... Try a SK1S carbide burr...

    Hi guys, I do a lot of small chamfers, and often it is the slowest operation as I am limited to 4 flutes on these 1/4" chamfer mills. So, I tried a SK1S carbide burr. It has 16 teeth, and the 45 degree chamfers I am layng down are usually .005 to .010 depth. I was programming .0015 IPT...
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    Anilam 3000M and 1100M Control Manual

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    V8 Blocks and heads on 4020 mill?

    Hi Guys; Lots of people asking for engine work now our local shop rolled up. Is anybody doing this stuff in their VMC? I have Fadal 40-20 ( x 28" ) with VH-65 indexer.. Thinking of building the biggest trunion table I can get in there... like 16" x 36" x 1"+ thick 7075.... It would...