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  1. oldbikerdude37

    Anyone here build oxy propane torchesburners or other flame work equipment?

    Anyone here build oxy propane torches-/burners or other flame work equipment? Recently I saw a torch A guy made from plumbing parts and think he did good but the fellow glass blowers had a cow over his "Pipe bomb torch". Obviously its not difficult to slap a working unit together. Now glass...
  2. oldbikerdude37

    How well would a general purpose digital programmable kiln be for heat treating?

    I am looking at purchasing a Paragon caldera kiln for melting small batches of metals and making small tools I may want hardened. Annealing glass and some art work items. I may want to make some special sheet metal punches, odd taps and other tools. It will go plenty hot enough for most things...
  3. oldbikerdude37

    OT interchangability of USB chargers for gadgets as in tablets and cameras.

    I know phones can be specific but here is my question. How universal are USB chargers? My woman and I have 2 Nikon Coolpix s6300's that use a nikon EH-69P input 100va-240va~50/60Hz 0.068a-.042A 6.8VA-10.08VA output5V--0.55A It looks like a wall wart with a usb hole in it. we just got a kindle...
  4. oldbikerdude37

    If you buy new sprokets you souid buy new chain

    I dont know why some people wont buy new chain. they dont understand that the two go hand in hand, and its silly. Iv see sprockets that are round with little bumps and they dont want a new chain! that is wrong, Many times I tell folks" there is still a few thousands of meat left, why you want...
  5. oldbikerdude37

    smoking and tobacco chew in the shop?

    I know its stinky, messy and down right sick? Also there are laws in many states. Some punks might spit a big wad of snoose on the floor or some bozo use the lathe chip pan for his cigarette butts. Where do you stand as the boss?
  6. oldbikerdude37

    Looking for hard to find screws to lock down insert screws on a polish boring bar

    ctmx pafana boring bar 6-939174 screws. The bar itself is 1" . Im thinking pafana is polish? The have a cone top , left hand thread and I think a 5/32 hex, the thread is an odd 6mm LH I think?? they hold a triangle insert tpu 322 I think and also holds a chip breaker on top of the insert...