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  1. toolsteel

    Prescription Safety glasses online

    My employer has always paid for a portion of my safety glasses. I have a STRONG prescription (blind as a bat). My employer has decided to have us order prescription glasses via the internet. I was skeptical but gave it a good go. Got new prescription. Filled out necessary online info...measured...
  2. toolsteel

    O/T Furnace question

    I live in a rural location (Wisconsin). I usually see more deer on my drive to work than I do cars. I looked into getting a backup generator for my home but its pretty spendy for the equipment and install. I am ok to wire an outlet, a switch or a light. But by no means would i consider myself...
  3. toolsteel

    Expandable mandrel hone

    Working on something I have dealt very little with. Shop I am working ion uses a Diamond Sunnen hone that is mounted on an expandable mandrel to finish a tight tolerance bore in a production setting. It works pretty good. Until the new guy decides to adjust the expandable hone and over shoots...
  4. toolsteel

    Mazak way covers

    The company I work for bought a new Integrex I200ST a year ago. A few days ago the way covers on the lower turret piled up. The tech who came in to look at it pointed out the smallest dings I have ever seen on a set of way covers and of course they will not be warrantied because of it. I have...
  5. toolsteel

    OT......Auto Loan Oddities

    Gonna try to get to the point here.... Mrs. Toolsteel V2.0 needed a new vehicle (less used vehicle). We went to the credit union and got pre approved for a loan. Loan officer says.." we have a deal with XYZ rental car sales...blah blah blah" I say we will look, thanks. Off we go. We get helped...
  6. toolsteel

    Manufacturing Day

    Today (Oct.6th 2017) is the "official" day of manufacturing day. The company I work for host' an event. Wondering if anyone else is participating. I, along with many of you other old, grumpy bastards occasionally get on my soap box about various topics. Including the youth of today...people...
  7. toolsteel

    Way O.T.....Turkey Brining / smoking / BBQ Turkeys etc.

    With the holidays coming up, talk in the shop has turned to truly important things.....like.....the best way to cook a turkey. I have baked them, deep fried them, and smoked them. My favorite is to soak it in a salt brine overnight and then smoke it nice and slow in a charcoal smoker using...
  8. toolsteel

    Semi OT: Where do you start hunting for your next gig?

    The shop I work at is a decent place. Clean, good pay..58K /year base at top of scale as a machinist on the floor, there are positions that pay a bit more that can be worked in to, a bit light on vacation time, decent benefit package with profit sharing, medical, dental, life insurance, tuition...
  9. toolsteel

    1/8 - 27 NPT help

    I am making a part that has a couple of holes that need to be tapped 1/8-27 NPT. The only NPT work I have done has been on through holes.The issue I am having is that the holes are blind holes and I can only drill them .400" deep before I risk running into a pocket that was machined into one of...
  10. toolsteel

    Uses for Precision Vision Systems

    I know little or nothing about vision systems and their uses. I have seen vision systems used on demos for robots where there are 30 marbles in a tray and the vision system captures the location of the marbles (photograph maybe?) and relays the locations to a robotic arm that then picks up each...
  11. toolsteel

    O.T......Stress Reduction?......Happier Me?

    Just wanted to throw this out there, maybe it will ring a bell with a few of you......maybe its just the rants of a grumpy old guy thats been exposed to too many solvents at work.... So here is where "we" sit.....doesnt matter which side of the issue you are on, I think it applies. Issues...
  12. toolsteel

    Contract work

    Briefly..... I have been programming for a few years now. A while back, I was asked by the reseller of the cam software I use to teach a class one night a week. I took the gig and have enjoyed it to this point and plan on doing it for the foreseeable future. The extra $ is nice.....but to be...
  13. toolsteel

    OT work habits

    Yesterday A.M. we got 4" or so of snow on top of some ice. Traffic sucked. I like to use such occasions to see who will make it in to work (most of the guys i work with will no matter what). As expected, everyone made it in....some 5 or 10 minutes late, up to about an hour late, it was obvious...
  14. toolsteel

    As an owner, how do you feel about someone "fishing" for a job?

    I will give this in a nut shell.......I have aging relatives (Grandma and my Dad) that live in a rural area 100+ miles from where I live. They are soon going to need some assistance. I have wanted to live in their area for quite some time but quality employment opportunities are fairly scarce in...
  15. toolsteel

    Machining carbide

    I have a project I am working on. I need to be able to turn a piece of carbide (I.D. and O.D.). I also need to be able to mill a shape in it. I think I have figured out the milling aspect. Does anyone here have experience turning a carbide blank?
  16. toolsteel

    OT....eye exam

    I couldnt believe this happened. A while back I had an eye exam. I have always had poor eyesight and have worn glasses my whole life. I have also never went more than 2 years without a complete exam. Recently I have made sure to do it yearly as I am getting older. Last spring I switched doctors...
  17. toolsteel

    OT? New Server

    When I open the home page there are no threads on the bottom half of the screen.....completely blank. Is this a bad setting on my end? You didnt happen to get a real good deal on the new server from a former Secretary of State did you?:dopeslap:
  18. toolsteel

    Fadal Parameters

    I am working on backing up parameters, tool tables etc of the various equipment in the department I work in. So far everything seems to have worked fine with one exception. We have an older Fadal that just doesnt die, we use it for various projects.....so i figured to back it up as well. It is a...
  19. toolsteel

    Acme thread chamfer

    I am working on a job with a 4-4 Acme 2G thread. While programming it I noticed there is no chamfer / lead on it. If this was a standard thread I would add a 45 degree chamfer to just below the minor diameter. But I have 0 experience with Acme threads. Is there a reason to have no chamfer /...
  20. toolsteel

    "Chuck" Barriers

    I did a quick search and did not find what I was looking for. I am thinking about setting up a barrier around the 4th axis of my mill. (similar to a chuck barrier on a lathe) Mazak w/640M Nexxus. Has anyone here done something similar? Did it work well? Did it ever save your bacon...