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    Another question on heat treating

    We hope to quench the 4150 parts today or tomorrow, and I bought some quench oil. Because the dies need to be softer than the tempering chamber's max temperature will go up to we are hoping to hold the parts in the tempering chamber at just above the minimum quench temperature until the high...
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    New HT oven, question about leaving door closed.

    We were blessed recently with one of Stan's "Hot Shot" duplex ovens, which I've wanted for a long time. It's sold through his "Bar Z" shop and though he developed it and sells them (3 types) American Rotary Converter now makes them and also sells them. The top oven goes to 2000 degrees and the...
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    Lathe live tool holder repair shops.

    Hi, We have an Emco Maier 345 II lathe with C axis milling/drilling function, it uses 30 VDI shanks for a Duplomatic tang drive type turret. I always find out bad news about a machine right after promising a large job, so, yeah, two of the mill live holders are going bye bye, one is shot and I...
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    OT "Government steel"

    Watching youtube recently in several lock sport (Lock picking for fun) videos the subject of making picks came up, nothing of any great mystery until the videographer mentioned "government steel" as being the best material to make picks out of. Intrigued by this I watched enough to find out...
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    Aluminum smears on granite, how to remove?

    Hi, I was doing layout work on the surface plate on a 3 1/2 X 6 1/4 X 11 1/4" 7075 block, not thinking about the aluminum streaks on the granite plate until too late. I know drain cleaners (sodium hydroxide) mixed with in a strong solution will make the bright smears to disappear but I'm...
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    Best repair slide shotgun op rod

    I'm not a gunsmith, and many of you probably know the best way to repair this. I believe it's a Montgomery Ward, but I'm still waiting for the model #. With that I can check with Jack First, but the one from a different model at Bob's was $87 something, again, holding for the model number. If...
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    Shaper hold downs wanted

    Last time I ran a WTB thread I was told to put it here, so here goes, 4" to 8" shaper hold downs. Please PM me if you have some for sale. Thanks, parts
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    Welding surfaces for surface grinding.

    For surface ground surfaces with small drill divots or other small scars I recently discovered a tig wire that fills them up and when ground flush again leaves very little evidence of the original damage. EZWeld tig wire is designed for cast iron and needs no preheat, no hammering between...
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    Key situated in strange place in 3J collet socket.

    Here is the business end of a small dividing head I hope to set aside for use with my shaper. It might be a Burk. I don't remember. The collet socket appears to be a 3J, but I can't try one in it with the weird key in the outer taper. What would be the reason for the key? And every collet...
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    OT what happened to Zoom the List?

    Whether a good thing or not I had a lot of fun searching Craig's list for old machines, for quite a few years too. I got away from it for a while and recently tried several times to use it again, but I don't know if it's Zoom or if it's Craig's list but the pickin's are thin! It was common...
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    WTB Havir Shape-rite original vise.

    Just finishing restoration but the original vise was toast. Gladly considering any and all offers for another original Havir Shape-rite vise in good condition or restorable. This shaper will be in daily use so the vise must function well. Thanks, parts
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    WTB Havir Shape-rite shaper vise

    Just finishing restoration but the original vise was toast. Gladly considering any and all offers for another original Havir Shape-rite vise in good condition or restorable. This shaper will be in daily use so the vise must function well. Thanks, parts
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    Color variations in color case hardening

    I've seen a few CCH guns and the colors that look best to my eyes are bright blues with red highlights. Of course this is something I'd like to do. One video of CC Hardening had the fellow mentioning that he likes a specific ratio of wood charcoal to bone and hide charcoal to get the colors he...
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    OT why the sudden youtube switch to multiple ads?

    I noticed it over about a two month period, youtube ads are almost always doubled, and on longer videos there can be 4 to 8 ads. So OK, first thought, greed. That doesn't satisfy my internal reality meter, which often can lead to conspiracy theories. But to attribute it to corporate knowledge...
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    RCBS Lockout die question

    From a gun forum that won't allow photos from my computer without a URL, the RCBS Lockout die is a clever device that stops the reloading press if it finds a shell with either too much or too little powder, before the bullet is pressed in; I took two of my lockout dies apart and reassembled...
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    WAY OT, what's this item for?

    This one's been bugging me for a long time, about 2 1/2" long, knurled two placed sharp high knurls, flattened between the knurls, round outside them, one end has a notch and the other sharpened down to a small rounded tip. I thought maybe for someone who has to untie knots a lot in the hobby or...
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    Tig welding hardface?

    A job came in, two saw rollers with back ridges as stops, each of which protrudes outside the roller's surfaces. The rollers are 60 Rc and I suspect they are case hardened. The customer wants me to build the front edges of the ridges and grind them, which I'd do in the surface grinder using a...
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    Front panel change Lincoln Invertec V205-T

    This one has me baffled, because I am not knowledgeable in electronics. I called Lincoln Electric and asked to buy a replacement front panel for my Tig welder, an accident with an oxy-acetyline torch bubbled the front panel up a bit, though everything still works. The gentleman on the phone...
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    Feeds and speeds 47/64 cobalt spade drill Ticn coated, in 7075 T6

    Suddenly breaking drills. I was told 400 SFPM and .016" per rev but the guy didn't know the difference between 6061 and 7075, which makes me wonder. Any advice Greatly appreciated, parts
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    Thin wall linear ball bushing press fits

    We have a parts catcher on one Austrian lathe that slides from back behind the tailstock up to the chuck end and then swings under the chuck. It does this rolling on two induction hardened chrome plated 25 MM shafts, The linear ball bushings were pressed into an aluminum carrier, two of the...