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    Hurco Autobend 7 Y-axis manual jog limit

    Hey all, Recently bought a press brake with a Hurco AB7 back gauge and ram control. I am having trouble getting the Y axis (bend depth) manual jog to any further than .5" up or beyond the limit switch when in active mode, it just stops. No errors, basically just goes to 4.491 and stops, limit...
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    Ran my belt sander on 3 Phase while wired for single

    Hi All, SO I was a bit anxious in getting my belt sander fired up and toasted something. It is a Jet belt sander/grinder with ability to run single or 3 phase, it comes wired for single and I plugged it into a 3 phase 480v outlet. It ran for a bit then stopped. When I plug it into single phase...
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    Promecam RG-20, Iroquois 48/40 Press Brake Value & Opinion

    Hi All, I'm in search of a smaller CNC press brake (cycle control and job memory, CNC back gauge is not necessary yet), mostly for 14ga mild sheet metal production. I've been watching this press for a while and am going to go check it out soon. Does anyone know a realistic value of this...
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    CNC Plasma Table X & Y issues - Circle

    Hi All, I'm having issues with my axis running properly or smooth. I usually run circles for testing how well it's running. It's a pretty simple setup that I recently upgraded, control box is running a Gecko g540 with 570oz Nema 23s, single motor X axis, using a pulley and belt (XL037) system...
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    Hydraulic press cylinder will not retract

    I recently updated my old Manley 60 ton press pump to an electric hydraulic unit, it previously had a manual Enerpac P-25 hand pump which worked great but am trying to run it more efficiently and faster with the electric. The pump works great, the problem is, it will retract any longer, it...
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    Plasma Trigger On/Off Gecko G540

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my plasma table's controller. The previous one already had connections on the box for my plasma trigger and was wired internally. My new control box houses a Gecko G540 board and I am having difficulties getting my plasma trigger to activate through Mach3. I have...
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    Belt Sander for removing welds?

    Hello, I produce a lot of products which are boxed and welded sheet metal. This usually leaves the majority of the corners welded which I cannot bend in a brake. As I go into production, I need a more efficient method of removing all of the excess meld material other than hand held grinders and...