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  1. David Ferguson

    Looking for some 3D models to machine.

    Free Models on GrabCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/software/nx
  2. David Ferguson

    g76 cycle machine issues

    I figured you would want G97 (constant surface speed off) for all threading to keep the feed/pitch of the thread constant.
  3. David Ferguson

    Key Components of a Machine Shop Business Plan

    Key parts of the Business Plan: - Defining what you do well - Determining the basic costs of making that product, or providing that service. - How you will find customers that need the product / service you do well. - How much will these customers need your product/service (how much will they...
  4. David Ferguson

    Machining intersecting radii/cylinder

    I would make that as two parts and weld or solder them together. Make them just like the mating part with a slot in the vertical cylinder to accept the side piece.
  5. David Ferguson

    Any new technology in the machining world?

    Here's a better description of how the waterjet laser works: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/phvs.202000033
  6. David Ferguson

    Software to draw relays, breakers, etc. Replace Visio?

    I use OpenOffice Draw. I've had to build my own library of components but it's worked well for me creating wiring harness drawings.
  7. David Ferguson

    FYI, Don't waste your time with CNCMACHINES.COM auctions.

    Unless an auction says "no reserve", you have to assume there is one. In live (in person) auctions, they sometimes talk the seller into removing the reserve if it's obvious there is a legitimate buyer, and this represents the market value, here and now.
  8. David Ferguson

    Can I measure current draw on a stepper motor?

    I think you need to use a DC Amp clamp with an oscilloscope, to get a true picture of the current drawn by the stepper motor. Most likely it's trying to step against something that doesn't move.
  9. David Ferguson

    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    If a company I worked for advertised jobs at a higher pay rate than I was getting, I would apply for the job! -- why not? I'm a known quantity.
  10. David Ferguson

    Large Diameter (12-16") Smooth Surface Stainless Drum - Need Ideas arbor

    I would think you could do this with rolled sheet and weld the ends together. The key would be your wheel/spokes (at least one at each end to keep the round shape). The thickness of the sheet will depend on how much load there will be that would try to buckle the drum.
  11. David Ferguson

    CAMWorks producing gouged parts with 3D toolpath

    To me it looks like that face isn't parallel to the cylindrical section at the top. So it has to make some additional movement along the top edge. I would look carefully at the geometry of that surface.
  12. David Ferguson

    Advice on first time being burned

    I think you need to send them a statement showing both orders, and all payments (ie, all your business with them). That statement should show that you are still owed half the amount from the last PO. I think their accounting system never got the invoice for the first job entered, so they...
  13. David Ferguson

    Returning a Machine(Haas)

    Any chance that your wear offset setting (radius vs. diameter) are different between your VF4 and your UMC. Haas says this is setting 40 for the UMC: 40 - Tool Offset Measure
  14. David Ferguson

    Fagor DRO questions

    Strange, the website indicates they do repairs on all their equipment. You would think they could do a board swap, or make you a deal on a refurbished current model or something. Repair service - Fagor Automation
  15. David Ferguson

    Fagor DRO questions

    Is there a reason you don't just contact Fagor and send it for testing / repair?
  16. David Ferguson

    How would I cut/ hollow this part out?

    No but, you could machine it in two parts, and then bolt/weld/glue them together. You don't mention the material. This might be a good part for 3D printing.
  17. David Ferguson

    Friction between two similar and dissimilar metals. Wear issues.

    I think you need to make the surfaces much smoother. 400 grit is the start, keep going to 2000 grit. Consider polishing, Scratches in two smooth services indicate either contamination or the surfaces aren't flat enough. I think REM finishing, or WPC treatment which have been used in racing...
  18. David Ferguson

    off topic but don't know a better forum to ask, Packard v1650 plans

    A quick look at Grabcad shows some Packard 1650 parts. Looks like somebody's building a detailed model. Free CAD Designs, Files & 3D Models | The GrabCAD Community Library
  19. David Ferguson

    What are you guys using to hold taps in the tailstock?

    I just put the tap guide in the drill chuck, with these type of sliding tap handles: McMaster-Carr
  20. David Ferguson

    New Speed and Feed Calculator

    Turning Page 4, the calculated IC [inch], seems to actually be a [mm] dimension.