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    Cataract relieving attachment

    I have sent a couple of pics of the Relieving attachment that came with my Quick change lathe with it's cams to Lathes.Co.UK. I would post them here but I am pretty useless manipulating pics on the computer. Hope that's OK. Andrew
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    Omni Post for Hardinge Cataract Quick Change?

    Can anyone suggest the size I could use on my lathe? I like the idea of their angled toolholder, somewhat in the manner of Tripan that doesn't get in the way of viewing the workpiece. I have AXA clone which though pretty rigid is too bulky and the original lantern post with no tool holders. I...
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    Bench lathe sizes

    Can any one tell me what system was used when a lathe is described as, say 'no. 3' Is it always 3 1/2" centre height? Is there a 2 1/2 size etc ? Also what were the original WW collet sizes?