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    Fanuc 21i-MB hang problem

    If you contact Fanuc, they can help you diagnose it. I have an 18iMB here that was doing strange things on Mondays before finally evolving into a black screen and showing 900 rom parity. Again, only on Monday mornings. Once up, it would run all week. That evolved into no worky worky period. no...
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    Japanese Machines made in Japan?

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    Good Swiss Tooling

    if we gotta have a necro, lets get back on topic Has anyone tried the new Iscar swiss with the switchable heads? Kinda like the Sandvik QS.
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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    Sorry I usually dont click links, especially to MyFace™ so I cant see what was shown. They are great machines for electrodes and hardmilling core cavity work, so I am told. Are you looking at a green one or a newer black and white one. I believe the green ones shared some architecture with the...
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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    what are you saying? You are looking at buying one? Makino used the SNC64 model name for a long time for machines that were quite different but the same.
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    Fanuc 16M in HMC, Y axis red cap encoder issue.

    I am not real experienced on the non i 16/18 controls, but I believe the encoder is serial on that machine. The only way to see the "channels" is with a check board plugged into the drive. You should be able to see the output of the scales though. And if you are getting an excess following error...
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    Fanuc 16M in HMC, Y axis red cap encoder issue.

    what was the alarm? and is it a non " i " 16?
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    Setting up Network Drive Function - Mori Sieiki NL3000

    I think you have to run "mori server" software on a pc on the network. Like Seymour says
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    Build A 5-axis CNC Machine - Build Log

    is it for teeth?
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    WTF???? Suddenly cutting undersized.

    run a repeatability test for turret index positions.
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    TOS (omnitrade canada variant) 5 axis horizontal cnc mill - 1991 fanuc 15m need ladder and will pay

    I had a 92 Monarch mill with a B. Reason I ask is I think the ladder types A vs B are different. "A" being much more difficult to deal with today. Memoryman would know. Something significant is different between them.
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    Fanuc 21-T M-Code Sensor Trigger

    You can write out of the program through the RS232 port with Dprint. Search the forum for that. you already have the relay triggered by m-code. M08 is one you can piggyback onto.
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    Hyundai lathe M162 Spindle phase problem.

    kill the sync after clamping the main chuck. Then engage C. You might have to do certain things like homing C with the sub chuck open as the velocity the tag along sub chuck would be forced to go will cause an excess speed alarm. If you are syncing by phase for a future hand off, you will have...
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    problem with an nc1 error

    I would guess that it is incrementing ,like a serial number. It has incremented itself into a programming bug. The retouching of the tool offset is coincidence. just a guess.
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    Change Doosan turret to use 24 stations

    you must have the half index toolholder also.
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    Need experienced opinions on buying a used machine Excel pmc-5t18

    excel-kiwa-kira? Excel was made by Kiwa. Looks like a good deal to me 40 taper Fanuc 21.
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    tsugami lathe BO325B-11 LOW COOLANT ALARM

    Our Tsugami BO326-ii has a flow switch on the flood coolant line, just downstream of the pump. When we first got it, the fines filter on the "hybrid" chip conveyor immediately plugged up. Causing the tank to run dry, leading to the same problem as yours. I found that Tsugami had provided a...
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    Rear chuck Mazak QT 8 SP

    Is that the only part of the chuck thats left? You dont have the body or the master jaws?
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    Looking for a new 5 axis mill-turn

    no to derail, but which spindle is biting the dust? lathe or milling?