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    10EE or CVA Apron Oil Pocket wadding

    Can anyone tell me what material I should be putting in here: I've searched and seen cotton waste mentioned. What is the function of this? Flow restriction? Any help appreciated. Martin.
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    10EE / CVA Apron – Feed Clutch Question

    I’m rebuilding (slowly) a CVA in the UK. The apron is currently in progress and there’s a separate thread here about it. Because mine had suffered coolant damage I bought a spare CVA apron from a similar age machine with the intention of picking the best bits from both. I stripped and cleaned...
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    10EE Half Nut drive arms

    Does anyone have a 10EE apron apart at the moment? If so would you mind measuring the hole centers of the arms that link the half-nuts to the crank? Here's why. This is actually from a CVA but it's been repaired at some time in the distant past, and the hole centers are different from the...
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe - Auto feed disengagement

    It was only when I took mine apart that I realized what the collar on the feed shaft was for. There may be others out there unaware of this feature too! I believe 10EE's have it as well, but the CVA implementation is a bit different. So, for starters what does it do? If you are using the power...
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe – Apron Rebuild

    Well it’s been sitting on the bench looking back at me for the last six months and now the time has come to see what needs doing. There will be a good deal of commonality with a 10EE apron as the early CVAs were a clone of the round dial but with a conventional AC motor and gearbox. There...
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    CVA Toolroom lathe - Saddle Lubrication

    Hi folks, I’m gradually working through the things that need fixing on my 1961 CVA. The saddle and apron are both now off. Everything needs a good clean but the saddle lubrication pipes are worn through and will have to be replaced. The pipes are 5/32” diameter copper which is easy enough to...
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    Aciera F4 Old/New style Slotting attachment

    Hi All, First post in this area! I have a 'square style' F4 which I believe is 1970's. I've had it a couple of years, and today I attempted to fit the slotting attachment which I bought at auction some while after the machine. It slides into the head-stock, but before the drive spline engages...
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe - Metric Threading

    I was fortunate that when I acquired my CVA it came with some of the change gears needed for metric threading. Unfortunately my set is incomplete, but I'm aware of other owners that do not have any of the extra gears for metric threads. Like the 10EE the CVA has to use much finer teeth to fit a...
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe - Feed Gearbox

    Hi all, In late 2016 I acquired a CVA toolroom lathe and as my existing rotary converter wasn't up to powering the 4HP motor I decided to rewire it completely with a new motor and VFD. That was finished a while back and I've used the lathe a bit since to get an idea of what else needs doing. It...
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    Slideway Wiper Felt Material - UK Source

    Greetings all, I've been trying to find a UK supplier of felt so that I can make new way wipers for my CVA toolroom lathe. In many respects it's a very similar machine to the 10EE but with more conventional drive. On these forums there's quit a bit of discussion about grades of felt and many...
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    Early 10x20 CVA on Ebay

    Hi All, Just spotted this little beauty on ebay: Cva Precision Tool Room Lathe 415v Like Colchester | eBay Regards, Martin.
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe. What lube oil

    Hi All, I acquired a 1961 CVA toolroom lathe a little while ago. I believe it's similar in some respects to the Monarch 10ee. At present I'm converting it from 3 phase to single with a VFD and new motor. As it's nearly ready I'm wondering about oil. 1) Does anyone know what the correct oil for...
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    Anilam Wizard DRO won't switch to Inches

    Greetings All, I've got a problem with an Anilam Wizard on my lathe. It won't switch between inches and metric. I wouldn't mind this so much if it was stuck in inches! Basic DRO functions are OK. X and Z both indicate correctly and track movement of the slides as they should. I called...