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    Haas HRT100 4th axis setup for sale

    Listing for a friend, if interested PM me and I'll pass his phone number along. Purchased new with a Haas MiniMill in 2019. MiniMill just sold and buyer did not want this. Very low hours milling wood, plastic, brass and silver (machine never cut steel). $9500, prefer pickup in Elkins, WV but...
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    Figuring motor speed for Coulter crank planer

    The brochure for my Coulter crank planer discusses the factory motor drive, but doesn't mention motor RPM or pulley size. It does list specs for line shaft drive, with a countershaft speed of 350 RPM and driving/driven pulleys of 12" and 20" respectively. That comes out to 210 RPM at the input...
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    Tailstock wrench ID.

    This looks like it might be a tailstock wrench. No markings. 1 1/4" hex. Anyone recognize it? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Operators Handbook for Gridley Automatics, free for shipping

    Maybe somebody needs this... copyright date 1924. Seems to cover the Model G multiple spindle machines. Free for the cost of shipping. Send a PM if interested. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    2018 Haas Mini Mill, light use, Elkins WV

    I am listing this for a buddy. Here is his description: "I bought this Mini-Mill new from Haas and took delivery of it in early 2019. It was manufactured in 2018. It has had very light usage machining mosty hardwood, brass, nickel silver, silver, delrin and the occasional aluminum. It has never...
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    Fenian Gun Company, Ireland 1968

    Interesting story and some footage of old machines at work. https://youtu.be/KHVaglXg3XI Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Gorton 3-U pantograph mill/engraver for sale with tooling

    Listing this Gorton pantograph mill for a buddy who doesn't do forums. I know very little about it, other than that it was in use right up until he replaced it with a CNC. Similar to a Deckel GL1, or a New Hermes on steroids. If interested, PM me and I'll pass along his email/phone. Machine is...
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    Davis "Liberty Lathe" for sale in Greensburg, PA

    On FB Marketplace in Greensburg, PA if anyone is interested. These are fairly rare. The original variable speed motor is gone from this one... somebody rigged up an old Chevy transmission in its place. They were originally designed for mobile repair shops during WWI. I like the built in chip...
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    Greenerd arbor press stand mounting question

    I have a Greenerd No. 3 arbor press with the factory cast stand. It's currently apart for repairs, so I stole a photo of an assembled one from the internet to illustrate my question. Does anyone know why Greenerd left a big gap in the mounting surface of the base, in the area where the two...
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    Armstrong CXA piston style tool post

    Armstrong QC-6 (CXA) quick change tool post. Pretty much matches Aloris dimensions except that the block is 1/4" taller, like a Dorian. This can be handy when fitting to a lathe that is just slightly too big for an Aloris CXA. Standard CXA dovetail and Aloris, Dorian, and Armstrong holders all...
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    "Flexoid" tool holder

    Anyone seen one of these? Found a 1941 ad that says they were produced by the Smith Power Transmission Co. of Cleveland, OH. Similar in design to an Armstrong planer tool holder. Thanks, Andy Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Old jib crane

    A friend has this in his barn. The beam is solid steel, probably 1" x 4" or so. I figured maybe it was a shop made one-off, but my dad says he saw one like it years ago, so maybe they were factory made. Anybody else seen one? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    NOS Armstrong 3/4" lathe boring bars

    These are old stock, in the boxes, with wrench and HSS bit. Armstrong 83-430 double ended boring bars. 3/4" diameter milled square in the center (19/32"), I guess for use in a QC tool block. 11" long. 1/4" tool bit, 45 on one end and 90 on the other. I have three. How about $50 each, shipped in...
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    Anybody know what this piece of tooling is?

    The hand wheel advances a tool steel cutter, and the advance assembly is adjustable for height and tool rake. The base has cast-in 3/4" wide keys. I can't find any identifying marks, except for the numeral "3" stamped into the bronze block that advances the cutter. Thanks for any ID or ideas...
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    Kennametal grinder

    This is the tag on a 10" bench grinder I pulled out of a scrap dumpster. Judging by internet photos, the actual maker was the Cincinnati Electrical Tool Co., but I thought that the Kennametal badging was interesting... hadn't seen it before. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    K&T part question, Model H verticals

    Just idle curiosity... anybody know what the 2H-C12 "clamping rod" is for? My 2H has a 1/2"-13 hole tapped at that location. A rod is shown in most promotional photos of the Model H verticals, but never labeled. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    K&T 2H vertical drive gearbox removal help

    Anyone removed a gearbox from a 2H vertical? The starting lever (clutch lever) shaft is disengaged from the gearbox, and the retaining nut is removed from the clutch shifter rod. As far as I know, the box should slide out once those are disconnected. It slides freely for the first half inch, but...
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    Steady rest ID

    The base of this steady has been modified quite a bit, so I can't say for sure what the original swing measurement would have been... but it's roughly in the 12"-14" range. I'm wondering if someone might recognize it based on how the upper section is "clocked" slightly, relative to the base...
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    Warner & Swasey forklift

    This popped up on Facebook marketplace. Haven't seen one before. Anybody know what the "Duplex Division" of W&S was? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Rick Montague (rammerc) has passed away

    I just heard, belatedly, that member Rick Montague (rammerc) passed away early this year. I have no further details of his passing. Rick hadn't posted much in the last few years, but he still looked at the Antique forum regularly. He was born in Cincinnati, and went to work in the radial drill...