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    Scammer alert

    Mebfab’s and Admin5’s inboxes are full, so I can’t send this to them. Soon after I posted my WTB: Aloris CA toolpost and holders ad, I was contacted by parkerchris235, who is pretty obviously trying to scam me. I’m 99.99% sure this parkerchris235 person is a scammer trying to rip me off...
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    WTB: Aloris CA toolpost and holders

    I am looking to buy an Aloris CA or CA-I (or Dorian QITP40 or SD40CA) toolpost and holders. Ok with elbow grease projects, but must be able to end up in good working condition. Please send pics and details of what you have and asking price. Can pay cash/check/PayPal or trade for other goodies
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    Mill-turn 5 axis machine recommendations?

    My friend is interested in getting a mill-turn 5 axis machine and is looking for recommendations. His budget is up to $50K, so probably talking used machines. I know some people really like their Mazak Integrex machines. He’s used to writing straight up G-code on older Bridgeport DX controls...
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    Mori Seiki/Webb/Whacheon A1-6 Lathe Chucks

    Kitagawa 12”, 4 jaw independent chuck Made in Japan. Excellent condition. Asking $475/OBO + shipping. Prefer local. SCA, made in Sweden 10” chuck with reversible top jaws. Very clean. Was sold to me as new, unused and I never used it. Asking $475/OBO + shipping. Prefer local.
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    Hardinge HLV cross-slide and compound. Narrow bed?

    I have this Hardinge HLV cross-slide with compound with the quick acting lever that I would like to identify so I can sell it appropriately. I think it is for the narrow bed, but want to make sure. The cross-slide is 4” wide and about 15” long. The compound cam locking pin works fine. The...
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    CAT40/BT40 Cartridge Spindle antt

    Cartridge spindle that will hold CAT40 and BT40 tooling with Haas standard type 45 degree pullstuds. Asking $200 + shipping I also have a bunch of CAT40 tooling I can sell.
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    WTB: 3J collets, 5C collet chuck, taper adapter, …

    Looking to buy the following items: 3J collets Steadyrest and follower rest for a Lodge & Shipley 2013 AVS Follower rest for a Monarch 10EE Monarch 10EE D1-3 “bullet” 5C taper adapter 5C collet chuck, D1-6, Sjogren Qty=8, 4”-5” diameter, 3/4” to 1” thick steel disks to use as machine...
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    DC Drives, Single Phase and 3ph input, RPC

    Can someone please elaborate on why DC drives would be particular about their power input? Ie, why would they complain about input from a rotary phase converter? And would 3ph drives take 1ph input like many VFDs?
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    Burgmaster turret drill press

    Burgmaster 6 station turret drill press. Has 6 chucks mounted. Table is perfect, no drill marks. Mounted on a Burgmaster stand with a drawer with tooling/accessories inside. Asking $600 or best offer
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    For Sale/Trade: Aloris toolpost & holders, Buck 6 jaw chuck, Steadyrest, Follower res

    For Sale/Trade: Aloris toolpost & holders, Buck 6 jaw chuck, Steadyrest, Follower res I have the following for sale or for trade: Excellent, minty condition Aloris AXA toolpost with T-nut for a Hardinge HLV-H Excellent condition Aloris AXA-35 (trade for BXA-35 or CXA-35) Excellent cond...
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    For Sale: Webb/Whacheon Gap Bed Lathe

    I don’t really want to sell it, but I’m out of space! Asking $3900 or best offer. Nice Webb/Whacheon Mori Seiki gap bed lathe 17” swing, 24” swing in the gap 40” between centers 3 jaw chuck with reversible top jaws Roller type steady rest Original toolpost, heavy duty 4 way (I may have an...
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    Monarch 10EE Drawings/Dimensions?

    Does anyone have drawings/dimensions for Monarch 10EE: -follower rests -steadyrest -bedways -cross-slide & compound -headstock -tailstock …
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    1956 Monarch 10EE, serial # 41672

    Since I was having the Lodge & Shipley trucked out from Monarch Lathes, I asked Harry if they had any affordable 10EEs, and this is what came out of that. The ways were reground in 2011
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    WTB: Machinery Skates, Hilman, MultiTon

    I would like to buy a set of machinery skates, the roller linked/chain type . I don’t see myself needing anything more than 10 tons. Open to trades as well.
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    Hardinge HLV Narrow Bed Steadyrest

    I bought this steadyrest along with some other tooling. It looks like it is for the narrow bed HLV. What is it worth? Anybody have an HLV-H steadyrest they want to trade? Or buy it?
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    Kurt & TeCo/Toolex Vises, CAT40 tooling, Hardinge, Mitutoyo indicators, …

    Kurt & TeCo/Toolex Vises, CAT40 tooling, Hardinge, Mitutoyo indicators, … Not sure what to ask . Open to suggestions. 2 Kurt 3600V VersatileLock 6” vises in good working condition move smoothly, but have some drill and mill marks that do not affect performance. Will include a brand new...
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    Lodge & Shipley AVS 2013

    So I bought a Buck AdjustTru 6 jaw chuck with reversible top jaws and a Newall DRO, but they’re attached to a fantastic lathe, so I’m getting that too! :-) I had been looking for a good quality USA made lathe and figured why not just call Monarch Lathes and see what they had, and they had an...
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    WANTED: wire, 3 phase panels and breakers

    I’m looking for THHN (or equiv) wire: -160 feet or hopefully more of #2 -a roll or partial roll of #6 I’m also looking for two 3 phase load centers to put after my rotary phase converter (240V 3ph) and transformer (440V 3ph) some breakers to put in them: 240V: 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A 440V: 5A...
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    Dynapath Delta Pendant w/CRT Display

    Asking $95+ shipping Came from the same VMC-1000 as the Indramat drives I have listed. Happy to pull the panels off and sell them separately. Has MPG on it I also have a Dynapath computer and drive rack and drives and other boards/parts
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    Indramat AC servo drives and spinfle drive

    Indramat AC servo drives and spindle drive Pulled off a working VMC-1000 that was being scrapped out (owner died, shop being liquidated). Buyer pays shipping (drives are heavy!) Qty=3 AC servo axis drives $250 each / best offer Qty=1 AC spindle drive, 20HP $450 / best offer 4 squirrel cage...