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  1. goooose

    Haas Simulator USB software

    Does anyone have a copy of the software that comes on the usb stick for the desktop simulators. I went to use my simulator tonight but the USB looks to be caputs and I can't get the data off of it to transfer to a new stick. mods, don't worry...the software is useless unless you have a...
  2. goooose

    Math geeks - need help with Vectors...yes this is machining related

    Wasn't sure what forum to post this in...so General it is! This relates to on machine probing and a program I am creating for it. Trying to come up with the formula to calculate a point along a given vector. The vector is a previously created line that is normal to the surface I want to probe...
  3. goooose

    Mill-Turn...table between main and sub spindles??

    Thinking of mounting a plate between the main and sub spindles on a mill-turn to accommodate larger pieces that won't fit in our vise that mounts in the main spindle chuck. Done some searching...cant find much. Anyone ever done this before? Seems like it would be easy enough...just curious of...
  4. goooose

    Contract Programmer >> I know you've seen this before...but I'm actually good :)

    Contract Programmer >> I know you've seen this before...but I'm actually good :) Yes gentleman, another one has popped up. I'm throwing my hat in the ring of contract programmers hoping to differentiate myself from the others who have posted similar threads before me. A quick...
  5. goooose

    HSM tool steels...A2/D2 etc

    For the most part Ive cut all types of steel, and used HSM to cut them with, and had great results. New job, new questions. How do these techniques hold up in tool steels. My first guess would be to cut the sfm dowm a tad but leave the chip load the same as other typical steels. Anyone have some...
  6. goooose

    If money was no object, what software/softwares would you buy? CAD and CAM

    would like to hear some opinions on this. money...sky is the limit, you can pick more than one of each CAM or CAD but give reasons please...please no 'Id get masterCam cause its the best' :dunce:
  7. goooose

    Another new shop question/poll

    I sure some will say don't do it at all, but machining is to much fun to do...I could never sell real estate or be a banker. Myself I'm leaning towards 3, as i think getting from 1 to 3 without financial help would take to long.
  8. goooose

    Molding rubber with a steel insert?

    I have no experince with molding...so here my basic question. How difficult is it to mold, inject, pour or whatever, a simple round rubber with a steel inner diam. the steel inner being basically a ring of maybe 1/32 or 1/16 wall. for scale say steel id 1/2, od of rubber 1.0, 1/8 thick.
  9. goooose

    carbide drills speeds / feeds

    Just curious what the masses are running their carbide drills at. I dont run carbide drills much, but the recommended numbers seem a little high to me. Case in point, roughly a 1/2 carbide drill in steel approx 30-35rc....1900rpm and 30ipm are the rough starting point ive found from the...
  10. goooose

    OT - Poor thread titles

    Just a question as I've seen this happen many times...instead of a moderator closing a (sometimes useful) thread when it has a bad topic title, could you just not give it a relevant title based on the ops post?
  11. goooose

    left hand thread...taper into?

    Not sure how to do this, I want to make a left hand thread...feeding away from the chuck. However, I do not want to make an undercut. How can I make the tool taper into the thread ? This is with a Haas control.
  12. goooose

    Rc cutoff for form taps

    curious as to how hard of material form taps can....form? stuff im working with is 4140 at 140,000-180,000 so i guess between 30-38 Rc. Ive found taps that are supposed to be able to do it, but i like to hear some real life examples. oh, some holes are blind, some are thru. size 10-32, 1/4-20...
  13. goooose

    copying prgms from control

    trying to pull all programs off the control, i know the 'all' command works well but it makes 1 giant nc file. id like to have all the programs seperate...without sending one program at a time or manually seperating them after in a text editor. can the control do this or is there an editor that...
  14. goooose

    helicoil form taps....anyone make them?

    havent been able to find any, seems that somebody HAS to make them. somebody point me in the right direction.
  15. goooose

    4140ph stress releiving from machining?

    taking a 3.0 round bar and milling away approx 75%...should i anticipate a lot of movement from this material? more questions to come in regards to this project thanks
  16. goooose

    OT - career change?

    Been mulling over this for a while now. Thought I'd post here as I respect a lot of opinions here. Basically I've been machining for 12+...cnc cad cam the whole nine. Thinking about heading back to uni to get a mech eng deg, and switching fields. Yes I'm old...34. Am I crazy, stupid or both? I...
  17. goooose

    Haas lathe, auto tool probing possible?

    This would be on a Haas sl-20 with tool presetter. Is it possible to automate the tool touch off?? Of course its automated on the mills with the renishaw system, why not on the lathe.....or is it and I just dont know it lol. Custom macro perhaps? Anyone try this before?
  18. goooose

    Raised letters....question

    I posted earlier in the cnc forum about trying to machine some raised letters. 303ss, approx 1/4 tall letters, 1/4 raised from surface, would like to keep all rads to a min. also there is 4 different texts, each approx 20 letters. obviously machining this would be a challange. how difficult or...
  19. goooose

    small endmill questions

    coles notes....Whats the smallest endmill youve run 1/4 deep in stainless? novel....Trying to do some 'engraving' in stainless....machining the outside of some block lettering. Letters are approx 1/4 tall and hopefully 1/4 deep. Obviously profiling with a 1/16 cutter doesnt look all that great...
  20. goooose

    zinc plating question

    having trouble understanding a plating request. part requires.. IAW ASTM 633, Fe/Zn 8, Type VI, Colour Yellow not quite sure about the type VI can someone elighten me, or point me in the right direction. thanks