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    ID grinding 360 brass?

    I never had access to CBN wheels for jig grinding. I didn't catch the chrome requirement; I'd revise my advise to just bore to a dimension that'll result in .002-.004 chrome at finish. alum oxide wheels will work ok, but require frequent dressing-for just a couple of parts, doesn't pay to get CBN.
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    ID grinding 360 brass?

    What I used was solid AccuLube, looks like a blue bar of soap. Nontoxic, and works.
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    ID grinding 360 brass?

    I have jig ground aluminum but not brass. I imagine brass would be similar. On aluminum, the best approach I found was to bore close, only leave a couple thousandths in the bore. Set up on the grinder, use a narrow contact patch, and wax the hell out of the wheel. feed a few tenths at a time...
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    OT - Honda airplanes - any good?

    May I suggest sailboats? After a few libations and you tipsy over the side, it's a soft landing. As for Honda aircraft, they're not a Gulfstream.
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    Lathe Upgrade Suggestions

    Monarch. Model 60 or 610, 612, and worth it. Even the older stuff, model C and variants will do fine, just a little clunkier to adjust speeds and feeds. If the Aloris is too low to make center, shim it up.
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    OT Lead Pipe

    It was Col Mustard, in the Music Room, with the Lead Pipe. This is a problem that should have been dealt with long ago, perhaps as a part of an EPA megaproject. I haven't seen any details on how much lead leaches out of a soldered joint, but requiring lead free solder in new construction seems...
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    vaccine mandate

    Emmy was vaccinated.
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    vaccine mandate

    No bitch but this: people are having to wait where before the virus they'd have been admitted and treated immediately. Because my hospital wasn't overwhelmed, I didn't have to wait much longer but in other areas (see Alaska, Idaho, Montana?, perhaps others: emergency triage is happening: those...
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    vaccine mandate

    Like you, I got the polio jab but don't remember it. Got the sugar cube too, and it wasn't from Dr. Tim.
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    vaccine mandate

    Looks like he didn't die, but was shot *six times*, had to wait a week. Tough guy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/08/16/joel-valdez-houston-covid-hospitals/
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    What type of centers do OD grinders prefer?

    What EM said. If you have a universal machine, spin the head around, put a chuck on, chuck the plugged end, run live.
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    vaccine mandate

    Not too long ago I had to go in for a pacemaker. Had to wait nearly two months for it, some of that was the cardiologist was unavailable, some was waiting for a bed. When available beds are occupied by the unvacinated, regular hospital patients get turned away. I think there was a guy in...
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    holding small flat brass parts for surface grinding

    While I never ground brass, I did a fair amount of carbide on the SG. Two sided tape, and block it in. Note that the tape works better if you warm it up by a bit of dry grinding, then pour the coolant on. I had more trouble freeing the work from the tape than having it stick to begin with...
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    You've been workin Shirley pretty hard for a while now. Think it's time for her to get a raise? <G>
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    McGuyver made some good points: there should be subjective criteria to go along with the objective. OTOH, business owners too easily fall into the trap of assuming their employees are as invested in the business as they are. Most are not, it's just a job, very transactional. Transactional...
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    As in expecting notice of intent to quit.
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    Tiered Pay Structures - what works what doesn't

    While I don't dispute the validity, how come these employers won't accept that that door swings both ways?
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    Searching for a tool grinder to neck carbide micro tools

    The only machine I've heard of that *might* do is big but has the optical capability: a Wickman profile grinder. Wickman.jpg
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    Damaged BT30 spindle. grrr

    I'd contact Sopko's, though there may be others; in fairness, they're relatively nearby me.
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    Harig Super 618 auction find questions

    These small grinders typically have a 1 hp or so motor, which can be directly controlled by a properly rated switch. If you only have single phase power, properly rated VFD's are available inexpensively, and will handle most functions. Good luck.