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  1. J

    Wanted: Shizuoka VHR Knee Mill

    Yes thats what mine is a VHR-G , variable speed 40 taper vertical head with side to side tilt, 50 taper horizontal and power feeds everywhere. I'll keep an eye out for another.
  2. J

    Wanted: Shizuoka VHR Knee Mill

    I love my Shiz, don't think I would ever sell it. I have never personally seen another one around though.
  3. J

    Current AL 6061 price

    Quote for a custom extrusion a week ago was about $2.70 /lb for 4k lb push, 6 weeks out
  4. J

    drum shaped sheet metal production

    2 roll urethane roller. I have had parts rolled with these by Acrotech before and on a normal roll the cutouts etc cause diferences in bending as the pc is rolled. The urethane roll pushes the part against a tooling cylinder a little smaller than finish size (to allow for spring back) and all...
  5. J

    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    Last year was my best by far, so far this year I'm a month ahead of last already. Main customer just keeps sending orders. Fab side is a bit slower but main customer there is setting up some new dealers etc so I expect that to pick back up soon as well.
  6. J

    Philabuster's Hobby Shop

    If possible I try to machine 2 back to back and have a smaller or non existent throw away chunk. Nice looking parts Philabuster!
  7. J

    Depth of a 2004 VF4

    Just under 8' after swing control pendant around back. Hard to measure exactly by myself, could be close to 92" if you take the airfilter off the elec door
  8. J

    Haas part pricing

    Used to be a good one. Sequoia cnc I think. They got popular then all of sudden gone. Iirc there was talk of cease and desist letter from haas lawyers. Was several years ago. Sent from my SM-A526U1 using Tapatalk
  9. J

    Haas part pricing

    There have been a few over the years, unfortunately Haas gets them shut down.
  10. J

    Haas part pricing

    So I needed new rubber strips for the Y axis on my VF4... Holy @#$% 20' roll of rubber and they charge $495 plus shipping.... That should be like a $50 roll, $100 tops. But I guess we all need to chip in and buy parts for the race car. I can't wait to have to do the X axis and need 2 rolls...
  11. J

    Kustomizer's Shop

    We have a 8' blower on the front of an 85hp tractor and a 80hp tracked skid loader with a 8' snow bucket. I will give up the bucket long before I give up the blower. Unless its a big snow storm (like 10"+) the loader never gets fired up and then its for stuff that I could just put the back blade...
  12. J

    Welding clamps that fit in hole in table - hole specs

    Mine is 1/4" thick 5/8" holes on 2" centers . Can find several guys online with lasers to make them for you. There are enough ribs under it that it is fairly strong. The nice cast iron ones are better for spatter etc but use your head and these are nice. Lots of different fixturing things out...
  13. J

    Eccentric face groove on a CNC Lathe

    Some of the newer controls on lathes have some eccentric turning abilities I've seen. Or just live tooling and go to it. The offset workholding would def be able to machine at higher rpms and quicker but you have the extra setup and handling to deal with. If you had C axis, might be able to do...
  14. J

    3D Printed spindle limers

    Looks nice, I like NYC CNC method on youtube. Printed slugs to go inside a liner he already had like say your 1.5", cut material and print time down a bunch more. Oh and next time, print the size right into the outer flange. Simple text and extrude in Fusion, then your not trying to figure out...
  15. J

    Sheet steel price cheok?

    Sorry 18ga HPO= Hot rolled pickled and oiled RLOC= Revolving Line of Credit
  16. J

    Spot welder for weld nuts

    My welder and electrode setup for the nuts. Goes pretty fast and the peg makes it easy to drop the nut on, then locate the part to the nut. I believe the peg is anodized so its electrically isolated. Both of the pads are a tungsten alloy to last a long time. My biggest expense on the welder so...
  17. J

    Spot welder for weld nuts

    I just started spot welding those same nuts in 1/4-20 on my 30kva press type welder. I think its only set on 10 cycles and 40% power so not much and just about welds the whole nut to a pc of 16ga. I know it wouldn't budge with a wrench and putting a screw in and a good hammer whack nothing even...
  18. J

    Sheet steel price cheok?

    I just got some 18ga 304 stainless 2b quoted in 4x10 sheets for over $400.00 each wowzers 5x10 16ga HPO steel for $182. each. 10ga is over 300 a sheet. Customer had to raise the retail prices a bunch, but so far doesn't really seem like it affected sales too much so I guess people are...
  19. J

    Pros and Cons of using a cast Production Table as a welding table

    Easily the best table I've ever had. Sure a cast Siegmund type would be better yet but not there yet. Makes fixturing up small run jobs simple where an old flat pc of steel table I would of spent half the day checking square on every part etc. Mine is 3x6. I picked up the laser cut pcs off...
  20. J

    Anyone have a cobot welding robot?

    I have been looking into this heavily for awhile. Cobots doing welding still need guarding for arc light etc, so figuring in a proper cell compared to a production robot cell, close to same money. Robots prefer to weld in flat position so any angled or vertical welds you need a rotator to roll...