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    OT: Mini-Split A/C

    I think I've had enough of installing and removing the big window A/C. Think I'm going for a mini-split. Does anyone have experience with these things? Brands to avoid? Note A/C only, don't need heat. Comments?
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    OT: Tires for zero-turn mower

    I bought a zero turn mower to replace my old Toro walk behind. Trouble is, I have a soft spot in one corner of the back, it's been stuck three times. I'm considering either replacing the rear tires with bar lug type or replacing the mower with an International Cub with a belly mower. All...
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    OT New to me Hustler Super Z mower

    Since my old Toro 52" walk behind's deck finally gave up, I looked for a commercial zero turn and found a used 60" Super Z. Any opinions on Hustler? I intended to get a Toro zero turn, but the two I saw looked too used up. Interestingly, residential and commercial mowers were fairly close in...
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    First Jet Engine 3D printed

    From the web- The world?s first printed jet engine http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Monash-Jet-Engine.jpg http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Printer-on-stand.jpg http://images.gizmag.com/gallery_lrg/3d-printed-jet-engine-9.jpg Amazing.
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    Heald 271 vs Heald 273A

    Can someone tell me of differences between these two models? I'll be out to look at the 271 tomorrow, and I have experience with the 273A. The price on that 271 is attractive. Any points about the machine I should pay close attention to? The Red Head is lower speed for larger ID's, not my...
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    Mazak QT20

    I have a line on a '84 QT20, Mazatrol T1 control, not under power. I have no cnc lathe experience but have a bit of cnc mill, VMC, HMC time. This machine looks pretty good in the images, I'm trying to decide if it's worth the trip to check it out. What should I look for? I know purchasing a...
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    DRM for machine tools!!

    It seems a patent troll has a patent on DRM for 3d printers (though it's so broad that it covers ordinary cnc types as well). See link http://torrentfreak.com/3d-printer-drm-patent-to-stop-people-downloading-a-car-121012/ What do you think? I can't see this patent standing up to review, or if...
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    Bridgeport DRO

    The Bridgeport I just picked up came with a Bridgeport branded DRO. I haven't found any info on it, anyone know who BP sourced it from? Were they any good? The previous owner kept a few things-Bijur one shot pump, and the feed. Are the Servo feed clones ok, or should I just get the real...
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    Energy use and economics

    Here's a couple of blog posts by a physicist that I thought were worth reading: Galactic-Scale Energy | Do the Math Can Economic Growth Last? | Do the Math The economic one verifies something I've thought for some time: that geometric growth cannot possibly be maintained forever. It seems...
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    Parker Majestic

    I had to order parts for an old ('63) Parker surface grinder. It took two tries to get through (first time was just after 4 on a Friday-no harm, no foul). The guy I spoke to was knowledgeable, said he'd get the parts-table tape drive kit and way oiler roller spring kit out tomorrow. It's good...
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    OT: String Trimmers

    Who makes a good string trimmer? The old one is no longer reliable. I bought another Homelite, since I had fairly good luck with it, but this new one is gutless. Anyone have experience with the 4 stroke models?
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    Goodrich plant closure

    I just heard today Goodrich is closing the Cleveland landing gear plant, once known as Cleveland Pneumatic. Nearly went their after getting laid off back in '03. Glad I didn't. Guess the recovery hasn't made it to NE Ohio.
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    Cinci Arrow 500

    An Arrow 500 recently became available nearby. I've searched on the board and still have some questions. It seems as though when running, the machines are reasonably well liked, but they do have problem areas. I'm aware that the control is on life support, hard drive and keyboard issues...
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    powering small/mid bandsaw w/ single phase motor

    I have a Kalamazoo 9AW horizontal bandsaw I'm considering replacing the motor on, converting from 1hp 3ph to 1 1/2 or 2hp 1ph. I'm pretty sure others have done this, so what were the results? Any downside?
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    Vacuum Pump Parts

    I'm finally getting around to cleaning up, and rebuilding if needed, a vacuum pump I picked up a while back. It's a Varian SD200 (rebadged Alcatel 2008A). Where do the folks here get their parts? I need a rebuild kit, pump oil, and KF flange blanks and clamps.
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    OT: Surgery for Meniscus Tear

    I am scheduled for surgery next week for a meniscus tear (meniscectomy). It's an outpatient procedure, I should be home same day. If any of you have had this done, what should I expect in terms of recovery and rehab? My manager asked about it, and I didn't have a good reply-the doc...
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    shop lighting

    I'm trying to choose between 2-tube and 4-tube fluorescent fixtures. Anyone have a preference? They'll likely be T8's (1").
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    Transporting DoAll ML

    I'm picking up a new-to-me DoAll vertical bandsaw model ML. I guesstimated the weight at 1000-1500lbs. Does that sound right? I'll be taking the table off before moving so it doesn't get damaged. Is it possible to lay the saw on its back? The idea of transporting this thing standing up isn't...
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    What are the closest tolerances you can economically work to? Not the closest you can squeeze out with lots of time and care, but what you routinely can perform to without much effort? Are you limited by your machinery or your measuring gear? If you operate different types of machine,eg...
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    Mahr Supramess repair

    Does anyone have a manual on the Mahr indicator? It's part of a dial snap gage, and is jammed/stuck. I have it partially disassembled-face is off so I can partially see the mechanism, but aren't sure what I'm looking for. Rich Ok, it's now unstuck, looks like it only needed lubrication...