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  1. Bakafish

    Mitutoyo OMM-25 (109-101) Micrometer teardown

    I just picked this up for a couple thousand Yen, it looked to be in great condition and although I have new digital micrometers I thought it would be cool to have a mechanical micrometer that could theoretically measure microns. When it arrived it was clear that it would need disassembly and...
  2. Bakafish

    Mitutoyo Museum Virtual Tour

    One of the things I've been meaning to do after covid hibernation is to get over to the Mitutoyo museum in Kawasaki just a short train ride from my house. While planning for my visit I came across their exhibits page and found that they have a surprisingly detailed and useful set of virtual...
  3. Bakafish

    BIG Daishawa BaseMaster BM-50 and BM-50G Teardowns

    I've collected quite a range of the Big Daishawa BaseMaster height setters. There is very little information out there on what they look like inside, or how serviceable they are. Here in Japan, these are treated pretty much as disposable as they basically charge as much to 'service' one of these...
  4. Bakafish

    Homebuilt CNC in Tokyo

    I making this thread so that I can keep tangential discussion about the CNC I am building out of more specific threads where I'm asking for targeted help (and am trying to keep everyone from getting side tracked.) If this is the wrong place to put it, let me know and I will recreate this in the...
  5. Bakafish

    Newbie scraper in Japan

    Greetings PM team, I live in Tokyo and have started gather tools and materials for scraping an old cast iron surface plate to be used as a machine base. I'm located in Japan which creates challenges but has offered potential opportunities as well, as there is some unique solutions over here...
  6. Bakafish

    Mitutoyo (Akashi) Hardmatic HH-140

    I picked up an older, but functioning Akashi HH-140 (bought out and also sold by Mitutoyo) portable hardness tester set made in the late 90's that was complete except for the manual. I was able to get some basic readings from it, it came with two test plates and the reading seemed to be within...