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    Brown & Sharp Toolmaker’s Universal Vice.

    This is a heavy universal vice made by Brown and Sharp. It has 6” jaws and opens to 3 ½”. It is very heavy, weighs 125 Lbs. It is shown in this document on page 34. http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/2185/3624.pdf I am asking $200. I am in Londonderry NH and I really do not want to ship this.
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    Collet, free for postage.

    I have this odd collet that I don't know what it goes to. It is a 3/8" collet with a .5" diameter and about 2" long and 24 TPI thread. It probably goes to some watchmakers lathe. Rather than tossing it out, anyone can have it for postage. This reading is ~0.5"
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    Monarch Series 61 manual $10 shipped.

    I got this manual with the 10ee that I bought. It is no good to me so I will throw it in the mail for $10. It seems a shame to just throw it away.
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    Spindle oil questions.

    When I purchased my 10ee I got these 2 5 gallon pails of spindle oil. The first question is: is either one suitable for my 10ee? The second question is: does anyone want these pails after I am done, free? I would guess that they are each half full. I am in Londonderry NH.
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    Blown solenoids

    While going through my '61 10ee I noticed that both the back-gear lockout solenoid and the module door lock solenoid are blown out. Are these available? Are there any will-fit replacements? I don't really care about the door latch (that could cause trouble!) but I would like to fix the...
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    10ee forward and reverse question (Modular + ELSR)

    I have a 1961 10ee module drive with ELSR. It sort of works. I can run the spindle speed up and down in both forward and reverse. However not everything is working right. The forward/reverse lever on the apron can only make the spindle run in one direction. I can change the direction...
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    Module drive 10ee schematic

    I have been trying to understand the wiring of my 1961 10ee module drive lathe. The circuits seem to be numbered but finding the corresponfing numbers is difficult. I tried to OCR (Optical Character Recognize) the schematics so that I could search them but the coppies are too poor for that to...
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    Adjusting my ELSR switches.

    I have re-assembled my 1961 10ee with the ELSR after cleaning out all the old krud. Everythig works smoothly including the ELSR mechanism. Now I am trying to adjust the switched in the ELSR housing to the left. It is pretty obvious how they should be adjusted. I have a problem with the...
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    10ee taper attachment bracket.

    I see that a number of people have cast taper attachment brackets in the past. (Where do the originals all go?) Some are made in aluminum and some in cast iron. There is a discussion of their need to break away when something goes wrong, generally operator error. Is this true? Or is that...
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    Mounting my taper attachment but no dowel holes?

    After cleaning up and painting my 10ee I come to mounting the taper attachment. However I notice that the taper attachment is drilled and reamed for taper pins but the saddle is not. The taper attachment with the pin; One side of the saddle mounting position; The other side; Everything...
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    Clausing 12” by 36” lathe with DRO and lots of tooling for sale.

    This is my Clausing 5449 that I have owned for many years. It has a 1 ½ HP motor that uses a vari-drive to the spindle. It comes with a 3 jaw chuck, a 4 jaw chuck, and a 5C collet system. Also a flat plate and a dog plate. I have an Armstrong (Aloris style) tool post with a bunch of tool...
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    10ee Square dial QCGB tumbler lever

    I am doing a paint job on my 10ee. I removed all of the handles for convenience. All of the taper pins knocked out without too much difficulty except for one. That one I had to drill out. Now comes reassembly and they all go together OK except for that one. The taper pin will not go in...
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    Is this a Monarch tool holder?

    This tool holder came with the 10ee that I purchased. I cannot find any manufacturers mark on any of the parts. Is it a Monarch? It is very similar to the typical Aloris but the locking mechanism is completely different.
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    Wiring diagram for the ELS.

    I am about to take the ELS off my 10ee so I can paint it. I have looked through the manuals for how the 3 Microswitches connect into my module drive electronics and have not found anything. The mechanical drawings are there but not the electrical drawings. I will mark the wires so I can get...
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    What is this taper?

    I picked up this extender in a box of random stuff. It is clearly a extender for a taper spindle. It looks very close to fitting my Cincinnati #2 T&C grinder but the taper is not right even though the threaded part is a match. This seems to be a 4 TPF adapter where my #2 is a 4 1/2 TPF taper...
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    Taylor Hobson alignment scope as an autocollimator?

    I picked up a Taylor Hobson Universal Micro-Alignment Unit model 112/636-139. It seems in good condition and complete except for the light. This is the place where the light would go. This is the mounting fitting. It appears to mate to a twist lock fixture. The hole seems...
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    10EE on Craigs list

    I just noticed this Monarch 10EE on craigs list; Monarch lathe - tools - by owner - sale I don't know anything more than what is in the add. If I had the space it would be in my shop already.
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    Cincinnati Milacron #2 cutter grinder.

    This Cincinnati #2 TCG is on Craig's list. I believe that this is a leftover from an auction where I bought a different #2 TCG. A second one got no bids. I believe that this is the one that I saw. If you are interested in a TCG I would give this guy a call. I took my unit for $150. I...
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    WTB Cincinnati radius grinding attachment.

    I am looking for a Cincinnati radius grinding attachment for my Cincinnati #2 tool cutter grinder. There are two versions #1 and #2 (clever naming). The number 2 is larger and is suitable for my grinder but either will work. They are basically a XY table mounted on a ball bearing rotary axis...
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    Weird adapter hub nut with my Cincinati #2!

    I am going through all the stuff that came with my Cincinnati #2 TCG. One of the adapters is a Pope W 401 with a captive nut. When I looked at the threads in the nut they looked stripped. On closer examination they are not messed up, the nut is threaded for both left and right hand threads...