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    OT Cleaning Tool Box and garage

    had a job where a lot of personal tool boxes at work and brought home (latest job of 7 years no personal tool boxes allowed or needed) plus tool boxes already in garage. garage so full hard to walk through garage with all the stuff in the way. . getting ready to move to new house and going to...
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    peck drilling good or bad ?

    so had a job the other day running program as programmed. 1) drill bit new used less than 20 minutes . 2) 10" deep horizontally drilled .375" dia hole, feeds and speeds in normal range with shorter drill depths has 99.999999% success rate per 100,000 holes . 3) programmed to enter 4" deep .375...
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    shiny milled surface sfpm

    some milling insert cutters leave a very shiny mirror like surface if you take low depth of cut and run high sfpm. . kind of like burnishing or polishing the surface. anybody done any research on it ??
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    new cnc and no air hose how measure bores?

    new cnc and no air hose to blow chips away. so thinking about it if at M0 and got to measure bore i usually if i can . wipe bore with nylon abrasive to remove loosen fuzz sticking wipe with rag or wiper til no black dust coming off blow rag dust off or out of bore . with no air hose how can you...
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    android dro tablet

    anybody use one yet ? . Android DRO Tablet | Bluetooth Digital Readout - LittleMachineShop.com . be cool to use android phone for remote display of DRO. that way move phone to where easy to see when setting stuff up moving in handle mode
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    encapsulated spring boring bar

    anybody know where to get encapsulated springs for boring bars other than from boring bar makers ?? . obviously using spring give 10x the fine adjust range of not using a spring. spring washers i believe are not directly used as they might create dirt from rubbing action interfering with worm...
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    shiny surface speed barrier

    collecting data on milling finish, waviness, tool life, feeds and speeds i get the impression there is a shiny surface speed barrier like breaking the sound barrier with a airplane . with cast iron at 500 sfpm finish dull but steady . 550 sfpm finish rippled dull to shiny close spaced. like its...
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    .0001" marker marks

    anybody know of a marker where if you make a mark on a part it adds .0001" thickness to it. that is instead of shimming between parts just making a mark where the ink thickness is .0001" . had a 1 ton part and sitting on 4 supports and probe says one support is .00045" high (.0003" tolerance). i...
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    dull to shiny sfpm

    anybody ever study the sfpm when a machined finish transitions from dull to shiny finish especially with steel and cast iron ?? . for example cast iron 600 sfpm dry and 700 sfpm with coolant many carbide inserts will leave a much more shiny surface. whether done on a lathe or mill most know go...
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    OT any experience Tablet used in shop ?

    i put in request for microsoft surface tablet 12" for shop use. i want docking station for using regular keyboard mouse bigger monitor but want to unhook and carry it having roughly 8.5x11 paper size tablet showing setup info, programs, etc directly from wifi network. basically try to save...
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    professional shop cleaning

    my shop they are buying new $3,000,000. cnc and that bay in factory they hired (temp) about 10 guys with manlifts to clean the walls, ceiling, steel beams, the overhead cranes etc of dirt and drips from over the years. . looks like they well spend at least $20,000. cleaning so the shop walls and...
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    machine operator or machinist

    my company just changed their job classifications so instead of calling everybody a machine operator they are now called a machinist. apparently harder to hire people if they will be called a machine operator. . all machine operators at my company do setups and some programming so there is a...
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    what is local variable

    i tried to use X[.1000*#2] Y[.5000*#2] . for some reason it used #2 for the X but the Y saw #2 as blank or zero ? Y*0 = 0 . when i changed to X[.1000*#102] Y[.5000*#102] it uses #102 which i had set to 0.5 for both the X and Y . so question is it my machine or does using 1-100 local variables...
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    engraving sub program

    can i use on fanuc control M98 P7000 Q1 G91 X1. M98 P7000 Q5 . to use subprogram 7000 and goto N number N1 move X1.0 N5 . basically want to call sub program 7000 of engraving numbers and go to say N5 where it engraves number 5 and that section has M99 between engraved numbers. i have used on...
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    ot best phone free internet tethering

    my phone they want extra to have free portable wifi hotspot from android phone. . i hear of software that makes a cell phone a either wifi hotspot or by usb cable allow internet access to laptop from the phone . anybody know of free app that works good. seems some free ones time out after few...
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    paper or electronic drawings instructions ?

    iso guy been pushing last few years that all work instructions and drawings be from computer monitor and no paper versions used in the shop. . formally the paper versions of drawings and work instructions at the machine often had hand written notes of possible edits to be done to the electronic...
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    training how long ?

    my company buying a new $2,000,000 cnc mill. they will send 2 operators and a programmer to Chicago for training for 2 days. we currently use older Fanuc 15 controls. . it is a honor to be considered as a operator for new cnc but seems 2 days training is not much. i would think when machine...
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    stuck facemill and freezer

    stuck it in the -100F freezer and then used impact socket and impact wrench and got stuck bolt out. was told the temperature difference would help get stuck bolt out. notice the frost snow on it . we use freezer to shrink parts so we can slip on a bushing and when at room temp it is stuck on tight
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    Servo oscillation cause found

    Servo oscillation cause found. Random oscillation intense enough for machine to start shaking, can feel shaking through my feet, hydraulics sounded like choo choo train . obviously maintenance tried to fix all the usual causes. this time it took weeks. problem on a $2,000,000 cnc was a $1...
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    taking good picture cnc screen

    i was having trouble taking pictures of cnc screen. numbers fuzzy. thought it was focus thing. discovered if i put phone camera on manual and force it 2 settings darker the black screen with white/yellow numbers is sharp and not fuzzy. camera was trying to make black screen gray and increased...